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 what kind of pain killers can i take after i get a tooth pulled?

in 2 days im getting a retainer and i wanted to know if it hurts. did you ever have one? if so, what color did you get?
Additional Details
mines going to be light blue woth ...

 Plz help i am scared to death 10 easy points?
Ok i am so scared right now.
I got my tooth pulled out yesterday around 10am and it went ok i guess.
Well when i got home it was bleeding pretty bad and its still bleeding now but not as ...

 how do you loose a tooth without pulling it or wiggling it out? ?
i have a bunch left for my age, but i hate blood and wiggly teeth :P ...

 YELLOW TEEEEETH ?! D: need help?
i have abnormally yellow teeth so i brush my teeth, and then apply a
coat of white out.

is this dangerous D:
because people have been looking at me awkwardly when i talk to them<...

 what should i eat right now? i just got my braces on yersterday anf my mouth is hurting a lot :(?

 wisdom teeth surgically removed. Any words of wisdom?
I'm seriously freaking out! I hate the fact of being out cold for it, the after effects and some of my friends got sick off the pain killers. I’m going off my parents insurance in April so I ...

 Braces? Rubber Band Colors!?
okay, so i am getting my braces tomorow...& i want cute color rubber bands! NO I don't want clear/white/silver...I am in th 8th grade...I thought green & pink, but my friend told me not ...

 ROOT CANAL! Advise please!?
i was just told i need to pay the dentist 2 grand for a root canal! is it worth getting it done? would it be better getting the tooth pulled out?? and does it hurt!!!!!!?????!!!!!!...

 My tooth is starting to turn black, what does this mean?
I was playing basketball and someone hit my tooth really hard. It was kinda loss for a little while, but now it's pretty much solid. However, it has just started to turn greyish. I'm gonna ...

 I put my pet snake in my mouth. Now all my gums have gone sore and mushy and i have ulcers. What've i do done?
I came home drunk last nite and decided i would put my pet snake in my mouth whilst i went on facebook. Now my lower gums have on all mushy, red and inflamed and I have ulcers. My mouth is all dry no ...

 getting my wisdom teeth pulled. ='[?
my dentist says in 6months after i get more xrays, he will make a decision if i need to or not to get my wisdom removed. im just 15. and im super scared. im wondering if it will hurt? i dont wanna be ...

 Is it okay for a guy to be a dental assistant?
Would you feel awkward with a male dental assistant?...

 How do you make a tooth come Out?
Ok so im 10 years old. all of my friends have almost lost all of their teeth. I've only lost 8. Tell me how I can make my tooth come out without it hurting. Don't say get string and tie it ...

 i had a weird experience at a dentist office and am not sure what to do regarding this situation.?
the dental assistant was completely unprofessional, but not at all rude to me. she started slamming and banging the mouse button keys on the laptop when it wasn't doing what she wanted. Being ...

 What color braces should I get next month?
I'm getting braces next month and I don't know what color. Here are some of the details on my face?

Brown colored hair maybe A little lighter.

Hazel eyes. From far ...

 Do you clean your teeth every night?
Be honest....

 I've been rubbing sugar on my teeth for the past month but they arnt getting any whiter, am I doing it wrong?

 What's the best food to eat after you get a tooth pulled?
I just got the tooth on my top left (all the way in the back) pulled an hour ago. What's the best kind of food to eat for dinner? I can't eat anything too hot or spicy....

 Im 19 and i think I'm to old for braces?
But my 4 front teeth (bottom) are not striaght and i will do anything to get them fix but i dont know what can be done...i also heard there is clear braces is this true and if so how much will it ...

★ ☆ Bella :]
What colors should I get my braces?
This is my second set of colors....so i want something bright but cute. Im a girl btw. And Im going to Italy with these colors, but I dont want green and red. Thanks!

Cuz im having 27 kids.Thats why.
maybe neon green and neon pink, thats what colors my spacer was and it lokked awesome

maybe lime green and a bright yellow that would be pretty i always got black and hot pink on mine or hot pink and neon green ;D

Anthony T
Believe me when I say JUST GET BLACK. Any other color stands out and totally draws attention to the machinery on your chompers. Even the clear ones make your teeth look like they have little computer chips on them. Black just looks normal, draws the least attention..

★ηεω yσ?к♥
green and orange

Neon pink!

go for aqua / blue.

Christina M
Going to Italy? Then get red, white and green. Then they will love you and not treat you like an outsider...

black and pink

mrs.edward cullen
sky blue

invisalign hon. that color thing is a turn off

poopy brown

None because they stand out less that way.
Less attention is drawn to them if they're not colored so it looks like your braces are actually smaller, which they probably will be without colors.

Wise man on top of a mountain
Um, dont get white because the white changes into the color of the food you eat, try plain green

☮ ♥ :)
Lavender and yellow-not bright yellow though. Hope this helps!

blue/light blue and pink.

mine is light blue. :D

hot pink

Buff Me

Marcy Erin
i had braces and one time i got lime green and purple...its just my favorite colors!!!!

Thing 1& 2
I pick for a girl pretty pink or baby blue have seen both and like them both
How many colors are there

Future Mrs.Jonas
How old are you? If you are older don't be to exoctic because you can make yourself look foolish

Don't Dink and Drance.
Green & Blue =]

Pink or purple.

black, te color of DEATH.

Get orange. It is the best and the most attractive. ;)

Have a safe trip!

hot pink
bright yellow
baby blue
purple or lavender
they're all cute


dont ask us every orthodontist has diffrent colors trust me i know.

[ Amira . ♥ ]
i love this site its awesome i check here sometimes hope i helped =]

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