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 ( POINTS)After i get my braces on, how long will it take before i notice a difference?
I am getting braces in 3 days! i am REALLY excited. I go back to school sept. 2 . Will my teeth be any straighter by then? My teeth are pretty Crooked.

Additional Details...

 Im getting braces...read details! PLEASE?
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 what will motrin 800 do?
make me tired or happy and like ...

 Advice for my braces?? ppl with braces Only!?
Wats up peepz!

some of yall might remember me because i posted a question like last week asking which ortho i should go to.

Well anyway I picked a choice which was neither of ...

 Do you guys brush your teeth in the shower????? :O?
i slept over at a friends and they did that! and washed their face in the shower too :p
I would never do that.. i brush my teeth in the washroom,typically around the sink

 Braces? What should i do?
The bracket, or whatever it is called that they put the wire through fell off the wire today, it doesnt hurt or anything but should i still go to the ortho.? The next time i go is in a couple of ...

 stinky breath! is this bad?
i brush 2 times a day and still have stinky breath? is this healthy? and how can i help my breath with out using mints or gum?? help me!! oh and my "breath" tastes bad! what is wrong?...

 does it hurt to get your braces off?
does it hurt to get your braces off thanx for any ...

 I've just brushed my teeth today, and there was blood in the sink. I don't understand why?
I brush them every week, whether I need to, or not?

Any ideas on this one?...

 I have not brushed my teeth in 4 moths I am doing this to get my all my teeth decayed what next help speed the?
It up so get them to deacy rilly ...

 Why do some people grind their teeth when they sleep and what can be done to stop it?

 Why do people stereotype british people's teeth?
I can say that i've never seen someone with teeth bad enough to make me think "Oh, that's why they stereotype us." I know it's not ALL americans, but it's fairly ...

 why doesn't everyone brush there teeth?
i think it is disgusting not to brush teeth, what do you think?

I saw a programme about hygiene and they said not everyone brush there teeth, or only brush there teeth once a day :O

 please don't say this is stupid?
I have THE MOST CROCKED TEETH in the world all my friends say I need braces but my denyest has not said any ...

 I'm a bit embarrassed to ask this, but...?
How do you stop yourself from drooling in your sleep? I'm 18, and I still drool on my pillows. Should I take any medications? Should I do some "exercises" before I get a shuteye?...

 do u need braces.................?
i do!...

 i need some braces help/advice?
im supposed to be getting braces and i need some advice?
will it involve needles or anything like that?
Additional Details
my teeth are like soo crowded so i know im gonna have to ...

 Braces. What do they do to you?
What do they actualy do to you when you have braces fitted?
have always wanted to know....... also, im gettin braces ...

 I'm so scared of the dentist!?
On one of my molars I have a vey thin blackish line. It is pain free so is it just a stain or is it a crack. Also on the same tooth, I have a really small black spot. You can't really see it ...

Ciara P
What can be done about my teeth?
I'm 15 years old, but my teeth already are in a bad way. They're not decaying or anything, I do look after them- they're just very worn down. My dentist suggested that I get braces to correct a bad overbite. I've gotten the braces, and while my teeth are straightening up really well, they're still wearing away. I don't know what to do! Could it be that I'm grinding them?
What can be done to stop this? And how can their appearance be improved?
Additional Details
Wow, thanks to everyone who has answered already!
What I mean by "wearing away" is that they have been worn down, the incisors are no longer the same length, but they don't appear to have been chipped- if that makes sense.
I don't mean that they're yellow, they're not.
Lastly- can you get a nightguard with braces? I read that you can't because you're teeth are moving too much.


Kyle Polasn
Go to your local docter and ask him about a mouth guard if you are grinding your teeth it will protect you teeth and it will stop you from grinding your teeth.

Kaily D
try chewing two pieces of orbit gum or any kind of gum after u eat a meal. Stay away from hard candy or anything hard enough to hurt teeth.
do not whiten your teeth.
drink a lot of milk and eat some vitamins.
it may help
i had the same problem before and thats what my dentist told me to do.
The tip about the milk was from my mom the nutreints from the milk really helps!!!!
: )

My friend has this issue and im not sure if she does anything regularly to help it. But i know that her dentist gave her flouride to brush her teeth with and that has been helping her. I would try to get them whitend, if not, ask your dentist about flouride. Good Luck!!

bleach .. eat if u start to grid or tap ur foot... i no some one that its was in the genes there teath looked bad.. take calcium pills

If you are grinding them, you'd need to get a night guard, and those things are terrible. I grind my teeth and had one. They have new ones, though, that just fit over one tooth. My husband just got it and he actually uses it since it doesn't leave spit all over the pillow. Gross.

wear a mouth gard to bed. you might be grinding them in your sleep.

sounds like you grind them in your sleep.

I wouldn't worry too much as you have your braces still on...is your dentist or orthodontist monitoring this? They would be the most knowledgeable about what to do.
What does wearing away mean? like eroding or are you just losing enamel? If it[s enamel then there is toothpaste that will help protect and restore.
Also be wary of acidic foods like lemons and such, they eat away at your teeth.

Cat D
If you are grinding, you can get a night guard, which will prevent damage to your teeth.
teeth grinding is called bruxism.

Bdub **
veneers if thats how you spell it.. its a material that lays over teeth giving the appearance of perfect teeth. and they last forever

a question best asked to your dentist he will give you all your options

try a pro-enamel toothpaste and/or mouth guard

Drink milk and take lots of vitamin D with calcium. To make sure your not grinding at night while sleeping, go get a mouth guard from Sporting good store and you will see a major difference. Your too young for it to be anything else. Good luck to you.

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