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♥ Loving My Babyboy ;) ♥
No Insurance..I need relief of toothache such as root canal.Im going to the hospital, can they not admit me?
I went once before to the dental clinic in the hospital, they took me in. I havent paid the hospital bill. I am in alot of pain and would like something to be done whether its an extraction or root canal..Can they say no and leave me in pain because I have no insurance or because i havent paid? I live in the state of New York. Thanks!

Dave F
I find it kind of sad and very irresponsible that you think you should receive treatment and not have to pay for it. I wonder what would happen if I took my car in for repairs and then tried to drive it away without paying for the work that was done.
You would be lucky to have some poor dentist pull your tooth for you seeing as how they won't be paid for the work they are doing.
Even a dental school charges a minimal fee for work that gets done at the school.
I hope you find some way of receiving treatment.

Check with a dental school. They can perform procedures under a trained dental professor at a very reduced rate, sometimes free.

Joanne A.
You don't have a choice, go to the clinic and see what happens. Meanwhile, go to the pharmacist at the supermarket or druggist and see what they can give you for the pain. On TV the other day I saw an add about a medicine that you apply to the gum that can last a month.

Helen DDS
I don't think they're obligated to treat you, but I hope they will.
Good luck

Each state has different health care laws, but if your in a lot of pain I'm sure they won't just turn you away. The unpaid bill though might cause some trouble. My dad once told me there's nothing more important then good dental insurance. I'm starting to believe him.

I don't know, but what I do know is I doubt they will give you a root canal. They will pull the tooth. Find a dentist.

My guess is that this dental clinic located in the hospital is a separate entity from the hospital. In other words...they are not run by the same company You may have to set up some sort of payment plan in advance but the office should be able to accept you. If the office for some reason doesn't want to then I would go to the nearest dental school and have the students take a look at your tooth. It's free of charge. Good luck.

Most hospitals will not treat dental issues UNLESS they have a dental clinic. They can treat you for an abcess, if you have one, or the pain, but they will not do an extraction of any sort. They won't admit you unless the you are extremely ill from the abcess drainage. And FYI, abcess drainage can actually be fatal if not treated so don't ignore your tooth problem.

Adam K
Only if you dont have the money to pay for it

Paul R
Generally a medical facility is only required to treat patients who can't pay if that facility is a recipient of federal funds, e.g. medicare or medicaid.

A medical facility that does not receive federal funds is under no obligation to treat people who are poor or indigent and can legally refuse to provide treatment even to emergency cases.

If they receive federal funds, then federal law requires they at a minimum provide emergency care to anyone sufficient to stabilize that person, regardless of the person's ability to pay.

For example, if you visited a liquor store, and were shot by a guy robbing it, a hospital would have to stitch up your wounds, stop the bleeding and give you a transfusion if you had bled too much (and you have no objections to being a blood recipient). They would be under no obligation to provide you with cancer treatment, if it was discovered while stitching you back together, for example, and even if the hospital was a famous cancer treatment center (like Sloane-Kettering).

New York State may have additional protections beyond those of federal minimums, and some hospitals may have more liberal policies than the law requires.

Dental work is, as far as I know, not covered in general under medicare or medicaid and thus may not be subject to federal rules. However, since you're in pain you might be able to get something for that purpose even if they can't (or won't) treat your underlying dental problem.

If the facility is subject to medicare/medicaid rules then it would have to provide at least minimum stabilizing care even if you can't pay and even if you owe them money. You might also want to check and see if they have a fund available for low-income people who don't qualify for public assistance. Many medical facilities have this either as a set-aside or because of donations from benefactors. But they won't publicize it and generally won't tell you about it, you have to ask.

Also, if your income isn't that high, you may qualify for some coverage under state law for the state equivalent of medicaid, you may try looking into it. Your county's social services department (or whatever it's called in New York) will have paperwork they can send you.

If your treatment is not in the nature of emergency treatment necessary for stabilization, the facility is under no obligation to offer you treatment if you can't pay or if you owe them money. But there is an option you can look into for getting non-emergency dental work (which is what I think root canal surgery represents.)

I would suggest seeing if there is a university or other teaching hospital near you or that you can get to (even if it meant, say, taking a Greyhound bus to another city) that has a dentistry service. The students who are learning to become dentists have to have someone to practice on, and the schools often offer free or very low cost treatment. They're usually last-year students, they are working under a licensed dentist who is training them, which also means since they are students the training they have is fresh in their heads. It's an option you could consider.

Wile E. C
I agree with whoever said that, if you do get dental care, they are most likely going to want to extract the tooth. I had a root canal and a crown and it ran me almost $2000, last month. I'm not sure how much an extraction is, but it's MUCH cheaper.

Stacy M
i have never been anywhere that a hospital has a dental clinic---at every hsopital i have been in tho,there are signs saying they must treat u regardless of ur ability to pay---i think that where there are charity hospitals in the same town,they might send u there instead---good luck---u might try swabbing ur gums with straight dr tichners---be careful not to overdo and burn ur gums tho---i have used tichners many times---good luck

It is against the law to refuse you treatment because you have no insurance or can't pay for it.

Come to Canada. We have public health care. It's better on this side of the borer.

In Georgia many hospitals have signs that say something like, "can not fail to admit patient for inability to pay". Friends have told me that if it's a private hospital, they will transfer you to a public one. In a few places there are free clinics, but there are long waiting periods. The average emergency room visit costs $700. You could just call the hospitals before going. They get people who can't pay in everyday. Ok, honestly I think most people can't pay even though they have insurance. The healthcare system is robbing us. We're gonna change it. Let's kick the greedy pigs out of their beaurocratic highchairs.

they should just tack it on the the current bill.they cant turn you away. they can atleast give you pain meds till something can be done. cloves tend to work for tooth aches..... kind of a home remedy

proberly not, but they might treat the pain.

In New York, emergency care is required to be provided regardless of your economic status.

A toothache may or may not qualify under that statute. However, it has been my experience that they will treat you.

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