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I can ONLY be ME ♥
On a scale of 1-10 how bad does a filling hurt?
1 being less pain full and 10 being the most pain full

Is it true that put a shot in your mouth?

I haven't had a filling in forever and i was wondering how it felt...

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does it hurt when they fill it in?

Maria Massacre
Depends on your pain resistance.

W Burleson
0...the shot will be the worst part, and that wouldnt even be a 3! Your numb, so you wont feel a thing!

0 out of 10.
Yes, they put a shot in your mouth, but before they do that they put a local anaesthetic on your gums, and you don't feel anything.
When the injected anaesthetic takes effect (very quickly) your mouth will be numb and you will not feel anything while the dentist works in your mouth.
That is where the expression "painless dentistry" comes from.
Don't sweat it.....be calm......You will be fine.

Not that bad. Maybe a 3. The shot is the worst part, but if you have a good dentist it won't hurt.

Now, if it's a deep cavity and they have to drill a lot, it's going to hurt a lot that night after the novocaine wears off. That happened to me once and I couldn't even eat a piece of baloney without crying.

Ashley S
A filling on a 1-10 scale i'd say a 1. They give you a shot and get that area numb so you don't feel any pain. After the numbing wears off the area is a little irritating but not to painful that you won't be able to tolerate it.

to tell you the truth it doesn't hurt much at all, you cant feel anything because the make your gums numb with this special gel, i got the gel but now needle, thats just how it is at my dentist at least but i garentee you it wont be bad
oh and id probably give it a one

shiver me timbers
With valium, mouth shot and listening to my MP3 player 0

With just mouth shot 1 because I was a bit on edge

To be honest I never felt no pain though. Not even from the needle to numb gum because he puts something in your mouth to freeze it before needle. I just have to feel relaxed though so valium and MP3 helps me there.

Sammy Brown
hm. like 2.
not bad at all.

they do a shot but you can barely feel it.

The dentist will give you local anesthetic which will numb only the part of your mouth where he will be working. My experience with all 8 of my fillings is that I only felt pressure on my tooth. It was no big deal. After the anesthetic wears off you may feel a bit sore at most. I would rate the pain at 0.5. The worst part of the whole thing is if you have a filling on your lower jaw. Your whole jaw and tongue is numb. I ended up drooling until I got feeling back. It also makes eating difficult. Over all you have nothing to worry about. My dentist gives me headphones so I can listen to music. Unfortunantly the dingbat tries to talk to me the whole time too. Go Figure.

The REAL Steel Deal!!!
I have 2. With a good dentist, 1. Should you even contemplate NOT going to a good dentist?

Gooch is the last name
I did not feel a thing, if you do get the injection don't worry trust me i am a girl that had 9 people holding me down and was crying my eyes out when i was getting my MMR jab done at school and i had the injection in my mouth and it was fine.. you cant actully feel it.

the denist may say it will sting a little bit but they only say that so you think it will be bad and then you will be happy when it is not

so do not worry x

please answer mine, i really need answers, i am lossing my mind!! x


1.. the shot is felt more than the filling. Remember do not confuse all the noise ..drill and water suction ...to pain. It's just noise. There is almost no pain associated w/ a filling. In most cases a shot isn't even required. As a matter of fact I've never heard of a shot being given for a filling.

well i had 1 huge one on a molar and they gave me a shot of novicane which doesn't hurt that bad and i had a few small ones filled and i didn't even need novicane it was fine.
It depends on the size of the cavity, but overall i'd say they hurt from 1- 10 around

If you have a good doctor a filling should be painless, lucky for me I have a great dentist and I would rate my level of pain a 1.

Yes, they do numb your gums with a shot of Novocain, but it doesn't feel anything like a shot, one shouldn't even feel it at all.

It all depends on your pain tolerance. They do put a shot in your mouth to numb you up, that is honestly the worst part of the whole deal. The pain for the filling, well there should not be any pain since you will be numb. I have had a few fillings myself and I have to say the pain is a 3 and that is just the shot. That is the only thing that hurts. Good luck

The shot is maybe a 5.. but that only last seconds. After the shot takes effect then it is a 0

The filling doesn't hurt, it's the shot of Novocaine that is killer. I have had a few in my time. It's not that bad, far better than letting it go and dealing with constant toothaches.

4, its more uncomfortable than painful. the shot is not bad and once you have that, the pain goes away anyways. don't be worried.


its a -1... once ure good with the shot.. its nothing really

They give you a needle to numb the area. Pain is about a 3. One time I was getting one and the numbing stuff wore off so I could feel everything :) Was lovely! That won't happen.

Normally they would put a novacain shot in your mouth, thats the part that hurts, after that I couldent feel a thing...but my mouth was numb and swollen for a while.

2...just because the shot kinda hurts for a split second when they put the needle in but after it is fine...i hate novacane ...but i love it..

The Paranoid Android

They first numb you up with gel so the shot won't hurt.

Then they just do there thing.

It doesn't hurt because there not drilling into the root or gums. So I would give it a 2 maybe.

a shot is not always necessary & if it is, there are great numbing methods that work well & you will not feel any pain.
I never take any shots for a filling & never feel any pain or discomfort
In the event that the filling is a bigger job, there are oral medications to take prior to having the procedure done & also a twilight sleep that works wonders while you remain fully awake.
On a scale I would give it the very most a 2.
the days of fearing dentists are gone.

Depends on how deep it is. They usually give you some sort of numbing shot, which hurts a little, but it makes the actual drilling hurt very little, if at all.

The shots hurt I would say...about a 4, then you feel nothing. It doesn't hurt after either. Nothing to be afraid of love.

Dan R
When I was a kid I was so afraid of the dentist. I didn't go for a few years after my braces were taken off cause I was sick of it. However, depending how old you are, it's no big deal if your dentist is good. Might want to just go to a few to get a checkup to see which one you like the best (cleanest office in my opinion will determine their skill).

My dentist used laughing gas. Pain level: 1.5

My other dentist used shots. Pain level: 4
Fear level, as the needle is coming for my mouth: 4,965,549.2

John Q
If a 10 is getting your leg blown off in a roadside bomb, then I would say a 0.5.

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