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 what are teeth made of?

 braces? just got them today?
i got my top braces around 11:30 this morning. i have minor pains in my teeth but its not so bad that i cant eat. will i get worse tommorow?
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 toothpaste. do u squeeze the end or the middle of the tube?

Additional Details
i can see this is a serious issue for some people!!!

i just was wondering. i squeeze it from the middle and my man squeezes it from the end.

i ...

 Were you ever afraid of the dentists?

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Is it true that put a shot in your mouth?

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 My teeth...have moved...help?
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 Just got braces and need help!!!!!!?
Ok, so I just got braces like 4 hours ago. It wasn't bad, it was okay. It doesn't hurt much just a bit when I chew food. The point is that a week ago I got my teeth filled, and my ortho put ...

 how can i take better care of my teeth?
i got 2 cavities filled and i don't think they're gone my teeth still hurt ( i'm going to the dentist to get another 2 filled ) and i think i just got 4 more D: how can i prevent my ...

What age is good to have a brace for teeth?
My daughters front two teeth are protruding she is eight (it is a female family trait on girls side ) sis ther better the earlier and how long will it take to correct.

The best time is when the orthodontist says. My daughter needed braces but had to wait for all her baby teeth to fall out first. She had very healthy teeth and after 18 months of waiting, the ortho had them pulled. A couple weeks later she got the braces.

The teeth will usually correct fairly quickly. However, the braces will remain in place for sometime after that. If the braces are removed too soon the teeth will move back into the wrong position.

the earlier the better as they don't want them at high school, takes about 2 years but depends on how bad they are

About 13, judging by the amount of hardware my students have in their mouths! They are usually traintrack free by 16.

But, whatever happened to individuality? Everyone's teeth look the same, among the younger generation!

Michelle H
There is no way of telling if she'll need to have braces until she has lost all of her deciduous teeth (milk teeth) this can be anytime up until her mid teens. At the moment she is still growing and her jaw may expand enought to create the room she needs for good alignment.

Dummies and thumbs are one of the main culprits for this problem, but it is often corrected naturally by the constant pressures caused by the tongue and lips.

Don't worry about it too much she is far too young for orthodontics at the min. I'd concentrate on her oral hygiene round about now cause kids slip around this age if not given the correct guidance and diet.......otherwise u may not need to worry about straightening her teeth as they'll all be full of holes and fillings!

Good Luck!

11, 12, 13, 14

Ask your dentist at your next check-up. They should be able to tell you all you need to know.

12 yrs. Don't let those greedy-for-money dentist tell you different. But are they getting her molers yet? I had an expander when I was 9 b/c I lost teeth quicker. Ask about an expander. Then braces...

As soon as you can =)

Adolescent period

I got mine in third grade, and had them off in fourth. But my sister got them in second and didn't get them off until around fifth, but then she needed them back on...along with some of my friends. Your dentist would have the best answer for your question. It all just depends on the person's teeth.

wiz kid
some dentists advertise they can correct the problem with 2 visits without braces, it is a new technology that just came out. Check into it.

☺ . CIEL . ☺
I have a nephew who started wearing braces at 11. My daughter put off getting braces ... for a while... and her jaws started to ache so much that she finally got them.

The earlier you get to a dental professional and address this problem... the better.

Best of everything!

It really depends on her teeth. With the description you gave, 11-13 is good. And how long it takes depends on the place you go to. Most places take around 22 months, but I've seen one or two with only ten months. Good luck.

paul b
Im 26 years old and i badly need braces but i cannot afford the £4000 it will cost in total to get invisalign braces.I cant even afford the £1,330 that the dentist wants up front to start treatment so i had to cancel the whole thing until i can save up the money.Its best to get then done at a young age i only wish that my parents had got mine fixed when i was younger but they didnt and now ive got big confidence issues.Get your daughter braces now because i dont want her to feel the way i do now ,its not nice at all.

Maybe at 10. I once had braces. It really hurts. Wait till she is about 10, because the pain is really storng. I got it when I was twele because my family found out that I needed braces when I was 11. Maybe give her invisalign, it doesn't hurt that much...

Sanila S
6th or 7th grade.

Laila's Mummy!
Wait till all her milk teeth are gone, then get a referal by the dentist. I had mine put in just before my 16th birthday. I still have have them now 2 years later, getting them out soon.
It all depends on how the teeth are when she has the brace put in, and what type, weather it be removable or fixed (I have had both!)

Im Getting Mine Todayy . Im 14 , i wantde them earlier. But you have to wait until all of your teeth have come out

11!! nuff said!!

the younger the better...they will get worse with age and harder to fix

The dentist will give you the accurate date.

Kyle G
11 to 12

10 is a good age my son had the same problem

Dance like No one is Watching
take care of braces at an early age she will appricate having straight teeth in high school

I think 13-14 years old. Needs to be before high school.

mrs. payton jonas

when all her teeth are out is best

i know everything

Etchel E
as early as possible bcoz it takes years to straighten teeth

A Stranger In The Dark
it doesn't matter,
all ages r ok
but maybe u should talk to a dentist about it

Yamankaâ„¢ [StraightTalk Express]
as soon as possible.
the yonger you have braces the better.
and they should be on anywhere from 2 - 4 years.

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