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♥ xox_
My Teeth Hurt, Im serious, please help, Im going crazy!
Hello, I will be getting braces in two weeks well today they put these tiny little white things in my mouth, and the dentist did it reallyyyy hard, so now my one tooth is loose, but anyways it hurt at first, then the pain went away, now its back. I've been dealing with it all day and now im going nuts. It hurts! I even took Pain reliever, had ice cream, and took a nap to see if it would help. I couldn't even sleep because of the pain, how long will this hurt? Please help

try putting onion juice in it it help me when i was 8


Now u help me ok

Spacers are put on to hold your teeth apart a little. This makes it easier to attach the brackets used on the braces. Your teeth will be sore on and off for several procedures during your braces....just keep thinking of the end result...a beautiful smile! The orthodontist will give you wax to help with the pain after the braces are on. Hang in there! It will be worth it!

just sleep it off tonight
itll be sore in the morning but soon you'll forget all about it
i had that pain too with my spacers.. except when he put them in.. i passes out :p
so dont worry it wasnt as HARD as me,i recovered so you'll be fine :)

well my best friend got her first braces from last year, she will take her braces off next year i think.. when she get her first braces on it was sooo sore and hurt too it took 2 weeks then its gone cos she used to it

Rottie Mom
Call the dentist and ask him. Wouldn't think you should have a loose tooth from something like this.

my sister got those. now i dont no what to do because im not getting braces but ill ask her. ok she said at first their uncomfortable and u'll get used to it. now what i say is dont think about it and u wont even know the pain is there



Andrew C
Do something to keep your mind off it and you will forget about it.... those spacers the dentist put in aren't fun (i've been there) but believe me it doesn't get any better.

just try to divert your attention with an activity of some sort, probably a sport or something will work best

It is all the process, but you should tell the dentist and they may be able to prescribe something for you. But take a benadryl and get some sleep. Or heck, even nyquil works.

im not sure but when my teeth always hurt, i just take some advil and the pain goes away within a half hour. try it (:

I Love S.V.S.
All you have to do is keep pushing it back and then when your tooth starts bleeding then take and go in to the bathroom and push it forward. The tooth Fairy should be visiting you in no time!!!!

I had braces also, And I know what you're talking about.....It's gonna hurt for a day or two after each visit, until you get used to it....at least for me it did.

Get back to your dentist/ortho quickly, before the weekend. The dentist will do a vitality test to determine the condition of the tooth. If the tooth is vital, they will put a desensitizer on your tooth, and perhaps give you some more effective pain medication. If the tooth is not vital, then you need to have it removed or a root canal. If the tooth was loose anyway, maybe it just needs to be removed. Again, I'd be asking for something more than Tylenol for this. It's fine to have it and not use it if you don't need it, but if you need it and don't have it, it makes for a mizzzzzerable weekend.

The pain isn't going to go away until you get to the dentist. Tell your parents to get you seen ASAP because this is urgent, and the pain is incredible. In the meantime, you can try Orabase, which you can get at any drugstore, Target, Kmart Essentials, etc.--it helps with dental and gum pain.

I've been there, sweetie--good luck!!

take a hot shower and let the water run on the side of your face that hurts and try not to eat anything. when my teeth hurt I use tylenol rapid release and brush my teeth. hope it helps.

just like green day said "give me Novocaine"

brian b
Take an extremely hot shower.

Try using clove oil (you can get it at any pharmacy). It's a miracle worker, works like magic. Just dab some on the tooth & the pain will pass in no time.
If you don't have that, then take a pain reliever tablet.

i have hacks that work =)
try to not think about it and just wait until you get braces, if the pain continues until tomarow morning then consult with your dentist

Brush your teeth see if that helps. Go to the store and buy that numbing stuff that should help or get the doc to get something that is higher like 800

Karlee S
pull your tooth out.

Welcome to the world of braces. I know how your feeling I have braces now october will be my 1 year mark. Yea your tooth is probably loose because they are shifting. When you get your braces on the extra weight on your teeth will hurt like the pain you feel now. You will get the same pain every time you get them tightened. It usually lasts 2-3 days but after a while you get used to it. No biggie!

OH.. that stinks.

i used to have braces..

not to be mean, but your going to be feeling that a lot when you get your braces on.

it should only hurt for a few days though.

but when you get your braces on, they will hurt for a few more days, and every time you get them tightened.. it will hurt for a few days too..

sorry to be the bearer of bad news ='(

but good luck.. im sure you will like your teeth when the braces come off though. and u wont regret it at all! lol..

hope i helped?

Steve N
Call your doc and get some real pain meds. Wake him up, it is part of his job.....

Mr. Happy
I had four molars pulled, braces for 4 years and had my braces knocked out by someone elses head. Now thats pain! Ask for prescription strength pain reliever like percocet or lortab. Ice cream doesnt work

Sounds like you had spacers placed.
The pain should go away within the next few days.
The spacers allow the teeth to shift just slightly to place bands around your back molars. These bands hold the wire in place.
Sorry to hear your in pain! :(
Take 2 Tylenol and 2 Advil. Tylenol will relieve the pain and Advil will relieve the inflammation.
Clove Oil will help for toothaches...the pain that you are having is from teeth shifting. Clove Oil will not help.
This is what your orthodontist should have told you to do. If not, trust me, this will help! :)

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