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Should I get braces again? (look at my pic)?

I had braces back when I was probably in 6th grade, I am now going to be a senior in highschool...

As you can see my teeth just outside of the front 4 are a little outside of where they should be but I never really show those teeth when I smile anyway so I don't know if it is worth it...

your thoughts? worth having braces for 8 months?

i think maybe the top should have braces again..


Maybe. . .

Hispanic! At The Disco
OHHH MYYYY GODDDD!!!! No just kidding. I think your teeth look fine, but that wasn't really a great picture.

ry f
yes and drink water fatty

it's kinda worth it but the mistake you probably made is not wearing your retainer that's what happened to me when i did wear my retainer for a couple of weeks but it's a good idea. Good Luck :)

Maybe just the top.... or getting a spacer.

that is up to your dentist. ; )

Ayanna C
yeah, i think so. they arent terribly crooked though, you could get away without having them again

Penguinloverxoxo P
your teeth look good
mine are much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much

dont think you need braces but ask your dentist to be sure. you might be able to get your teeth fixed with just a retainer for something minor like that. but like i said see your old orthodontist because s/he would know best

Scary Spice 09
yes i think it is...u will be so happy with the end results
if u dont get it u will regret it
why not have perfectly straight beautiful teeth when u have a perfect opprotunity...and ur not gonna wanna get them when ur older...and its only 8 months

Your one and only source...
look fine to me... braces would be a waste of money and effort...

jenn n
did you wear your retainer like you were suppose to? It looks like you didnt or else they wouldnt have shifted
but your teeth look fine and mostly straight, as long as their healthy no cavaties, oral cancer, plaque buildup, whats to complain about?

I ♥ my fam, zumba, and God! =)
If you don't want to endure that horrible pain again maybe a retainer will do. It will be a hell of a lot less painful. I can tell you that. Ask your orthodontist. Maybe their are other options. Good Luck!

Can you show a front smile view with your teeth showing? Also, if you decide to get them, will you wear the retainer to prevent them from moving again? If not, you will be asking the same question in a few more years...

nah. from the angle of the pic ur teeth look fine. ur a senior...prime time for fun in highschool! it was fine in the sixth grade, but don't get it now...especially since you don't seem to need them. i'm a junior in high school and personally it's a turnoff when guys have braces. it makes me think of them as juvenile.

yes......... But do you want to endure braces for 8 months? I wouldn't

Look your teeth do have some issues. Since you are over 14 and your teeth don't look that bad, have you thought of invisalign instead?

At any rate, great teeth ARE worth braces.

Oprah Noodlemantra
when your teeth are not perfectly alined, then eventually, your teeth will start breaking and cracking when you bite down or chew. trust me...

Mommy to be<3 Due 03/09/11
hey i saw your teeth, it's not look too bad to me..it's same my sister had same problem with ur teeth.. u may be get different for ur teeth that can hold ur teeth then when u eat, u take it off..when u done eat then put it back, i forgot wut's call.i think it's like belt... im not sure?... like with line silver...you know wut im saying?... and braces for 8months? sure you can do it and it's worth!...

Dani E
you have pretty straight teeth, just whitening

prudence jude mclenstar♥
definitely not worth it.
i mean, come on, do you really wanna go through all of that pain and suffering again?

Sarah H
if you want that perfect smile, or your teeth are bothering you, then i'd go for the braces.
But if you dont mind how your teeth are and they feel fine in your mouth, i dont see the need to have braces again.

In my opinion, your teeth are fine.
Better than mine even and i have braces right now!

hope that helped :)

if you or your orthodontist wants you to have them on again, then go for it. nice teeth BTW. i would get them again if it were me. no reason not to! good luck!

I think just the top should have braces But then again in the picture...the first glance....no one would notice anyway ...."Look at those pearly whites" ^o^

well u can to make sure your teeth wont move that what i did bc i dont thnk your teeth are perfect yet..

I hva ethe same problem. I myself think that I need braces. But I don't think it is worth the uncomfortable 8 months. Just wait until they come up with some thing that is very comfortqable to fix your teeth.

yes thye look a little crooked but i think u could get away with out them

Donkey master
Definatly worth the 8 months....you dont want to grow up and look like a hill-billy redneck, trust me

ask you dentist or orthodontist first !!

Yep, you should consider some orthodontic guided tooth movement. Obviously, I can't tell much from your photo, however this much I can say, the upper cuspids, 6 and 11 and buccal-verted, that is they have moved to the outside, and there is evidence of crowding on the other anterior teeth, 7, 8, 9 and 10. I cannot see the lower arch, and therefore cannot make a judgment regarding the bite relationship or the crowding on the lower arch. Only a qualified dentist/orthodontist can make a recommendation as to the specific type of treatment you need, however, with the advent of the "Invisiline" style of tooth movement, which you may be a candidate for, it simplifies the treatment and makes the outcome of therapy more predictable. Ask your regular dentist, and do not be afraid to get a couple of consults. Here is a secret that is not too well known-most orthodontists do not charge for the initial consultation appointment-so, go for it, you are weeks away from a new smile!

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