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Should i get braces? How much does it hurt?
I'm thinking about getting braces, and i wanted to know how much it hurts (the procedure and afterwards)
My friend got braces and he had to take pills for WEEKS because it hurt so much.
He also kept finding bits of tooth in his gum after the extraction of 4 teeth.
Only problem is, i've never taken pain killers before (i have a weird thing about swallowing pills)
Is that the only thing they can give to sort out the after pain???
Help =P

yes you should and no: it's a learning experience!!

Hannah ;]
ive never had braces but ive heard from friends that you get used to it and if your teeth are messed up and you need them it is totally worth it!

good luck:))

deffinitely get them. I had extensive work done on my wonkey teeth, with braces.
Had about 4 years worth of work... it was all free on the NHS :) and yes it was quite painful at times, and a fuss.
But so worth it, my teeth are now perfect.
If you leave it when your young, you will regret it, I GUARENTEE YOU!


Get Braces.. THE RESULT IS SOO WORTH IT!! i'm getting braces this upcoming thursday. 1 DAY good luck & trust me.. BRACES HELP SOO MUCH

i got braces about three months ago, and the only things that hurt really badly are the spacers you get in before the brackets even go on....but the pain depends on how many you get put in and how long they are in for.....as for the actual metal, getting them put on doesnt hurt at all, the rubbing of the inside of the lips is very very minimal... as for the tightening, it only hurts for a day or two when you try to eat solid food, but goes away really quickly....... I really suggest getting them if it will improve your smile, cuz in the long run, everything is worth it...... good luck.

if your teeth are really bad like mine then it'll hurt quite a bit for a couple of days. BUT my dentist did a little it at a time like i'd see him every month and he'd tighten them a tiny bit every month and so it didnt hurt a lot. it might feel weird too. but dont worry. my friend had braces to fix something very minor and it didnt even hurt her. it just made her uncomfortable. and when you do et your braces try eating soft food like soup. also dont believe it when ppl say you can NEVER eat ect ect ect because you can eat most of the food you ate before braces, just some you may have to cut up. and one more thing you CAN'T choose to get braces you can only get them if the docter recommends them.

P.S good luck on your braces!:)

Penguins Rock
i had braces and they only hurt for 2 days and it wasnt that bad, no offence but your friend probably has a crappy orthodontic. and you should get them if you want to staighten your teeth and fix your overbite or underbite( if you have one )

hope i helped!! ;)

It really isn't all that bad. Its sore for the first week or so, you wont be able to chew things for 3 days even if you're a whimp, 3 days is the maximum. You get it tightened once a month, and it can be sore for the day after, thats about it. And extraction of teeth isnt the same as braces.

I have braces right now.

The procedure is PAINLESS, I didn't even know they were glueing on the brackets when they actually were, you don't feel a thing.

But the day after, it IS pain. I almost cried cause it hurt so much.
I can't take pills either, So the morning after, take motrin and just sleep all day, and don't even think about eating. He must've had something wrong with his teeth cause I didn't have to take any medication nor was I finding bits of my teeth in my gums.
I was mad that I had to get braces, but now, four months later I'm so glad I got 'em!
They're fun and cuute.

It doesnt hurt a bit, i have braces and they only hurt for a few hours, and u learn how to do things with them after a while. Well also dont take advil only tilonal (tie-low-nol) or else ur jaw will become almost paralized for a few minutes like 10-20 or lil more. and it might have just been ur friend that had the bad pain not the braces

when i got my braces the procedure was relativley painless. afterwards though i did have an ache for about a week or so (no medication) but than it was all cool i forget that they are there

it only hurts for the first few days...not much though....
you shouldnt worry

Im getting braces take like tyenol it wont hurt to much just pressure. Your friend took medicene for a week because of the dentist. And aleve and those type of pills are really small and i hate swallowing pills and these are good.

Hope it helps.

They only hurt a little once they put them on, but then they don't. Your friend was probably just really sensitive. And there are more ways to kill the pain then pills. If you need them I would say get them.. You don't want crooked teeth! ;)

when you first get them on they hurt...but sometimes they give you this special wire that if you eat or drink something cold it makes them hurt less...

everytime they tighten them..like once a month or once every 2 months they do hurt but only for a day or 2

when i got them on first they hurt for maybe a week but i dont remember

they're worth it in the end

It is a bit painful at first. And each time they adjust them it will hurt also. But the pain is worth a lifetime of perfect teeth. Don't worry some Motrin, baby teething medicine and wax to cover hurting areas will help. But when you complete your braces you must where a retainer to bed if you do not your teeth will loose their perfection and all that effort you endured will be wasted.

Rebeca H
i've had my braces for 4 months now and i can proudly tell you that i havn't taken any type of medication for the pain at all as i have had hardly any pain. the porcedure to get them on doesn't hurt as much as you expect either. it's really not as bad as people make it out to be.

I've heard that it hurts

do not get them

Depends on the person how much it hurts. So far I haven't needed any pain killers. I depends on why you want them. I ahve mine because my jaw is growing in wrong and i have a terrible bite. If you only want them for minor aesthetic changes then you can get invisalign. it costs the same and is basically a series of removable trays. they don't hurt at all (as ive been told)

I've had braces in total 10 years. (With a gap after 7 years)

Of course you won't find it pleasant, but one thing is for sure.. after a week of getting your braces tightened/put on, the aching definitely goes away. Braces do rub in your mouth so get some vaseline or bongela.

But defo worth it :D my teeth were awful and I still need jaw surgery, but all the pain is worth it as the improvements are vast. It all depends how much u want to change. But wearing them for a couple of years without serious probs isnt a big deal :) go for it, u only get one life so make the most of yourself :)

email if u want more advice, i have experience lol! [email protected]

Good luck x

First of all, what kind of dentist does your friend have because he should sue! Braces are a godsend. Depending on your case, it might take several months to a couple of years to correct your smile.

I've had braces twice! The first time I had a horrible dentist so I switched and got them removed and put in a second time. Both times, it took a solid week for the pain and discomfort to go away. I had to drink alot of soup and watch how I moved my mouth because if I grinded my teeth or shut my jaw too hard, I would feel a searing pain for a few seconds. This happens because your mouth, teeth, and gums are not used to braces and become very very very sensitive. After a week or so, you can start eating more solid foods depending on your pain index.

In terms of a liquid pain reliever, try Tylenol Acetominophen in liquid form (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001I90NGI/ref=pd_lpo_k2_dp_sr_1?pf_rd_p=486539851&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe-1&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=B000GGJC20&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=1NRGK2T3TMAGTB6XQVW9). I think it works just as well. Just make sure you tell your dentist, he/she may be able to provide a better solution.

After the first few weeks of pain subside, you'll be alright. Changing rubber bands is more of a discomfort than pain. It didn't bother me at all actually. The change of wires will provide you with more discomfort and for that you might need pain killers. Like I said, make sure to tell your dentist how any change will affect you in terms of pain so you can prepare yourself.

I chose braces because I was tired of my messed up smile, and I am glad I did. Braces is not a huge deal. In my opinion, every one should get braces because everyone could use a better smile.


blue eyed arab
yes get them u dont want to look like this when u get older http://www.orthocentre.co.uk/images/crooked%20teeth%20start.jpg
my dad is a orthodontist and i also KNOW for a fact that most people in the next genreration are going to have better teeth than the last u dont want to be in the ones who did not get them

Go for it, beautiful teeth are something that people notice. They don't hurt at all to get on, except the thing that keeps your mouth dry, but it's not a big deal. My mouth hurt for a week after wards and you need to go in about every 6 weeks to get them tightened, but they only hurt for a day or so after. I didn't feel like it was a big deal. You will still be able to eat, and you get used to the pain. Think, a week of a bit of pain for a lifetime of beautiful teeth is sooo worth it. Also, getting them off doesn't hurt at all!

Braces are a very expensive and time consuming procedure. You would typically have braces for 2-4 years depending on your situation. That means 2-4 years of EXTRA special attention to you teeth. This means brushing more than 3 times a day and flossing like crazy. If you do not take extra care of your teeth when you have braces, you will have many problems when you get them removed. After the 2-4 years of orthodontic treatment is completed, the patient usually ends up wearing a bottom and top dentition retainer for a period of time. As for the pain of braces, it depends on your threshold. Some consider it a mild thing, some consider it excruciating. You will end up seeing the orthodontist multiple times a year for wire tightening and bracket replacements if necessary. There is allot to braces for both the orthodontist and the patient. If you are getting braces just to "get them", because you think you have a bad smile, please reconsider. It's a very expensive procedure and if you do not do your best at taking care of the braces and your teeth, you will have completely wasted your parents money and time, along with the orthodontist time.

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