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Plz help i am scared to death 10 easy points?
Ok i am so scared right now.
I got my tooth pulled out yesterday around 10am and it went ok i guess.
Well when i got home it was bleeding pretty bad and its still bleeding now but not as bad its not gushing or anything like that.

I am scared i am going to bleed to death i feel weak and faint but it could also be that i have only ate ice cream once but i am drinking lots of water.
Could i be weak form losing to much blood or not eating good?
And i am scared to death of a dry socket how long do i have to worry about it it is my 2 almost 3rd day

I am going to see my densit again tomorrow should i be ok?
Plz i have anxiety so plz dont be rude thank you so much

When one of your teeth falls out, it may bleed for up to a week, sometimes even up to 2 weeks. It depends when it heals which takes some time. But do not freak out as this is normal and everyone has this happen when a tooth is lost.

You will not die! You probably feel like this because you are not eating right. Another reason is that you just think you are going to die and keep worrying yourself when nothing is wrong. This has happened to me alot. Its all in your mind and nothing will happen! trust me! =]

Dry socket is not fatal. It's going to bleed a lot and stress can make you weak and faint. If you are not sure, go see a doctor whether it be urgent care or the hospital. If you are feeling faint I would get someone else to drive you.

Cuban from Miami TomA!
well that never happen to me when i got my tooth pulled out.u should go visit the doctor and tell him whats going on before anything happens...or goes wrong..or the hospital. If you are feeling like your going to faint.

I dont think you'll lose too much blood from a pulled tooth but you should have someone go to the store and get you some iron supplements that will help with the blood loss and should make you feel better and not so weak. Make sure you eat with it though for sure. If you dont already have some you should have someone get you some gause from the drugstore and roll it up and put it in the gap where your tooth was pulled and bite down on it, This should stop the bleeding while you bite down on the gause, you should feel pressure if your doing it right. Hope this helps.

If you see your densit tomorrow everything will be OK.

if you keep licking your gum it eventually going to stop bleeding

Cat Man
you will be fine yes you need to eat more try boost or carnation breakfast drinks and you do not have a dry socket because if you did it would hurt like Hattie's relax its all going to be ok and I will put a quarter under your pillow to night I am sorry I forgot to last night


basically if its not gushing or anything it would take months to bleed to death through your gums, and your body would make up for that over the gradual time anyway, if its still bleeding you probably will develop a dry socket but your dentist can treat that easily so don't worry about it. good luck (y)

HEllo and first off, I know you're going to get a lot of RUDE ANSWERS WITH THIS QUESTION but just ignore them..i'm here to tell you calm down and take a breath. I can get bad anxiety too sometimes and it can be really stressful. Chances are the wound was opened up by your tongue, or by food or by a number of things but by NO WAY are you going to bleed to death i CAN ASSURE YOU!

the fainting feeling or weakness is all in your mind and you're making yourself feel it. Just take a breath and don't think about it you're fine. a small cut bleeding like that would take literally months to bleed out and thats only IF YOU HAD NO WAY OF HEALING IN THIS CASE YOU DO...YOU ARE PROBABLY HEALED BEFORE the post was set up ;)...just relax you're fine take care.

ok wow! dude!` just calm down a second ok?.... ok, look, i had a tooth pulled out this year... and yes it bleeds for a while, but no, you are not going to bleed to death... ok?.. its an open wound.. which is why it will keep bleeding until the blood sort of like cloggs up, and forms.... like.... a scab..(not the time like on the rest of your body) but it will heal!!!! trust me!!! mine bled for like three days.. gradually, it will stop! just dont freak out!... and wash your mouth with warm water with salt, to disinfect and do not, I REPEAT DO NOT touch it, with anything that might make it open up more! ok?.. just chill, you're going to be fine!

even if 5 cups of blood came out u would be fine....and that WONT happen

no worries, your immume system is just taking time to create an inner scab...u'll be just fine ^_^

youre fine. Eat something and then rinse your mouth out real good, bite down on a chunk of cotton and dont mess with the area until you go back.

ok your not going to die because this happened to me once too. To stop the bleeding just put something like a paper towel or cloth on the area where you got your tooth pulled. Apply pressure to it. It will sting but doing this will stop blood from exiting out your gums. After that eat something like fruit ( something that wont move the paper towel or cloth ) Drink lots of water but not too much. Hope it works.

Brown Eyes
Relax, you won't bleed to death. Take a piece of gauze and put in on the area where the tooth was pulled and gently bite down on it. That area will eventually form a blood clot and keep the area from bleeding.

You feel weak because of the experience of having the tooth pulled. I was that way too.

You would know if you have a dry socket, it hurts like heck. You will be ok. You will get to see your dentist tomorrow. That's a short time away. There are lots of people just like you that worry about having teeth pulled. I'm a total weenie when it comes to having teeth pulled.

I understand you
I sometimes get really scared over bleeding or something hurting.
This happened to me once
My tooth fell out at night and it wouldn't stop bleeding for about an hour.
I never felt faint or dizzy but I think maybe your anxiety is helping this
when you are scared a lot of adreniline rushes through your body, this can make you very tired, weak, and faint.
The mouth heals fast so dont worry about bleeding to death.
If it really does not stop bleeding then go to your dentist and they will know what to do
It will be ok. dont worry
Also, try to focus on other things and relax, it helps.
Hope This Helps :)

נυѕт ¢αℓℓ мє тαу!
Its fine im sure you wont die!!
Put tissue or gauze or a cotton ball over the bleeding area
Keep rinsing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
If this doesnt help call your dentist and see if he has any advice or just see him tomorrow, im not saying your in danger im just saying that u should ask your dentist for some tips to help it stop bleeding Feel better and dont be worried everything will be FANTASTIC!
=) <3

nad? S
probably you should eat more for rich blood and u shud excercise too.

well if you think it's really bad... iwould reccomend going to the hospital. don't take any chances esp regarding your LIFE.

I'm not sure what you're asking, but one thing you could do is swish warm salt water around in your mouth, it doesn't hurt, it helps. And then get a paper towel, and apply a little pressure to the area where it's bleeding, and it should eventually stop.

The weakness might be due to some other thing, although without other info, I couldn't tell you what.

Muaa =]]
i got 6 teeth pulled at once and i want bleeding for that long... only like an hour or so.... and i only ate ice cream also and i didnt feel like that so im not sure sorry

James B
You should be fine, if you were losing enough blood to bleed out believe me there would be no question in your mind about if it was a problem. Drink lots of fluids; fruit juice is good for energy, that should help.

IDK about the dry socket, but I'd guess you're probably past that possibility, but that's a guess.

The best person to answer would be the dentist. Call the office.

Veronica G
it probly because of not eating,, dn't wrry dat happended 2 mii b4 everthing shuld b ok (:

Take it easy. You won't die. Pray to God. Call your doctor and talk about it. You'd have to lose alot of blood to die.

Don't worry, like you said you're not gushing so don't worry. Just bite down on gauze to stop the bleeding. Or swish your mouth with warm salt water.

You probably feel faint because of lack of eating and getting yourself all worried. Eat something soft like pudding, yogurt.....cream of wheat.....or drink a nutritional shake like Ensure.

Don't worry about dry socket, just do what your dentist instructed.

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