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Anna C
What's the best cure for mouth ulcers?
I keep getting them all the time and use Bonjella but it doesn't seem to do anything! :(

shih tzu lady
My dentist friend tells me there is no cure - once they're with you it will take at least a week for them to feel any better. I get them when I'm feeling particularly run down. Its just an infection that attacks when you're a bit run down. Mind you, I find it stops me eating all the time coz it's too painful!

p v
Ask your pharmicist. There is a lotion that you can dab on it. Or otherwise it will eventually go away on its own.

Pure organic honey,
it has mild antibacterial properties,
no side effects, and tastes good.

Oh man I used to get those soo much and I still do but less frequently.
Salt and water is one of the best things.
Lighting up a match and putting it out then putting the match on the ulcer.
BRUSH UR TEETH and gargle constantly after eating. especially before going to bed, make sure you got clean teeth and mouth. I get ulcers from eating Nuts and almonds and dates or figs or spicy food or ketchup
umm there is some gel you can buy I can't remember the name but you put it on before you go to bed and it dries it up pretty good.

There was always a wee bottle of Iodine in our house. I myself have ulcers at present and I am using Iodine. My Granny told me about it years ago. My Daddy also used it when he cut himself shaving. Smarts something terrible. However It heals ulcers twice as quickly as anything I know. Good luck.

Corsodyl, buy from the pharmacy and rinse twice a day, gone in about three days.

Get a cotton bud and place lots of salt on the bud and place on ulcer!! Hurts like hell but drys it up in no time. Good Luck

you might want to see a doctor or a dentist. my son was treated for a bacterial infection with antibiotics when he had some mouth ulcers. he had great luck and they have never returned.

~Funky Munky~
If you keep geeting them it's down to stress, if Bongela won't do anything go to your Gp, they might give you a course of antibiotics.

inside of mouth?
then whoever said Alum is correct...Alum ususally can found in the spices yep spices dept of your grocery store.

Years ago used to be a product on the shelves called Campho-Phenique

My aunt used to swear by rinsing the mouth with tepid boiled water and salt solution.

Alum powder... it dries them up straight away but stings!

my nan always says that you get mouth ulcers by telling too many lies, dont lie and they will go!!!

Swish with salt water, and use a canker product called "Kanka" it works GREAT!!!! It's made by Blistex.

daniel e
gargle salt water (stings but works)

laura s
bonjela it stings but it works

heidi the ghosthunter

Rinse your mouth once or twice a day with warm salty water.

i rinse my mouth out with salty water to get rid of them, bonjella only numbs the area temporarily, im told swishing souluble aspirin works too, if you dont have adverse reactions to aspirin.

amy h
i suffer from mouth ulcers alot but luckily I'm a dental assistant so i always have some1 to turn to for quick advice, and there advice to me is rinse with warm salt water, not to hot tho because the ulcer will get irritated and will stay for longer, or to rinse out with a mouth wash called corsodyl, this is a good mouth wash but it can stain the teeth, and your not to use 10
b4 or after brushing teeth. my best bid is to go for the mouth wash, like i say its a good mouth was but you would more then likely have to book yourself in for a scale n polish with your hygienist after this :)

Try Frador I have used it for years it is great Cut a cotton bud in half roll the bud end over the ulcer to dry it. dip the other end in
the liquid and put some on the ulcer let it dry and repeat do not put the bud end in the liquid.Put vaseline around the top of the bottle to stop it sticking

maybe you should always wash your hands before they go into your mouth this could be the best cure but if this dont help go and get some more stronger medicine from your gp


I used to get them a lot, but they seem to have stopped after I took these steps:
1. Made sure I changed my toothbrush as soon as the bristles started to splay
2. Started using toothpaste which contains 0.3% triclosan (popular antibacterial)
3. Stopped stuffing my mouth with sharp food like potato crisps & crusty bread.

If you have any sharp burs on your teeth, I heard that dentists can smooth them off so they don't catch the inside of your mouth when eating. Also eat more slowly so you avoid grazing the inside of your mouth. The tinyest graze always turns into a painful ulcer with me.
Some vitamin deficiencies are supposed to increase incidence of ulcers, ie it not always a physical cause it can be nutritional.

I rub raw salt into them as soon as I can, horrible but works very quickly.

HOT & SALTY mouth washes. Will sting but is sure to sort it. Do it every 2 - 4 hours.

try some type of herbal medicine, it might work.

Gail S
Since I've been brushing my teeth with baking soda, I rarely get them any more, and when I do, they don't last very long. I don't have any proof, but I suspect that eating a balanced diet of whole grains, various legumes (bean, peas, and lentils), nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, and meat or other animal protein, plus getting enough sleep every night will help a lot with keeping the ulcers away.

Dab Marmite on the affected area - tastes nice and works every time. If you keep getting mouth ulcers check your diet - eat more fruit and veggies and less fatty foods, sweets and fizzy drinks.

caught in the rain
Canker sores are commonly caused by stress, allergies, or certain deficiencies like iron, vitamin B12, and folic acid.

Try taking a multi vitamin and mineral complex.
Zinc lozenges can be helpful.
Eat plenty of salads with raw onions. Onion contain sulphur and have healing properties.
Include soured products like yogurt and sour cream in your diet
Avoid sugary and citrus foods.

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