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 can anyone tell me a remedy to stop a tooth ache from hurting I'm in pain please help!?

 I'm thinking about becoming a Dental Hygientist. Is this career anything like sitting at a desk all day long??

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 braces question please helpppp?
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is there any type of braces put not on front but back side of teeth ...

 whats the best painkillers to get rid of toothache?
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 do u think black and pink braces would look nice?

 I Have A Braces Question?
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1. What food are Okay and Not Okay to eat while having braces (is sugar free gum ...

 No Insurance..I need relief of toothache such as root canal.Im going to the hospital, can they not admit me?
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 what can you do for a tooth ache?

NEVER gotten a CAVITY FILLED! help! and wisdom teeth pulled!!?
ok im gonna get my first cavitys a week before my 16th birthday!! i have never had a cavity before this and now i have 2 small ones!! im so nervous! i know the procedure so i wanna know about the SHOT!! how does it feel ! i hate shots i cant even get ones in my arm without crying, so plz tell me where do they give it what does it feel like and has anyone gotten it done without the shot! any shot aternatives? and i gotta get my wisdom teeth pulled this spring!! tell me about it plz!! :( im so scared ive never had teeth problems! thank you!!!
Additional Details
omg you guys are all so helpful!! i cant pick just 1 im gonna leave it up 2 u guys 2 vote!!

I saw on tv some places where they give you a pill so you're asleep the whole time and you don't feel anything. You can search those on google. As for getting your cavities filled it doesn't hurt that bad and they might not even do a shot unless the cavities are big enough.


just to say there is nothing to be scared about.
i want to be a dentist when i am older so i know quite a lot about it.what they will do is give you a cream on your gum to stop the injection hurting then they will drill into your tooth. the sound will send a shive down your spine but if you have a good dentist thenit shouldnt hurt


to help me help you please pick me as the message best because im only level 1 and need to awnsew more questions.

thank you VERY much for helping me help others

Jennifer L
Relax. Ask for nitrous (as long as you aren't pregnant) and you won't care. It's called conscious sedation. I love the stuff.

The injections aren't bad, especially if you get the nitrous. I think it hurts more when they pull the cheek out than when you get injected.

As for wisdom teeth, see if you can get an IV and get knocked out when they get pulled. I did that and I didn't feel a thing.

Relax and don't worry about it.

Keep flossing daily, brushing twice daily and get regular maint. appointments at your dental office.

Ok, first calm down. You're not going to like this answer but it's how it has to be. First, I would discuss how you feel with your dentist. Maybe by now there are some alternatives, but the last time I had a shot of Novacain, it's a needle in the gums about 3 times. You feel the first one, but you only feel the pressure of the others. It's not pleasant so I won't sugar coat it for you. Maybe they can put some sort of topical on your gums first ? I think they can do that but ASK. As for the wisdom teeth, I had all 4 of mine pulled at the same time. Not pleasant, but you can get through it. One question to ask your dentist is: Will I get a DRY socket and if I do, WHAT do I do ?. Dry sockets are painfull. Plus, they will give you a precription for pain meds. All I can say is good luck. Once it's over, hopefully you never have to go back.

hey they give you the shot in the gum part of your teeth. its not bad at all i remeber i use to be scrared orf going to the dentsit but i got it over u wont fell it at all. but i got to tewll u the shot tastes kinda of naste but other than that is not bad. make sure before they take out your wisedom teeth out u drink alot od pineapple juice so your face wont swollen up so much

the shadow knows
Calm down, is the first thing. Tell the dentist you are afraid that the novocane shot will hurt. He can sponge some on your gums and you will feel no pain when the needle goes in or the shot itself.

I have 2 cavities too. If they're small cavities, you might not have to get a shot. I have 2 'buckles.' They're like small cavities. I didn't have to get a shot for either of them. The only reason they give you cavities is to numb your gums incase they hit a nerve.

Don't be scared the anxiety will just make it worse. The shot for the cavities is a bit painful, feels like a really hard pinch. But it subsides VERY quickly. Your face will be numb and your face will feel fat for a while and you should avoid liquids until that feeling subsides or it may end up on your shirt!:) If the cavities are really small and not too deep it is possible to have them cleaned out and fixed without the shot. Ask your dentist about that. I have had that done with minor cavities. As for your wisdom teeth it depends on how impacted they are. Mine were not bad so I just got a couple shots in the gum and did not feel a thing. If they are really impacted and or you decide you just can't bear the shot you can ask about nitrous oxide or conscious sedation. Nitrous you just breath in through a mask and don't really care what they are doing to you from there. Conscious sedation which does include a needle....IV in your hand or arm for the medicine to go though. You are sedated to the point you don't feel pain or remember the procedure but you can still breath on your own. Hope this helps good luck.

REQUEST GAS first, then you will be feeling pretty good, you won't care about THAT shot.You need to be relaxed or you'll be hurting later.The more you think about this, the more horrifying it will be. Everything will be fine once your under gas,make sure that you have your music and glasses too. I'm not kidding here, this is how my dentist does her work and many other dentist do too. Remember, your the customer and want a pain free experience, right; it's your right. It will be OK.

There is nothing to worry about they numb you with a numbing agent before the give you the shot of novacaine and they give you the shot of novacaine in your gums and it feels like a mosquito bite there is really nothing to it as i have had many fillings and extractions you will need to take some ibuprophen when you get your teeth extracted though as it is painful for the first few days and you are not able to drink through a straw for 24 hours and you gargle with salt water after every meal for about a week

First of all, it's not as bad as it seems. The numbing shot they give you will not hurt AT ALL, because they lubricate a big Q-tip and let it stay where they shot goes in. This is a topical numbing medicine, and you will not feel the shot at all. Just don't even watch them do it. The worst part of the whole procedure for filling a cavity is the noise from the drill. So, I took in my favorite music and cranked it up so loudly that I could tolerate the drill noise. And even better, they can also give you "laughing gas", or nitrous oxide. This literally makes you laugh, and you won't have a care in the world what they do to you!

Wisdom for the pulling of the wisdom teeth: I had it done, and you are out for the entire procedure. They start and IV in your hand (they can numb that too), inject medication and you start counting backwards. You are asleep after about number 7 then you wake up and wonder why you are in the dentist's office. Truthfully! You don't know anything about what happened. They will send you home with pain medicine and you will be fine. You will be sore after the numbing medication wears off, so make sure you keep a regular schedule of the pain medicine going.

It will be fine. No big deal. Try not to worry about it.

Be glad, very very very glad, that you were not alive a few hundred years ago where a trip to the "dentist" (or the equivalent at that time, because dentistry wasn't invented yet) meant some guy shoving a bottle of rotgut whiskey in your hands, and saying "drink this" and then when your eyes were crossed and your s enses somewhat dulled, he went after the rotten tooth with a pair of pliars.
But today, be afraid, very very afraid of wht you have waiting for you down the road when you do NOT keep a healthy mouth with well maintained teeth. The jury is now back with the verdict...... poor dental hygiene is directly responsible for many of the heart conditions in later life because the bacteria that hangs out in a badly maintained mouthful of teeth seem to want to make a B line for the heart area
Dentists today have so many neat "tools" in their arsenal that even that old joke about the "root canal" no longer applies. Get the job done, and the rewards far outweigh the small amount of brief discomfort now involved. I think of my own dentist as one o f the best friends I have LOL.

The site of the injection depends on the location of the tooth. For a tooth in front or near the front, the injection usually goes into the gum near the tooth. For molars and wisdom teeth, they give u a nerve block...meaning the injection goes into the fatty tissue at the back of your mouth. Try not to be nervous...they will numb the area with a spray or gel BEFORE even giving the injection, so you really don't feel discomfort. For the wisdom teeth...if they are going to extract all 4 at once...ask the doctor about general anesthesia...you can "sleep" thru the entire procedure! Don't be afraid to ask questions and tell them your concerns.

Okay when I got my wisdom tooth pulled about six months ago it was the most painless easy procedure I could have asked for. It took mabye ten seconds to pull the tooth out, the worst part was the freezing and the bleeding afterwards and the not being able to smoke afterwards. Mine is a good story. You might not be so lucky, if your tooth is in sideways or upside down or in a really tough spot its going to hurt more and be more awkward and if they have to do stitches your going to be in quite a bit of pain, but get it out now while your young its a lot worse once you age.

p.s. I didnt get any pain medicatoin, and I did not have any pain afterwards.

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