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What's a quick fix for a toothache?

sorry there is no quick fix,you're going to the dentist reel soon

any pain killer medicine

Brad M
Bite down on a tea bag.

I know I am late, but Anbesol should help along with aspirin. Good luck. I hope it goes away for you!

Little Glib Turdo (Katerade)
Ask someone to knock you the f- out.

Orajel is recommended, but if you have an abscess, you need antibiotics.............


Disolve baking soda (a couple of full teaspoons) in a glass of warm watter.. Gargle and swoosh, Repeat. It should make you feel better.

NAPS are the simple best way to get rid of a toothache. I get really really bad ones and what works for me is besides taking some extra stregnth tylenol I go into a dark room and shut the door with no distractions. lie on a bed and close your eyes and lie on your stomach. also breathe with your nose not your mouth (keep your mouth close) b/c your paining tooth will be very sensitive when you inhale
it works for me

There is no quick fix short of having the cause diagnosed and treated by a Dentist. You might be able to lessen the pain temporarily by taking a pain killer Do Not place the pain killer on the gum next to the tooth. I have seen this many times. It will only burn the gum and make it worse. If the pain is from a cavity, clean food debris and such from the cavity, make a small cotton ball, wet it with eugenol(oil of cloves) or ambisol and put it in the cavity.

Tha' Devil
drugs, man...vicodine would be a good choice...

darren m
try anbesol

Squirrel Cage
Whiskey on a rag or towel, soaked into it and then pressed on the gums around the tooth. Or take a half a shot and let it sit in your mouth for a bit. The whiskey will numb the mouth especially the pain.

listen closely Roseann,this is an acupressure thing.the side that your tooth ache is use that same hand for the procedure,ex:right side tooth ache,right hand and vice versa.
on the back of your hand between your thumb and forefinger,at the V of your hand place a piece of ice 1" down and hold it there for 3mins.
good luck!

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