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I'm getting mine off in July and kind of nervous....

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Me is 2x a day..
Forced Habbit as a kid.
How bout you?...

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Additional Details
haha...i do brush of course! but my crest total isn't cutting it ...

 will it hurt?
I might get braces in a month or so, im wondering how they do it and if it will hurt and stuff. and do you have to get a needle in your mouth?...

 What age do kids usually get braces?

 i am getting braces in 2 days........do they hurt?

 How bad does getting braces hurt?
How bad does getting your braces hurt.(like an exampl)
How bad does getting your braves of hurt?

Additional Details
its just a typo i meant braces ugh..-.-...

 Do getting braces hurt?
I`m gonna get braces next Wednesday (2/17/10). Does anyone knows if it will hurt, how long is the pain is gonna last, and how long does it take to get braces on? I`m kinda scared now....

how's your day?
Question about BRACES!!?
okay! I've had my braces on for two years and I've been through just about everything you can go through with these braces. It's been hell.

well, I (unfortunately) have to get some oral surgery done in about 2 weeks *tear* but then about 6 months after the surgery I get my braces off (YES!)

SO, this is where the question comes in. What do they do when they remove the braces? Duh, they obiviously take them off but what else?

I'm terribly comfused about this one but... retainers. Okay, does everyone who has had braces HAVE to get a retainer or... what? just people with bad teeth? could you guys just inform me everything about retainers and stuff? thanks so freaking much. :D

i had braces. when u get them off it might bleed a bit but it feels better.

http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AhHa1guko1.q6J7rckNpof7sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090616203240AAcayEu help please

Chris G
u randomly wake up at night and ur mouth is full of blood and u get lots of infections

Okay, yes, everyone who has had braces MUST get a retainer. It keeps your teeth the way the braces made them. It keeps them from shifting back from how they were before. They aren't bad. For the first few months, you have to wear them all the time, and take it out when you eat, but then after a while, you just start having to wear it when you eat.

Vince Steele
yes everyone gets a retainer. its like a later form of braces. just to keep teeth how they are. braces fix them retainers hold them. you wear it twenty four seven for about 4-6 months then you only have to wear it when you sleep for like another year. and dont try and hide it from friends. just wear it religiously for a week or so. people will get used to it and so will you. then you can just relax a tiny bit but still wear it as often as you can till time is up.

I know what you're going through. I just had to go through the same thing.

When they remove the braces, they put these "lip cups" in your mouth to keep your lips away from your comes. Then they'll remove your rubber bands or wires or chains and take out your wire. Then they'll pop off each bracket one by one and sand off the glue. It's that easy!! lol. =) The whole process takes about an hour and 15 minutes. It'll feel really weird when they're off, but you'll get used to it. =)

I think everyone has to get a retainer, at least for a short amount of time. I have to wear one. Once your braces are removed, they're gonna want to move back into their original position. The retainer will keep it in place. That's why it's important to always wear it.

Good luck!! =)

I just got my braces off a month ago and trust me, all this time you are putting into this process will pay off. I had mine on for two and a half years like you will. Getting them off is really easy and painless. After they take them off they are going to glue in a bottom retainer that is permanent. It gets glued onto the back of your bottom teeth. At first its annoying but i don't notice it anymore now. After that they took a mold of my top teeth and while i was still sitting in the exam chair they made my retainer and i have to wear it for the next six weeks all the time except eating and brushing my teeth. I am due to go to the ortho in a couple weeks so hopefully they will tell me i will only have to wear it when I sleep! Good luck! Your teeth will look beautiful I am sure. Good luck with your surgery as well.

I just got my braces of about 2 months ago.
When they take them off, they just pull them off.
It actually doesn't hurt like people say but you will feel it.

About retainers.... if you had braces, you will have retainers but they aren't that uncomfortable. But you'll only have to wear them for about 6 months and it goes by really fast!

But regardless of what you have to go through with those things....
Its all worth it in the end.

And don't be afraid to ask your dentist about the specifics!!

christinee ♥
They remove your braces and leave a little wire below your bottom front teeth. It feels really weird when they're off.

And pretty much everyone has to wear the retainer, to keep the shape of your teeth aligned and stuff. After a while though, you can stop wearing them.

When they remove the braces, they take everything off your teeth. They don't leave on wires or anything. They will then take a mold of your teeth. This part tastes yucky. They basically put a tray of this thick paste in your mouth, and press it on your teeth to get their shape. With these molds they make your retainers. I'm pretty sure everyone has to wear them, because if you don't your teeth will move back to their original positions. You definitely don't want this, after spending so much time and money on braces. If you're worried about how they will look, they can probably give you clear plastic ones. You can barely see them! Good luck with your surgery, and your beautiful teeth! <3

I just got mine off today. They take out the metal with a tool that looks like pliers. Then the orthodontists will take a metal needle and clean all the glue off your teeth. Basically, they're 'cleaning' your teeth.

As far as retainers, there are two types you can get. One type is worn for 6 months and then only at night after that (they'll take a mold of your teeth so the retainer will fit right). The other kind is a permanent retainer, which is like a mini set of braces that will stay on the back of your teeth for life. Yes, everyone has to get SOME type of retainer, or else your teeth could just shift back to how they were in the first place.

Tickled Pink
When the braces are removed it takes qp to 2 hours or more, it's a rather long process.

First, they remove the bands. After that the wires come out. Then, you're left with the brackets and then those are removed. To remove the brackets the just use a tool that pops them off.

After all of that, then they scrape off all the glue from where the brackets were glued on.

Everybody who has braces will have to have a retainer. So after all of the braces are removed then they make the impressions for your retainers. Once you get them wear them very diligently or your teeth will shift. Wear them however much they tell you to wear them. Most will say to wear them all the time for the first 6 months and then after that at night.

But anyways good luck with all :)

Well first they remove the wires, then the brackets. They must un-glue the brackets, and its quite a slow process. Next they clean your teeth throughly, considering they have been under wiring for a long time. After they have removed all appliances, they fit your teeth in a mold for your retainer (if your getting one, usually people do). Thats really all they usually do.

they do this cool thing where they detach all of them and take all of the braces out in one piece at least thats what they did at my place haha it was cool.

hope your surgery goes well!

the next thing they do it scrape all of the glue off, its nasty but its worth it.

thenn finally they will probably fit you for a retainer. heres the deal with retainers, i know lots of people who have double permanent ones which are just little wires behind the teeth that you barely notice (they are awesome) i know tons of people who have a bottom permanent and a removable top that they wear at night (thats what i do its not too too horrible) and then i think some people have 2 which sounds difficult but i wouldnt know. good luck!

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