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 what should i eat right now? i just got my braces on yersterday anf my mouth is hurting a lot :(?

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Brown colored hair maybe A little lighter.

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 Do you clean your teeth every night?
Be honest....

 I've been rubbing sugar on my teeth for the past month but they arnt getting any whiter, am I doing it wrong?

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 should i get those braces or not...???
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I getting my braces off soon want will be next will they put something else in my ...

 how to deal with my braces?
i've had them on for a while [2 years], and my teeth are pretty much fine now.
my orthodontist told me that they needed to fix a couple things with my braces in upcomming visits.

 If i brush my teeth like 20 times in a day would it whiten my teeth ?
haha kinda curious. i use arm n hammer whitening. is there a certain limit per day before it doesnt do anything?...

What Am I Not Allowed To Eat If I Have Braces?
is there any other sites that have a list? if so please list it.

Jochabed V
u know what go and ask the dentist why ask me???????

Im always right

Gum, Ice, Chewy candy like starburst,reasons, ect....caramel, really hard stuff that could break your brackets. popcorn,....pretty much anything that can get stuck in your teeth is a big no no and like I said super hard candy and stuff that could break the brackets...so yea its not fun

i don't remember having a list of things i couldn't eat .... or maybe i just didn't care (!!!)

maybe really sticky foods? it's a lot easier to cut food instead of biting into it, then you get food all in your grill ... yewwww.

You mean the orthodontist didn't tell you that you have to be on a liquid diet the entire time you have braces?

I'd go buy a blender if I were you. Happy slurping!

Scream. Aim. Fire.
hard candy
chewy candy
nothing cold (ice cream)
peanut butter

Avoid eating candies such as licorice, caramel, starburts... etc.
And don't chew ice.

DO not eat sticky stuff....

u can eat what ever u want just be smart about it

Capt. Omega
you can eat ALMOST anything if your careful just don't eat anything hard to eat when you just get the braces.

I ask the questions round here..
gum and other chewy things.

slushpile reader
why don't you ask your orthodontist? I remember mine specifically telling me a few things to avoid. Like soda & coffee (the acid can weaken the glue + they stain) caramel. Really hard foods, especially ice which is bad either way, but esp. so w/ braces as it can break your brackets.

Hmm not sure of any sites, but don't eat carmel apples. Your Orthodontist should have a list for you.

Magnetized objects.

EthioPrincess <3
this might be what ur looking for http://www.bracesbydrpowell.com/braces.html

Don't put just anything in your mouth. Some objects & foods can loosen or break appliances. So think about these tips before you take a bite:
Slice fresh vegetables, fruits & other hard-to-chew foods before eating them.
Avoid hard foods like popcorn, nuts, or corn chips. Don’t chew on ice.
Don’t eat sticky foods like gum, caramel, taffy & gummy candy.
Cut down on sugary foods and soft drinks. If you do have them, brush your teeth right after.
Don’t chew or bite objects such as pens, pencils, crayons & fingernails

Your ortho should have given you a list. Ask about it next time you go in.

My ortho told me I wasn't supposed to eat gum, hard candies(jolly ranchers, etc.), ice, soft candies(starbursts, etc), apples that haven't been sliced, etc.

I found that sugar free gum is okay as long as you're careful. Just make sure the label specifically says "sugar free."

when i got my braces, the orthodontist gave me a list that included like 50 foods in it. i wasnt even allowed to eat chicken wings o_0
but the majour food u should avoid is anything chewy and sticky like starburst or jelly beans.
anything like popcorn or carrots u can eat, just be careful

Here's a few sites that might be able to help you:



In a nutshell:

"It's a good idea not to eat foods that can damage or dislodge braces. Hard foods such as candy, raw carrots, corn on the cob, pretzels, nuts, popcorn and crushed ice are off limits. Sticky foods to avoid include caramel, taffy and gum. These foods can get stuck between teeth and gums or bend wires and knock bands or brackets loose. If this results in damage to braces, treatment may be extended."

I know my sister had braces but when they recently put it on they said to only drink fluids for at least a day and then to avoid bubble gum, candy that could stick to your braces and drink a lot of fluids and try not to eat on hard stuff but only try.

oliver n
1. Any sticky things like gum, tootsie rolls, candies,

2. Hard things you can break braces on ex. Ribs, chicken, You can eat it if you take it of the bone.

3. Pizza, i don't really understand that, i know crust may harm your wires, i'm just putting it here cause it was on the list i got when getting my braces (i still eat pizza anyways)

4. Lolypops, same thing as pizza, it was on the list, no idea how it can hurt you xD

5. Nuts, peanuts, etc.

i kno ur not supposed to chew gum

cut large fruit in smaller pieces (carrots, apples, etc), popcorn, corn on the cob, gum! AVOID! Hard candy, better to lick that to chew or bite. Hope that helped

Bagels and hard rolls they loosen the brackets. Avoid Popcorn, Ribs, any kind of nuts or seeds. Don chew gum and no candy, and no drinking fizzy drinks like sodas.

2.Thick Steak
3. PopCorn(Be Careful)
5. Sticky Candy
6. Caramel
Pretty much anything sticky that could get caught a casuse a bracket to come off or hard.

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