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Questions about teeth x-ray? I think it might be cavity....?
When the dentist took an x-ray of my teeth i noticed that most teeth has these funny bright white spots. Lol. Ok so i know this is confusing but i dont know how to explain it. Like when the x-ray comes out. Some teeth has white stains looking. But doesnt hurt when i touch that tooth?
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smile momma
a bright white spot on an xray film is the silver filling you already have on your tooth, it's not translucent like teeth/tissues so it appears white cause its metal.

The answerer above is right. Cavities show up on x-rays as dark shadows & the white patches you'll have seen would be amalgam fillings.
Never be afraid to ask your dentist if you concerned about something. Any good dentist will be only too glad to put your mind at rest.

I think cavities show up as dark shadows.

Why didn't you ask your dentist? If you had a mouth full of cavities, he would have told you. If he mentioned an appt and fillings, then you have cavities.

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