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 how long do you have to wear dental braces?
I need braces, i have a overbite and the front teeth are pretty messed up. How long do you have to wear braces? they'd be traditional metal ones. Plus, do you think im too old to get them? im 2...

 can anyone tell me a remedy to stop a tooth ache from hurting I'm in pain please help!?

 I'm thinking about becoming a Dental Hygientist. Is this career anything like sitting at a desk all day long??

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Should i ask him out?...

 braces question please helpppp?
i am about to put braces......my question is... will i be able to sing with it on? will it affect my voice or way of talking?
is there any type of braces put not on front but back side of teeth ...

 whats the best painkillers to get rid of toothache?
I have very senitive teeth i do use the right toothpaste for my teeth but every now again my wisdom teeth hurts. I have been taking Co-codaamol and ibuprofen every 4 hours but its not gone yet. When ...

 I can't afford braces with the money i make?
I started working last month because I need money for braces. I only get like 200 dollars a month. I talked to my dentist and she said that my braces would cost about 5000 since I want invisalign. I ...

 do u think black and pink braces would look nice?

 I Have A Braces Question?
I just got braces early this afternoon, and I'm not sure on a few things.
Okay so I have two questions:
1. What food are Okay and Not Okay to eat while having braces (is sugar free gum ...

 No Insurance..I need relief of toothache such as root canal.Im going to the hospital, can they not admit me?
I went once before to the dental clinic in the hospital, they took me in. I havent paid the hospital bill. I am in alot of pain and would like something to be done whether its an extraction or root ...

 what can you do for a tooth ache?

 Is Brushing and Use Mouth wash such as ' Listerine ' Enough ?

 Question about BRACES!!?
okay! I've had my braces on for two years and I've been through just about everything you can go through with these braces. It's been hell.

well, I (unfortunately) have to ...

 can coke dissolve a teeth?
is it ...

 Can you use too much mouthwash?
I have flouridated mouthwash (ACTS I think). It says only use it once a day. I've been using it alot. I think i might have a cavity in my wisdom tooth and it's freaking me out. I don't ...

 I am 28 am I too old to get braces?
I just turned 28. Both of my siblings got braces in their teens - I did not! My teeth are not the worst in the world, but they are not exactly straight and this actually prevents me from smiling!! As ...

 How can I pull out a tooth myself?
Is there any why I can do this myself without going to a dentist?
It's a baby tooth so I don't think there is the problem of roots or anything..
Any suggestions as to how I can do ...

 help theres hole in my tooth?
for a few weeks now one side of my mouths been hurting and its very sensitive when i eat and drink, so i looked and theres a tooth growing right at the back and ive been thinking it was that up until ...

 Do 4 out of 5 dentist really recommend gum to their patients that chew gum?
Or does the fifth one recommend dentures?...

 I need help with bad breath?
So I brush my teeth and use listerine every morning and every night, but my breath still always smells bad. I'm starting to get really self-conscience. I eat regularly and I don't think it ...

My teeth are yellow help!?
I ma 15 year old guy and my teeth are yellow and decaying, i never brushed much when i was younger because i have sensitive teeth and now i brush only in the mornings, but i dont want to have yellow teeth or gum problems so how othen should i brush them and how long before i see results, also i have a white tounge how do i clear this up?

For whitening your teeth google supersmile.

Man, you are asking the wrong people for advice. Go find yourself a dentist, and get him to correct your problem. Dental treatment is expensive, but many cities operate free dental clinics for people who cannot afford to visit a dentist. Check this service out, and follow through. I lucked out when I lived in Seattle. The treatment was excellent and polite, and free. My respect for that city is more than I can describe. Give it a shot, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

you can make a laser with a whitening hydrogen peroxide

you have to see a den test.

ew ... floss really helps and brushing after every meal for 5 minutes and listerine, dont smoke or drink coffee, anything u think might stain ur teeth dont eat it or drink it... and see the dentist about geting teeth cleaning first. and if they are still fugly... then u can get them whitened by lazers like my mom did b4 her wedding... whish she said was painfull.. and i said... should have brushed ur teeth more -_-

Brush after every single meal, also floss your teeth. If they are that bad it could take a couple years.

The white tongue thing is a build up of bacteria. If it is a constant you made need antibiotics. Secondly, you should still be brushing twice a day, and just use sensitivity toothpaste. Brush at the very least daily and for at least a full minute or two - but not for too long as this can promote loss of enamel. My only other advice? See a dentist and use a fluoride mouthwash to strengthen your teeth.

Oh my, my friend I'm sorry to say, but your mouth is severely decaying and fast! I would suggest you go brush your teeth right now, and use mouth wash as well. Brush your teeth DAILY and brush about twice each day, you will maybe see results in about a week or two. The white tongue means that your mouth is unhealthy and means you need to take action, also to clear this teeth and tongue thing up, go into your dentist and get a DEEP clean!

Ok, in Australia we have a toothpaste, that has a whitener in it. Use a toothpaste that works for 12 hours. Brush your tongue, drink more water, and vegies. Less junk foods. Try to avoid Biscuits with sugar, they get caught in your teeth, and it just sits there and decays your teeth. Hope this helps.

Jack Rowe
keep on brushingm and try some mouth wash if you don't already. also to really polish teeth wet the brush, dab it in so baking powder (bicarb of soda) and brush them. do this around 10 times, and your teeth will polish up really quickly!
all toothpastes contain bicarb somewhere, and that's what polishes your teeth. you're just using more than normal, and it's completely safe. it tastes a bit weird, but trust me i works really well!

1. yellow teeth i have this problem but brushing twice a day should be enough brush top row and bottom row at a 45 degree angle slowly and turn the brush upwards and brush like that also brush behind tghem.
2. for your tounge have you tried mouth wash or using the back of your brush to clen it?.
hope this helped

Benjamin C
the best thing to do is use an electric toothbrush at least twice a day, and focus the brush on your tongue to eleviate excess rankness

David c
damn bro, you needa get teach bleachers just type it in on google it willmake your teeth WHITE. and also go to the dentist, because that isn't normal.

pira shoes
**** you honestly sound like me when i went to the dentist he was like "WOW" and now:

1. Brush your teeth when you wake up after every meal and before you sleep

2. Floss after every meal and get really deep in your gums (they will bleed)

3. Mouthwash morning and night

4. Get this thing called a "go-between" (tiny brush used for the spot inbetween your teeth find it at most stores in the toothbrush aile

5. Go to the dentist

I know it sounds like alot but you really dont want to get a root canal thats when you peel back your gums adn deep clean your teeth all the way up at the root

see a fuking dentist fool. and dont drink coffee or coke, thats how my sisters teeth got yellow, too much soda. and get some sensodyne, its toothpaste that helps cure your enamel so your teeth wont be so sensitive, hope this helpss...

first you need to go to a dentist and see whats the problem & get it corrected. You are too young to know any thing about teeth. Brush twice a day.

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