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 Braces??????????????? --Read--?
Help me!!
-Read Below-

ok, can somebody tell me these questions?
cuz i really need to know them for later, and i want to be prepared for when i do..please answer?

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Anna Kate
OMG, braces AND palate expander?? Ahhh!?
Yesterday, I got picked up outta school and had Damon braces put on and a plate expander put in the roof of my mouth, at the same time.
It. is. driving. me. CRAZY!
I can't say my "K's and C's" or my "E's" or my "G's."
I've tried and tried to make it sound better (dentist said practice makes perfect: reading mags or articles of any kind) but it doesn't seem to be working AT ALL! I mean, it sounds a little better but I try to talk to my friends and I sound like a retard in some things I say!
They're always like "Huh?" and I have to explain to them how I can't talk right...
I had to tell my teachers today to have mercy and not call on me in class because I DEFINTELY cannot read some things with this stupid thing in the back of my mouth. And eating is pretty bad, too.
Why couldn't I have been blessed with a wide smile??
I mean, I know I'll look back on this and be grateful, but I didn't think I'd have to be THIS miserable. My braces aren't hurting that much, but they're pretty sore when I accidentally touch a tooth. My dentist is like one of the best in the nation... so, I know it's not him.
SOMEBODY pleasee tell me how to deal. :(

thank you.


i have one tooo
finally somebody wh understands.
It does get better and eventually your able to pronounce everything properly and with the braces just remember at the end of the day your the one whos going to have perfect teeth and when you get used to them they dont hurt and they wont cut your gums after a while.

happens to all brace faces! haha

Wow stop complaining. I have this right now and I sound normal.. it just takes time.

I know expanders can cause speech issues. It took me about a month after I got my braces on to adjust to them. Some people still have issues with them, even after they have had them for a couple years, but most people get accustomed to them in time.

Belgium Cutie
I had the same thing. And for the speech you just really have to keep practicing. It sounds dumb but it really is the truth. The best way to ease the pain is just take some pain killer like Ibprofen. You have to be patient till it gets better. It's gonna hurt and believe me when you get farther into your braces everytime they get tightened there gonna feel like that. You just have to bare eventually it will ease up. But in the meantime try to eat things where your teeth wont really touch like soup and sandwiches things like that.

I have all of that right now too. Don't worry, they're right you get used to it. If people can't understand you or make fun of you, just open your mouth and tilt your head back. That works every time. I didn't completely talk normally for about two months, so just give it time.

I have expanders right now, and girl, my advice is that you will soon get used to it. I talked perfectly fine after the one week I got it.And for food getting stuck, use water to wash it down. I hope this helps with the expandres, but I don't know about braces, my brother says it hurts in the first few days

eat ice cream and practice reciting you ABCs just like when you were learning to say hospital when you were younger... you need to keep trying....

pRiscillaa ♥ ;
AHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH omg, i have braces and an expander toooooo! ur not alllone(::
it took me 2 months for ppl to understand what i say haha.... you will get used to it, talk normal, and eat normal. your tounge will get used to being in the way of something. you just have to get used to it. to tell u the truth, i read to myself everyday, and it DID NOT help...
you will TOTALLY get used to it and love ittt(:
i dont want mine to come off....
i got my expander in march and ill get it off next year! cant wait, but i dont want it off kinda cuz it will feel weird and like BIG in my mouth!haha...
email me for ANY questionnnnns! ill be glad to answer!

[email protected]
(im 12yrs old, girllllll:))

I had the same problem when I first got my retainer. Trust me - it gets better as time goes on :)
And I had braces for 2 years, so I feel your pain.
Don't worry, though. When you finally get them off, you'll be more than grateful that you had them.

you just have to wait it out

i have had braces for 4 years and had to correct a 100% overbite so i was one goofy looking guy, but its totally worth it

i have breaces and a plate expander too for the first 2 weeks i sounded like an idiot but now its fine you will get used to it so fast dont worry about it all my letters soud normal and i could not say my g's t's or k's so dont worry about it its fine

James P
I hate to say this, but you are so lucky. I had bad teeth as a kid. My parents could not afford to fix it. I wound up in college and my early 20's not succeeding because people thought I had a attitude. I did not want them to see my teeth. I am older now, people say I have no personality, etc.. I have missed out on jobs, people have blown me off. If you have trouble speaking, just tell people what is going on. Good luck to you. It will be hard for a few years, but then you will be able to smile and have a great life! Good luck.

Soon enough, you will get used to them and be able to talk better. Practice does make perfect in this case. Just think of those great dazling teeth at the end of it all :D!

Not Tom Hanks
My teeth hurt for about 2 weeks after I got braces. I also know someone who had braces and a palate expander. He started out slurring, but he's fine now. Just give it time.

I had the same thing. For four years. The reading articles thing doesn't work, but while your talking just talk a little slower and pronounciate everything correctly. Not only will it make you sound like you think over your words, but you wont be spraying your friends and teachers with spit.

Oh, and stay away from too much peanut butter, that really sticks in your expander.

I had full braces with a palate expander and a retainer which I wore every night. All together, I had some kind of appliace for about 5 years! I got used to it and now people are often complimenting me on what beautiful teeth I have (especially when I was younger). Be thankful that your teeth can be corrected at all and know that it's very much worth it in the end! Good luck :)

its worth it I was right where you were! Now I have hot teeth!

Splendid Irony
You will get used to it, just be patient. It took me a good month to start talking normally after getting the braces on. Palate expanders are a total bummer I had one when I was 5 or 6 it hurt like no other.

Like you said, the longer you go with them on, the better you will become!

to help you with your speech, just practice.
try to pronounce your words as clear as you can.
as for braces, i have them too.
just try to eat soft foods like mashed potatoes, pudding, and yogurt.
try to look at the positives.
after this you'll have a gorgeous smile :D

hope i helped!!!!

I had the same thing when I got braces. You'll get used to it in a couple days and soon you'll forget it's even there.

I had braces and a palate expander!
Don't worry soon you'll get used to it and you'll be talking normal again!
You might even be sad to have your palate expander removed!
:P :P :P
Hope I help!!!!!

You really can't do anything. You just have to deal.
I know how hard it is to live with the palet expander. Extremely painful I know. But just think. Everytime they hurt. You getting closer and closer to have a wonderful smile.
It'll help a little.
But make sure to have some advil or tylenol near.
And don't eat anything to tough or hard.
Milkshakes were amazing for me :)
Hope i helped.

Emma :)
Omg that sounds miserable. I'm sorry, but hang in there, it will get better!

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