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 should i get those braces or not...???
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 how to deal with my braces?
i've had them on for a while [2 years], and my teeth are pretty much fine now.
my orthodontist told me that they needed to fix a couple things with my braces in upcomming visits.

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 I'm having all 4 wisdom teethout tomorrow. What shoud I expect?

 Is it better to floss first or brush first?

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 When can i smoke a cigarette after getting wisdom teeth removed?
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 Does it hurt when you get braces?
Does it hurt when you first get your braces?

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Does it hurt when the dentist puts ...

 Do you brush your teeth everyday?
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 How do I make my teeth look less yellow ?
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 Would you feel disgusted if I tell you that I want to be a dentist?
I am a female for your information and I want to be a dentist but many people are so disgusted when someone tell them that he/she wants to be a dentist because he/she has to see 'nasty' ...

ROOT CANAL! Advise please!?
i was just told i need to pay the dentist 2 grand for a root canal! is it worth getting it done? would it be better getting the tooth pulled out?? and does it hurt!!!!!!?????!!!!!!

♪♫♪Love Me Or Hate Me♪♫♪
I've had it before too. Unfortunetly, you either have to get it pulled or loose it. I'm sorry, you should see a dentist.

P.S. It doesn't hurt when they pull it :D

Uhh Yes it is worth it no you shoulkd not have your tooth pulled because the root canal will hurt wose and yes it stings quite a bit.

ok im 12 i've had a tooth pulled it is so much better than when i had my root canels

Wisdom Herbs
You're better off having it pulled for $200 instead paying $2000 for something that's gonna need help later on. Dentists will tell you the first option that is best for them since you will have to eventually come back.

I had a route canal when I was little. Im 19 now had it when I was 11 or 12. I was waking up at night with extreme migrans. My mother did not know what was wrong. The pain grew so much I could barely eat. He had to take out the nerve inside. It was dead. The novacaine hurt a lot but I didn't feel him doing the surgery. Yes I was awake during the process. Your mouth will be sore fore a week or whatever. You might have to sip on soup and liquid food too.

Would you want a fake tooth in your mouth? Either way is expensive. If you can, salvage as much of your own tooth. Like what I did. It was expensive. But I think the dentist pretty much just filled it, cutting through the gum of my mouth. If this grosses you out, get used to it. It's the human body and people have malfunctions. I find it disgusting when people panic. Dont panic!! lol. People heal in time

Next time dont even consider asking the question lol. Its like asking, "should I get a rod put in my leg if it breaks in half." And yes that happened to me too. I had to wait 3 days and a plane ride before the surgery.

Take care of your temple, or don't take care of it at all.
Be safe

baseball master 59
if you can afford it you should get it, because there is something wrong with the root so i would advise you to get it

i got one when i was in pre-school or before that... i dont really remember it...

jim w
they take the nerves out and it don't hurt . for 2 grand you keep you're own tooth and get a new crown . make shure he uses gas on you yes its worth it

That seems like too much to pay. Do you have insurance? Maybe you could go somewhere else where it's cheaper. I had dental work done at a dental school at the Univeristy of Minneosota and they did a really good job and it's so much cheaper.

They numb you up for the root canal but I just remember it seemed to take awhile. The pain from not having a root canal done is so much worse. I don't even think the root canal hurt that much when I had it.

Pull it out if its in the back, its not worth the debt. I got 2 teeth pulled a few weeks ago and I am much happier about my choice. And trust me getting it pulled hurts much less than a root canal and the pain you have now.

My root canal didn't hurt at all. The worst part was holding my mouth open for the whole time. I was lucky enough to have it covered by my insurance, and I can see how finances would definitely affect your decision. I feel that mine was worth it, but and getting the tooth pulled probably would be a bit drastic compared to the root canal.

I've had 4 root canals, if its on your back teeth you need them for chewing. Also later on you will have a tooth to hook dentures too. As far as the pain a good dentist can numb you enough, and the tenderness later you can probably get meds for. 800 Motrin work great for teeth pain. 2,000.00 sounds really high, its been a year or so but I paid 700.00. Get second opinion. My husband hates his false teeth, so root canal is better if you look at it that way. Good Luck

People make such a Federal case out of this. The pain is no worse than any other filling unless you decide not to get the novacaine or lidocaine injection.

The root canal cost per se is out of line unless you have something complicated going on; however, if that $2K includes a porcelain crown, then it's about the market rate.

My suggestion is that you consider using an endodontist. In most states, any licensed dentist can legally do a root canal procedure, but endodontists have extra training in this area and they're better equipped to handle a complication should one occur.

musicloverrrrrrrrr! (:
not that bad.
just get it done.
i was 12 for mine.
they give you this gas thing that makes you tired lol
you wont feel much. GOOOD LUCK
im 13 btw.

marta s
HAHAHAHAHA!NO!well...At first cuz they put gave my gums a shot (ANASTASIA)that hurt 4 2 seconds the it all went numb so it doesn't hurt...:)

if root canal costs 2 G's then removing it fixing it will cost more than 2 G's. The best is getting a root canal treatment & a crown. Try some place cheaper. It should not hurt you a bit or your doctor is inexperienced.

Ish The Riddler
root canals KILL!

Don M
It's better to get the root canal, as you'll still have the tooth in there for "structure". It will keep your other teeth from moving and getting out of line.

I have no idea if it hurts to have a tooth pulled out. Last time I had teeth removed, it was my wisdom teeth, and they were impacted and had to be removed in pieces. They knocked me out for that one, so I assume it wasn't pleasant.

It's worth the $2000, as it's basically minor oral surgery.

You'll be very sorry if you don't do it.

P.S. Marta, you mean anesthesia. Anastasia was the lady who thought she was the daughter of the Czar of Russia.

i got a mini root cannal when i was getting my tooth pulled (got a crown tooth) and it didnt hurt. my dentist that i went to, to get it done have me hold my hand up when it started to hurt, and i got to watch tv (i knew the dentist cause she i one of my moms friends and i am friends with her son so that made it better :))

root canals definatlly hurt but its better to get them fixed than ignore them.

Crunchy Hamster
I've had 3 root canal all at various prices. I'd shop around if you are not happy with 2 grand. I have also had a tooth pulled out. It was cheaper, but I'd rather keep the tooth if it still works. Pain is subjective - it didn't really bother me too much, but everyone has a different threshold.

*Chin Chin Lady*
If you let this problem go unsolved, your tooth will hurt like nothing you have ever experienced. The procedure itself is not bad at all, and the pain after wards is easily treated with an 800mg ibuprofen for about 2 days. I go a double root canal on my front 2 teeth after getting hit in the face with a field hockey ball, and was back playing the next week.

I highly reccomend getting it done!

2 grand!! jesus H christ - no way!. I paid £400 in the the late 90's for private root canal -went totally under (Southall West London), and took 3 days off work to recover - lots of afterpain. Several years later, pregnant with first child Addenbrookes told me this was the worst root canal they had ever seen and that I would need two teeth removed - when my baby was born!! Get it removed rather than risk complications. Poor you - been there!

Katie B
just get it done, but if you do, GET THE GAS!!

Randi S
2 grand?!? That's why too much. The most a root canal should go for is around $800. Get another dentist if you can. If the tooth is a wisdom or a back molar, it may be best to just pull it. You won't feel it cause they will numb it.

Root canals do NOT hurt. I've had them in almost all of my molars actually. You are numb and then they give you pain killers (of which I still have lying around and the only reason I even filled it was because I got hit by a car a few days afterward).

It would be cheaper if you were to have the tooth pulled, however, if you ever wanted that space filled, it would cost more in the long run. So, if it is your farthest back molar, have it pulled. If it is not a far back molar, your teeth can shift and cause more problems in the long run. If you have dental insurance, it would cover some of the cost of a root canal, but dental insurance rarely covers the cost of an implant (which is typically what they would use to fill a space in your mouth caused by a pulled tooth).

Personally would pay for the root canal.

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