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 What color braces should i get?
well, i'm getting braces in Feb. and i don't know what color i should get i'm going back and forth with purple and pink and green. colors like that but i don't know. please help ...

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 Just got braces and need help!!!!!!?
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 Braces teeth pain?
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 Does kissing really cause Cavities?

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 Getting my braces done again tomorrow. What colours could i pick this time?
I get them done every 3 months, ive been told that i should have red and blue, but i hate them colours together. Im going on holiday next month, so what colours would suit that kinda date?

 what color of braces should i get.?
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The Kraverz
What Color Braces Should I Get?
I'm gettin braces next Tuesday and idk what colors to get!!
Please Help
p.s. will i look ugly or pretty with braces?

Additional Details
-How long will it take 4 my mouth to adjust to the braces?

-What can I eat and what can't I eat?

-What should I eat after i get them?

-How long will it be til my mouth stop hurting?

I would get summery colors... like orange or pink. Never get white though! They start turning kinda brownish which makes your teeth look bad.

Good luck and I am sure you will look fine with braces! =]

1. Your teeth will not hurt initially, but after about a day they will start hurting so just eat soft foods and take some motrin if they really hurt.

2. You can pretty much eat anything you want except really sticky foods like taffy.

3. I would recommend eating soft foods if your teeth hurt

4. It took me about a week or so, but my ortho was always really rough with my teeth so it might be a little bit sooner for you

well i have braces and i got pink and orange but trust me honey there gonna hurt like CRAP.basicly u can eat anything that not hard in the first stages.they tell me im not suppose to eat a whole bunch of stuff but i eat anything i please. give it bout two weeks for it to stop hurting but idk cuz when mine came on i got 10 shots to go along with it and 4 teeth pulled. theres a whole bunch of colors to choose from so good luck and p.s. dont tell anyone but i cried when i got mine on (just a little somethin to make you feel better)BUT i should be gettin mine off august sixth so ya for me.

I say lime green and purple.

Dont eat anyting sticky or corn/popcorn, or carmel

If you like gum, you should by orthadontist approved gum

I think you should get blue and green they compliment your skin.

It will take about 1 week for your moth to ajust.

You should try to eat soft foods when you just get them then start making your way up to harder foods. Also try to avoid thinks thatll get stuck in your teeth for example tootsrools and gum or other candy.

Probably eat things that are cold.

Your moth will stop hurting after 2 or three hours.

Because of your darker skin tone caller, a lighter colored braces will make you look better than the darker colors. try pink or bright red.

additional ?
your mouth will never adjsut to having braces!!! they will bug you everyday..

the first few days you shouldnt eat any thing hard to chew....other than that you can eat anythinig except chew gum,,they could get stuck

it stops hurting after a week but you will get sores when they tighten them

be happy (:
I would get light pink and hot pink!
I used to get that combo all the time and it looked really cute.

also, I've never seen anyone who looked 'pretty' in braces. Usually everyone looks a bit funny, its how you pull them off that counts!

what you can/cant eat:

they will give you a loooooong list of do's and dont's. I didnt pay attention to this. The only think I don't recommend eating ever with braces is anything chewy. I broke a bracket that way! Also, be careful with crunchy foods, I've snapped wires that way too. After you have them for awhile you'll know what to not eat.

After you get them eat soft foods. Ice cream is great, the cold dulls the pain!

You're mouth will stop hurting after a few days to a week. But then every month when you go for adjustments, you'll get the same pain again; usually its quicker to get over though.

Good Luck!

I think that you will look just fine in braces blue and red are the best colors for any one because they make your teeth look whiter than they are. Also i think orange would look good on you.

hope it helps

nick r
you can never go wrong with pink or blue
but i don't like clear beacuse it just looked wierd

anything that glows in the dark

I think you should get pink and orange or lime green and blue.
I think you will look fine with braces.
your mouth will feel fine when you get them but an hour or so after
your teeth will feel sore, its very painful in the morning when you wake
up, but after one or two days your back to normal. you should eat soft foods, yogurt would be good. nothing hard. when you get your braces avoid eating hard candy or gum. anything sticky like carmel. they will tell you what you cannot eat.
hope I helped.

u will look beautiful with braces :) just get them transparent that is what i had. i had blue ones at first because i though they looked look but after i while you realise they dont look good at all.

my mouth adjusted as in i could speak normally within a day or two. dont he pot noodles they dye your bands yellow i found out the hard way. down he sugary stufff like cans of coke ect. no chewing gum.

the hurting i dont know it isnt that bad. also dont mess round with them on. my friend was messing round with my sister and her sister nocked her tooth and the braces got pushed up and cut all her gums. nasty stuff

i would have to say "PINK!!!" too
but if u dont want pink u should do lime green:)

same as your eye color

pink && yellow
thats what i would get

they will tell you what you can && cant eat.
iv never had braces but the people i know that do dont follow the rules on what they cant eat.
&& they are still fine.

if you have a SECOND could you PLEASE answer myy question?

I Have Braces. so

You should get Braces Based on what you usually wear (e.g. I wear darker colors so i got Blue and Purple) don't worry Though...bands are replaced regularly if you Dislike You're Color.

I Got used to the braces after 4 days, then 2 more when they get Tightened.

You Generally Avoid sticky foods like gum (Sugar-Free is okay if your doctor says so) taffy and Other Sticky candy. and Hard Stuff like Corn on the Cob, Nuts and Whole Fruits and Veggies. (yay! lol) Soda is generally Discouraged by Doctors although i have had soda many times and i'm fine (generally use straws and drink Lemon-lime)

Generally eat healthy and use soft foods like mashed potatoes and Boiled Meat.

a Week, ten days tops.

As For the ugly or Pretty Question...get Colors that you feel attractive with, if nothing works for you clear braces are available :)

Definitely pink. You would look fine. Trust me I have had braces!

Get your school colors. Those always work. They give you a list of what you can and can't eat. I'll give you a hint though...no sugars :( And eat up before you get braces, because it might be a day before you eat.

Boy- Blue then green best transition girl pink to purple great transition


My first time, I think I got clear ones or white ones. Just so that it wasn't such a sudden change, and then everytime you go in you can change them, so the next time you can get your favorite color, or if Christmas is rolling around you can get Christmas colors or anything! Have fun with them! They are temporary. =]]

Good luck!

blue and purple

ud look pretty :) i got yellow an orange an they look awesome!

Good Luck with ur braces!

Millyyy <3
Haha I have braces right now! (:
You should get either your favorite colors, neon colors, or dark colors. But if you want it to be more *invisible* so people don't see it, try choosing white, clear, gray~
You'll look dashing with braces! Hehe!
It will take just about a couple of days to a week to adjust to the braces from my experience.
Try not to eat chewy//sticky items. You can eat just about anything. You can chew on sugar free gum and such but don't eat anything TOO chewable.
After you get your braces, you should eat soft itmes and wait a couple of days before eating hard items.
Your mouth should be able to stop hurting in 48-72 hours.
Hope this helps~! <3

Uhm I dont know where you got the thought that braces will make you more attractive but I have black, they make your teeth like whiter, but as a girl maybe a light green or a blue.

-It will take about one week to where you can actually eat without pain. The first day after you get the braces is torture, I couldnt even eat a piece of cheese, it hurt like crap but it will get better over time.

-You should stick to smoothies and yogurt. Anything that you don't have to bite down on.

-For your mouth to totally stop healing will be around one week to a week and a half.

I hope this gives you an idea!

I Guess I'll Have Fries?
i think you will look quite good. :)
you have the face for them.
i think blue or red or hot pink braces would suit you.
dont get clear ones, they turn the colour of dark food you eat.
maybe plain silver ones are good.
You will adjust to them within the first week, might hurt a little tho.
You can eat most foods, they just get stuck in your braces slightly so u get a special toothbrush.

larissa marie

Maybe Blue?

You'll be ok,its kind of a personal experience for each unique person,Blue

i had clear braces and dnt wrry about all tht, you will look finee

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