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Should I get braces? I need your opinion. Please!?
I don't really need braces but just listen...
I have this one tooth that is a little crooked.
the dentist said i would prob have em for about one year at the most.
But whats the point if its only one tooth!
But then again if I do get them, it will make ALL of my teeth look better.
So what do you think I should do??

go for it! i certainly would

you probably should. a dentist is a expert.

i say do it..1 year fixes your teeth forever. plus they have those invisi-line ones that are clear, and people wont even notice you have them on

yes you should
your teeth will look better

guy p
i think you should

Definitely get braces. I did not think that my teeth were that bad until I say the pictures... They are not as bad as everyone says. Get the clear ones on top and metal on bottom that way you can not see them, they will be cheaper, and the metal ones are painless to get taken off.

Get it done now, I am 41 with that one tooth I should have gotten fixed, everytime I look in the mirror I see it and regret not getting it fixed.

My 9 year old gets his braces off next month and he is done. His teeth look great.

Good Luck.

It depends where it is - front or back

If front, where really visible, do it

If back, barely visible, unless you have alot of money, don't do it

Cool Puppies
I think you should but instead, get the kind that only covers a few tooth. My friend has it and it just covers 3 tooth because of one. Now, it is starting to get into shape. I think you should do exactly what my friend did.

yes, sooner or later that tooth will affect all the other teeth and mess everything up in you mouth.

Nah. I like individuality in smiles. ^^ Why do all of our teeth need to look alike? Just one tooth is not a big deal

Daniel E
Definitely do it now because if you put it off any longer your going to regret it when you do have them on a year from now because your going to say...Aww man I could of had them off by now!!!So I say do it and it is worth it so do it as soon as possible!

Hope that helps! =D

LuAnna (2nd Account)
Ugh, GOD, braces...Just got them on and man, are they painful.
However, I have begun already to see results. See, my pallatte was not expanded enough, I got braces and the expander and they are working fine. Most of my teeth are already aligned. If this tooth is a problem that you want to have fixed, I would do it right now while you're still young. NOBODY wants to have adult braces ;) No offense. So, if you really want that beautiful, straight smile, I would get those braces on.
And don't worry, the pain goes away with lots of ice water and Ibuprofen!
Good luck!
~Opie <3

I say get them, you have nothing to lose. If I were you though I would get invisiline. I had that and it is so much more convenient than braces. You can take them out as well

Charles D. Morris
if your young and your wisdom teeth havent grown in yet then you can do it, fix your teeth and hope your wisdom teeth grow in straight so they dont get crooked all over again and have the braces on before college or adult hood. OR you can wait til they grow in and get removed or stay in place and get braces or invisaline while your an adult so the fix is definitely permanent.

John Henry
it's hard to say without a picture. If it's a front tooth and it makes you look really ugly then probably yes (unless you would look ugly anyways in which case I wouldn't worry about it).

I guess it just matters, what tooth is it? If it's one of your front 8 I'd say you'd might want to consider it.

For me, I had one crooked tooth and it was my lower left k9 tooth, and honestly I think it was a waste of time and money. If it's one of your front eight, and it's not a huge expense financially I'd say go for it.

If it's not one fo the front 8, I'd say not to worry about it too much; sometimes little imperfections make us who we are. =]

Kathryn L
i would definitely get a second opinion if its just one crooked tooth. maybe you could find a cosmetic dentist and consult other options that may be less expensive and less drastic than braces.

Personally i wouldnt matter to me whether it was one tooth or all.
If my dentist recommended it, i would take it.
My sister was meant to wear one but didnt like it and she so wishes she did now :D

Get braces, after once you get them off you'll appreciate that you had braces. That one crooked tooth is going to cause more crooked teeth if your don't get braces. And like you said, all of your teeth with look great!

if you have the money go for it!

Ok Cheer Captain,
Do you really want to spend thousands of dollars for A tooth? Your choice.

John K
post your x-rays for a better opinion

ɱary ♥ jaɳe
Sounds like a waste of money. A lot of dentists lead their patients to believe they MUST have braces. Your dentist wants your money.


i wish u would donate some money to oxfarm XD

empty stomach kids in africa worries about starvation, not some teeth malformation XD

Tit for Tat
I wore braces for 6 years and Iam VERY glad that I had them. 1 year is nothing, go for it. You will love the results

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