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Ms Tracey Lyn
What is good for a toothache? I've used oragel and mouth wash, doen't work..any ideas?

Swish some whiskey around the area, but go to the dentist.

Try Oil of Cloves.
You might have to look around for it a bit.
Ask for it at your neighborhood drug store.
If that don't have it in stock, they can probably order it for you.
You will be amazed, it will completely numb away your toothache.
It works like a miricle cure.

Hot salt water wash helps too. Or some wiskey on it.

Try warm salt water! Swish it around for a few sec. like you would mouthwash!

take a tea bag and put it on the gum
You can also let some Listerine rest on it until it hits the root. If its an open cavity you can go to a pharmacy and pick up some temporary filling. Make sure the cavity is DRY and pack it firmly with the filling. Now be warned: this is not a cure because the root and tooth will keep rotting so in about 14 days you will be getting a HUGE infection!! No matter how you cut it you are heading to the dentist. But the filling will stop the pain for a little while.
Good luck!!

Any good pain killer for temporary relief, but you really need to see a dentist soon before it gets infected.

put perfume on the tooth, or any kind of alchohol
It calms the nerve which causing the pain

old dude
Whiskey is a temporary fix but get to the dentist before infection sets in and you lose the tooth!

balloon knot

Jack Daniels. Really, you probably need antibiotics and pain relievers. Then have your dentist check what is causing the pain.

Yellow Root Tea. My dad makes it for me when I have a toothache works wonders.

try bonjela if not got any crush an asprin and put that on sore toot but make sure you not allergic to asprin

Salt works wonders! I never believed it but after I used it, it worked! I pour a bunch in a glass, add just a little warm water, stir it, pour it in your mouth, swish it on the tooth, hold it there for a couple minutes,(DON"T SWALLOW)! spit it out then rinse your mouth with warm water. You can do this as often as you need to. It should help till you see a dentist. I've got this one terrible tooth that's been bothering me for about three years now, It turns into a BAD toothache about every 6 months or so and I plan to see a dentist, but the salt works so well, that after the pain goes away, I don't feel like going to the dentist, I HATE THE DENTIST!! The salt completely stops the pain for at least 6 months. Give it a try, what do you have to lose, except pain!

strollin down the road
Grandmas concoction: crush Tylenol 500mg, add a few drops of liquor (she preferred rum), mix into a paste and apply generously to affected area, when done resist applying pressure to the tooth and get your dairyaire to the dentist.

Please visit your dentist. You might have an infected tooth which will only get worse if you try to ignore it.

Extra Strength Tylenol Quick Release Tabs.Ask you local drugstore if they have the Red Cross toothache kit.It has some powerful liquid,cotton pellets,and tweezers in it.It works pretty instantaneously.Try to get to a dentist asap,to prevent the infected tooth from affecting the others.

regarding the comment that ibuprophen is bad for the liver:

actually ibuprophen is fine for the liver. it's tylenol (acetaminophen) that's bad for the liver.

Tai Mai Shu
advil and see your dentist ASAP it may be a cavity.

Whatever side of your mouth the ache is on, take that hand and pinch the skin between the thumb and forefinger of other hand. (If tooth on right side of mouth hurts, pinch between left thumb and forefinger. And opposite for other side.) It might take a second to find the right spot, but it works. And see a dentist.

get some clove and put it right next to your ache. should ease the pain till you can get to a dentist...

any hard liquor you have..keep dripping this on the area that hurts..this does work..

and then get to see your dentist..

good luck


have it pulled

the old fashioned gold medciney mouthwash. u rinse for 1 or more minutes, this will burn like hell but it really numbs it out! also try a solution of 1/2 water to 1/2 hydragen peroxide just a small amount as it will foam up.rinse for a full 60 seconds. your tooth is hurting because of infection these really do work i use it when i hurt hope u feel better soon

You really need to see a dentist, but in the meantime, take aspirin, and believe it or not put a regular teabag in your mouth right by the tooth that hurts and leave it there for about 15-20 min.

Vodka the alcohol numbs the pain.

If you tried all the conventional methods and they don't work you might want to see a dentist. You may have a cavity that is so deep that the nerve is exposed. You could also have an abscess. There has to be a reason for your tooth to be hurting.


if its in the back its an impacted molar been there done that only a dentist if you dont have insurance usually in every town there is a free clinic that's where i got my teeth fixed like 4500 of work for free..pills and at home remedies only are temporary solutions trust me i know after i went to the free clinic i felt so much better

Lots of whiskey and a pair of pliers

Advil and go to the dentist!

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