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 is it supposed to hurt when your wisdom teeth are coming in?

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 Is laughing gas used for pulling wisdom teeth?
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Also, how is laughing gas put into the body(is it injected or inhaled or something)

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My left bottom gum is very swollen. It is making me in a lot of pain. My dentist won't help me because I dont
have the money right now. What should I do? It is making me very sick. I already have antibotics and pain killers. Thanks

Could just be a gum infection. Buy some Listerine mouth wash and rinse with that a few times a day. It may well sting, but it will at least kill off any germs around the area, and may even clear it up for you.

Justin T
Take a lot of vitamins. Hopefully you can get enough nutrients from them to help you heal quicker.

you have a infection that's down to the root nerves.or you have something that rammed itself under the gum line.You can try pushing upwards on swelling its going to sting if it breaks loose it will relieve pressure.Go to a dental clinic of you cannot afford a regular dentist most will let you in same day to help with pain.Make an appointment.If things heal on there own after taking antibiotics do not ignore it could be first stages of dental disease you will loose your teeth over time.

Sounds like an abscess, which you need to bleed in order to get rid of the crap in there, as well as antibiotics. don't ask me how your going to mange that a sterile needle might help.
perhaps you could go to the hospital to sort it out.

Do you have your wisdom teeth through yet? If not it could be that.My gums swelled up one at a time when they came through and it was very painful,i couldnt eat or close my mouth.If not take some ibuprofen as it will help with the pain.Ive been in agony over teeth a few times and i took ibuprofen and it helped immensely!

call the community action clinics and see if there is help in this matter or call your welfare office to see if they can point you in the right direction and shame on that dentist he could have arranged something i know he has to make a living but if i was a doctor or dentist i would have to treat the patient or call your local hospital for information to

hip lady wants YA fixed
keep taking meds. also find another dentist.

Sounds like an abcessed tooth. Your dentist probably won't pull it anyway until the infection has subsided. If you've already seen a dentist to get the painkillers and antibiotics, why not call again and see if he'll work out a payment plan with you. Can you at least put a down payment on the dental work as a show of good faith? You may want to take out a small loan to get the tooth taken care of.

Rinse your mouth 3 times daily with warm water and salt to ease the swelling of the gums which should help you to manage your discomfort better.

Take Vit C 1000mg. every 2 hrs. for 2 days
Try Colostrum...open up capsule & rub it on gum.
Gargle with warmest water you can stand mixed with salt...that should help bring out infection.
Try an oral rinse like "Vince",
Brush teeth very gently.
Drink lots of water and hot tea if you can tolerate it.

go to an urgent care or ER. the ER cant turn you down. you probably need anti biotics

FIND another dentist and NOW! Most dentisits will work with you when you have a serious problem and cannot pay at the time. They can bill you later or make other arrangements. This guy who won't help is mean and shouldn't be practicing. He should at least help you out so it doesn't become worse.

kate m
get yourself some difflam mouthwash over the counter at your local pharmacy. (speak the the pharmacist first as its not suitable for everyone)

alicia c
anbesol can help you out nums your mouth

there is a line between dental health and medical health. If your infection has spread and is causing a temp, I'd go to your family doctor or try non-emergency hospital care.

cally l
Hmmmmm who gave you anibotics????? sounds like you have a abcess which no one will toucn until healed.
In situations like this use SM33 its a babies teething mixture it works fantastic.
Check with you GP you could be allergic to the antibiotic, I refuse to use any that make me feel sick

sounds like you have an abcess...antibiotics are your best chance of reducing swelling and pain.
if ur in England go see your local emergency NHS dentist.
if your in the US tough luck..no money no treatment,,,,,,

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