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 Im getting a tooth Pulled tomorrow and I have a really important qustion.?
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Should wisdom teeth be pulled? Or is it ok to let them grow in?
Why do we get wisdom teeth if we're supposed to have them removed?

So many people today have their wisdom teeth growing in at the wrong angles, thus causing many more problems and much pain. Usually, if they will come in at the proper angles and w/ no problems, then many dentists will leave them be. Unfortunately, for some reason, they also have a tendency to rot easier (according to a dentist's assistant friend of mine), so they sometimes pull them to prevent that. Mine were surgically removed because they were coming in at the wrong angles and had become impacted.

jenni jones
i had to get mine pulled....i didn't have enough room in my mouth too many teeth....

Its kind of like "why do we have an appendix?" They were there for a reason evolutionarily speaking.
However, I think its ok to let them grow in, as long as they are not impacted or decaying. My mom, my boss, and a couple other people I know still have theirs, and they are fine.

Check with your dentist, everyone's situation is unique. Sometimes the wisdon teeth start to growth into their neighboring teeth. This case it needs to be take out.

Jill B
See a dentist!

For a very good article on wisdom teeth, visit:


Evolution. My dentist says our mouths are getting smaller.. I've heard of people having more than one set pulled!!! You can let them grow in as long as there is room in your mouth and it doesn't push your other teeth around.

I know when I went for a dental check up in the service they said they had to go and pulled him.

I've heard that if they're not bothering you, then leave them alone. I guess we get them for the same reason we get tonsils.

too cute
They should be pulled beause they grow and it is painful.

Sometimes they get impacted so they can't grow out. Sometimes they grow sideways so they start pushing all your other teeth forward until your front teeth overlap.

Some people have larger jaws and there's room for them to grow in normally, so they should just leave them alone.

It depends on how they are growing in. Your dentist can tell from an X-ray whether they'll be ok or not.

that is something only your dentist could tell you, some people have extra space for wisdom teeth, but if you don't they can make your teeth crooked and overlap them because there is not enough room, also we used to get them because buy time people hit 21 or 18 or whenever we start getting them we needed the extra teeth because all the others would be rotten there was not very good teeth hygiene back in the day

Get them pulled as soon as possible to avoid problems such as having them become infected, gain caries, or mess up the alinement of your other teeth. Also as you grow older the bone in your mouth becomes more dense causing extractions to become extremely difficult. Also if you get them pulled that's four less teeth to floss and brush.

In actuality we don't need our wisdom teeth because our diets have become filled with softer foods and we don't have to crack things open with our teeth. So for easier and avoiding future problem they should be pulled.

If they don't bother you leave them alone.

If you do have wisdom teeth coming in and they aren't causing you any pain or discomfort i would advise NOT pulling them because it is very expensive even with insurance. Don't let your dentist talk you into getting them pulled just because they are coming in.

Mine need to be pulled out but to be honest with you I am scared. The draw back for me and not having them out is they are pushing my front top and bottom teeth. I had braces so its ruining the many years of dental work. Also, this may be gross, but a lot of bad stuff (like food) gets stuck in there and it makes it harder to clean out, which may eventually lead to calories. Another reason that I need to have them removed soon is they make my bite uneven. So when I eat, I bite down and bite the inside of my mouth a lot. I also get headaches sometimes from the pressure of my wisdom teeth pushing.
These are valid reasons as to why I need to remove them but i would rather deal with these minute pains then having to have surgery.

Mine were growing in sideways are making my mouth hurt.... no reason to get them pulled if you aren't having problems though.

Some people don't have there wisdom teeth pulled out, but that's because they don't need it. Some people do because if you don't have them pulled out they can make your teeth crooked and some grow inward toward your teeth and some grow outward. I had to get my pulled because they were growing inward toward my teeth which would've made them crooked.

jan michael d
i strongly believe that they should be pulled out. wisdom teeth or 3rd molars are useless tooth. you wouldn't be needing them. if it erupts normally, then just leave them but if they are impacted, get them removed. they can cause a lot of problems. they cause crowding in your front teeth or food can accumulate in it and bacteria can sip in or periodontal problems can happen at the back of your second molar or pericoronitis can occur and if it does, its going to hurt when you chew on something. they can also destroy the molar before it. ideal age is from 16-21 y/o as so the bone is not that dense and healing is faster but it can still be removed after the age of 21 y/o. good day!

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