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My gums have been bleeding when i brush my teeth, this has been happening for about 2 weeks, what do i do?
Its only when i brush my teeth, i'm 13 and i have braces, please help!!!!!!!!

stop using a wire brush!

well maybe you are brushing a little too hard, next time just try to softly brush your teeth. or try a new toothbrush.

RIP Michael Jackson King 4 Lyfe!
You brush too hard. Brush softer. If you brush soft and they bleed you might have gingivitis. IT;s when your gums swell and brushing might do something to it. go to the doctors and see if your braces have anything to do with it or if you have gingivitis.

Ask the dentist if you have plaque under the gum line .. if it's not removed you will lose your teeth most likely in your late 40's early 50's.
Right now you should buy an electric toothbrush - I've got a braun and it's brilliant, makes brushing a pleasure, almost.

go to your dentist duuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.....

It could be your braces, they could be broken, good idea to visit the dentist.

m n
that can be something like gingivitis. if youre gums are white instead of the normal pinkred hue. it could be that. theres a toothpaste and mouth wash that helps alot. its by crest , prohealth, the box is and mouthwash are blue. check out that site for more info. and heres the webiste for the toothpaste.

It might be gingivitis, try rinsing your mouth every night with hydrogen peroxide but DO NOT SWALLOW IT. (it'll make you vomit)

Baby it sounds like you have gingivitis. I advise you to go to the dentist for them to clean your plaque and then floss everyday as well as brush and whatever else you have to do with your braces issue. Now you may be brushing a little to hard but I had gingivitis and it always bled if I brushed to hard or flossed, plus my gums would ache. BTW you dnt have to be 60 to get gingivitis, I'm only 14.

Don't listen to retty-girl: i don't think she knows what she is talking about.
Do brush more often (3 times daily, after meals) and very well, especially since you have braces. Make sure you brushe also under the gums, by turning the toothbrush upward and downward while keeping it still halfway between upper and lower teeth. Do this for each tooth. Use an anti-bacterial mouthwash last thing in the evening (after brushing and flossing). You find them at Boots. If after a week u are still bleeding, see the dentist.

danny three balls
go see the dentist you may have pyeria{bad spelling} or mabe you need to use a softer toothbrush

valentia k
fistly when you get your braces off the results are amazing, ive got mine off and next time you go to the orthodontist just make a note to tell him/her. if your gums are puffy you may need to clean better, are you braces cutting your gums cos if they are then use some wax if all else fails dont brush too hard and floss floss floss!!!

MyGod is the Alpha and the Omega
This has happen to me.I got the perfect soultion

The next time you visit the dentist ask him or her to make u an appointment with the hygneist.They ALWAYS know whats wrong with your teeth that dentists cant do.

I wish the very best of luck

her with the mad ginger hair
Hello, your problem maybe just that you are brushing a bit too hard ,or, it could be gingavitis so i would suggest going back to you r dentist to let him/her check it out for you,this is a common and easily dealt with problem.try not to worry too much im sure it is nothing serious or your gums would be bleeding all the time not just when you brush your teeth.

I don't dis agree with the others and I am sure a visit to the dentist is advisable, but I recently visited the dentist who ADVISED me to ensure I brush the Gums at the bottom of the teeth when brushing as they tend to build up with YUCKY stuff and then bleed when brushed. I started doing what he told me and Whalla! they stopped bleeding after about four or five days after ensuring I brush including the gum 'socket area at bottom of teeth. Perhaps it is difficult to do this with the braces on. Good luck.

amanda p
i think you mite a hard tooth brush you mite need a soft one or you could have a infection in your gums if that's the case you will need to go and see a dentist. Let me know how you get on good luck

You have gum disease for sure.

honey you may just be brushing to hard... aggrevating your guns... if you are really worried about it call your dentist!

well you are just brushing your teeth to hard slow down when you brush and quit pushing down so hard on your teeth my sister has braces and before her denist told her she was brushing to hard that would happen to her and also the braces can also cut your mouth but no biggie just don't brush as hard as you usually do and use wax to put on your braces when they start cutting your mouth
hope i helped write back if it did

you are probably brushing too hard or using too hard bristles. give your dentist a call for best advise.

Dental care & mouth care.

After every meal, chew a little salt and gargle with water. Soft brush can be used to clean the particles caught between the teeth and the gums. Make it habit to clean the teeth every morning and before retiring to bed. In India, people use thin twig of a Babul, Banyan or a Neem tree (known as Datoon) as a brush. First it is to be crushed to make it soft and then use it like a brush. It is advisable to us a Datoon of Babul, Banyan or Neem tree at least once a day.

It is reported by experienced dentists that tooth pastes available in the marked are not much effective. Instead, the following tooth powder or paste which can be easily made at home has been found quite useful for the care of gums and teeth :

1. Tooth Powder : Mixture of finely ground alum powder 40% and rock salt or regular salt powder 60%. For better results, a few drops of lemon may be added. In case of dental problems, adding a little of 'Sudarshan' (a bitter Ayrvedic powder is also recommended.

2. Tooth-paste : For dental problemslike bleeding, pyorrhoea, toothache, etc. make a paste of

50% alum powder
10% rock salt or table salt powder
10% Sudarshan powder (an Ayurvedic preparation)
15% edible oil (unrefined)
10% glycerine tanic acid
5% camphor.

The paste made of this mixture can be massaged on the teeth and gums in the morning and evening with fingers. It ca be packed in collapsible tubes/jars and used, as tooth-paste.

3. Even massaging the gums with a mixture of 70% unrefined edible oil (seasame or groundnut or coconut), 15% glycerine tanic acid and 15% fine powder of rock salt or table salt is useful for good, healthy teeth and gums. Make it a daily habit. Please not that healthy gums are more useful than sparkling white teeth.

4. Mouth Freshener : Gargling with a lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water, freshens the mouth. Take a quarter of a lemon, massage it on teeth and gums and then gargle with water. Even chewing of mango, tulsi or betel leaves after meals is good, and so it is advised in India.

5. Exercises for teeth : Keep the lips closed. Pound the upper teeth on lower teeth for 30 to 40 times twice a day. Then massage the saliva on gums with the tongue. That will ensure proper blood circulation in teeth and increase the life of healthy teeth and gums.

stop brushing so hard!

or maybe you have gingivitis or in the worst case senario, gum cancer. :)

i could be that your brushing your teeth to hard, or that you've got gum disease, its hard to remove all plaque from your teeth when you've got braces and when plaque harden it turns into tarter which irritates the gum, causing the disease. Go to your dentist to get a scale to remove it all.

It sounds like you have early stages of gingivitis which is very common with braces, but if you don't take care of it now it can eventually turn into periodontal disease. Please make sure you brush your teeth morning and night and floss, floss, floss. Brush your teeth with your toothbrush at an angle so the bristles get up underneath the gums and keep them clean. Also use a mouth wash every time you brush, I recommend Act or Crest Pro Health. Both of these are alcohol free so they won't dry your mouth out.

See your dentist. You probably have gingivitis which is why your gums are bleeding. With the braces it is sometimes harder to keep your gums as healthy as normal. Try getting a soft bristle toothbrush and try not to brush very hard. You also might be brushing too hard and causing inflammation. Best bet, see a dentist. Gingivitis is not good and can cause gum and tooth loss and at your age, you don't want or need that.

go to the dentist

You need to see your orthodontist, whomever does your braces. You may have something wrong with your gums, acute gingivitus, check with your dentist.

spicy n
tell ur mum. go see ur dentist.

oh purleeeeze
go to your dentist sweetie....there may be an underlying problem there that needs sorting!good luck!

sounds like gingivitis, you need to see your dentist.

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