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My bracket (from my braces)....?
.....just popped loose and my apt is on Friday.I don't know what to do....should i call my orthodontist or just wait till Friday?

Saraa Bee (:
Just Take The Bracket Off If Yu Can,
Or Leave It If It Doesnt Come Off.
But Still Call So They Can Make Extra Time To Fix It.
Good Luck!

Ashlee W
wait till friday. its not that big of a deal and it happens to me all the time

SUPER GLUE IT ON! i know why your bracket came off! THE PANDAS TOOK IT OFF!

just wait its no big deal

w8 till friday,

Wail till friday.
its not gonna hurt anything

♣Danielle ♣ ™
wait until friday- but make sure you have the bracket with you when you go

I had braces for five years while growing up. Brackets pop off all the time. Unless it's somehow causing you pain- it's not a big deal. I would hold out until Friday.

It it bothers you too much- try putting some wax on it. It'll help hold the bracket in place...and keep it from rubbing the inside of your cheek raw.

just wait .. its fine it happens to everybody .. including me ... 3 times..haha

its not that big of a deal but if u think that u cant wait then call. but if i were u i would just wait.

Just wait until Friday. I had braces and it happened all of the time. No big deal.

id wait til friday my wire snapped off and i waited for 6 days to call it in, they didnt care just tell em it popped off friday morning and they wont get mad. :]

that happens a lot to my friends just put it back in

Marie D
Hi! I've been in dentistry for over 20 years. This is a common problem, but do this. Wiggle the bracket off. You do not want to inhale this. If you are sacred to do this, try this. Get your Mom or Dad to take off the elastic if that in on, and wiggle it off the wire. No biggy. But get it off. If you need more help, IM me. I'l help you. Marie D~

Just a Suggestion :

If your totally not satisfied with the answers. Call your Ortho. Or just ask the receptionist. It happened to me and my tooth moved, i think that was a special case. Just ask i bet you get your answer faster than the time it took me to type this text .

it depends, you should call them and ask them if you can wait.

Tori J
i have braces 2 well you call your orthodonist and you put your pulled bracket in a baggy for now until he gives you intructions for what o do with it

yo its me <3
if its loose but still in your mouth then just wait till friday. if it was like next week/month then i could see why u wanna call but its only 4 more days u can handle it. unless ur bracket has completely fallen off and there is no way to get it back on then call, NOW!

I think you should call.(Never know what will happen in a week.) Could get worse.

Umm it takes a little while, so call just to be on the safe side. It can really be bother some and annoying and can really hurt, be careful with what you eat before you go in to the office. And if it falls off bring it with you to the appointment. (If possible)

just me
call the orthodontist
it can be very painful

you should call and ask, usually it's not that big of a deal, so i think that you can probably wait till friday.

If it is not tearing up your mouth, it should be ok to wait until Friday. Put some wax on it to hold it in place until then. :)

Peace,Love,and Taylor Swift♥
That's what happened exactly to me.I made an appointment right after it fell out well not right after i mean a few minutes.I don't think you're appointment should last long they just put a new bracket on.
Hope I helped!=)

Rachel B
call your ortho and see what they say, sometimes they will let you pop in for a quick appointment to get your bracket fixed

shawn g
i have braces as well, you should definitely call your orthodontist

I would call them today and tell them your going as an emergency.They will fix it for you quickly,I wouldn't wait, that is way too long to wait and it can bother you. If you eat something it could come off fully,so just call and see what they tell you,maybe they can push it up for you or you could go today.

CALL NOW! That's not something you should wait for.

Chelsea S
You should wait until Friday. If your wire isn't poking you in the mouth or the gums, it's not a real emergency, and can wait until you see your orthodonist next. If it is poking you, you can go and see your orthodontist, but you could also just put some wax over it to keep yourself comfortable and wait until Friday.

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