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My 9 year old sister won't brush her teeth no matter what my mom and I do! (More details inside)?
About one month ago I asked this question and tried the answerer's responses and it STILL didn't work. So I am asking this again...

OK so my 9 year old sister doesn't brush her teeth... I think my mom and I have tried just about everything... My mom has given up but I on the other hand am very driven so I have not given up yet...

No punishment works on this kid! It's unbelievable! (And not in a good way at that!) I have even showed her NASTY (let me emphasis NASTY) pictures of rotten, decaying teeth and that only scared her into brushing once. I repeated this and this time it didn't scare or gross her out; she just rolled her eyes at me. I am fed up because she has numerous cavities and she also has sensitivity on her teeth. (Remember she is 9) I just don't want her to be the only 10 year old with dentures! Oh yeah she also has ADD/ADHD if that matters.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated! Will also choose a Best Answer!
Additional Details
Yes my sister is on 15 mg of Adderall XR.

Let me tell you I babysit to make extra money and she is the stubornest kid i've ever met! My sister has absoluetly NO respect for anyone whatsoever. You really have no idea how stubborn she is unless you meet her.

Eva K
You simply have to give her a reason to want to brush her teeth. If she doesn't keep up her dental hygiene, then why should you or your mother keep up with treats? Or television? Or any other enjoyable activities? You also have to be sure to watch her when she brushes her teeth. Bring her with you every morning into the bathroom and both of you can brush your teeth for a full 2 minutes. Do the same before bed. Give her an incentive to brush her teeth, because otherwise, she won't find it relevant to her. You can also get the mouthwashes that show the plaque in they're teeth. You then have to brush away the colored dye along with the plaque. When she brushes her teeth consistently for a certain amount of time, let her earn back what she's lost. But it must have been completely consistent, 2-3 times a day for an entire week. Everytime that she misses a brush, something else has to be taken away. AND YOU CANNOT GIVE IN! Keep up a consistent routine and take away and she takes away from her teeth. And as allow her to earn back things just as she will earn back dental hygiene. You may feel that punishments don't work, but when she can't go to her friends birthday party because she isn't taking care of herself, things may just change. When friends start noticing, then things will probably change as well. Hope this helps and otherwise, consult a doctor. He/She may just be able to scare into it by telling her she's about to have a couple of teeth pulled because they're rotting away in her mouth. Let me know if this works!

while she is sleeping brush her teeth and a very good punishment which might work is tell her shes grounded and take stuff she likes away and tell her she wont get it back until she learns to behave and brush her teeth on a normal dail basis tell her to sign a sheet if at all possible to so she is pushed to do it or gets whatever taken away with grounding

fruity veggie
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… sounds really bad~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Does she have someone she likes? Then.. Tell her the boy won't like her if she doesn't brush her teeth.... Or the best way is........ IF you believe in God.. Then praying is THE BEST WAY..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is weird but I am sure you will try almost anything..........

have your sister lick her wrist (palms up)
than let it dry ( have her gently blow on it for 8-10 seconds)
then have her smell it
then tell her that is what her breath smell like to everyone else

edit************some other poster suggested bribing.......this is perfectly acceptable ...bribe her but only give prizes for perfect jobs nothing less......................also the poster who said something about the red tablets...that can work too...............they make a kids mouthash with the same dye thing, it is eisier to find than the tablets

Ok, this is a huge problem, so I will help you. Tell her: A. You'll send a mass murderer to come find her at school ( if you think I'm being scary please feel free to say so) B. Say 'I'm going to buy you some new shoes' C. Feed her to the dog

360 tang
tell her some stories. My 5 year old sister had to get a root canal and she couldn't feel her mouth for half of the day. Scare her with true stories. ask the dentist for more suggestions

instead of threatening her, give her small prizes like candy etc. when she does brush her teeth
so she is not forced, she is motivated

i think u should start somthing she and you would like you should make a chart in the bathroom with a check list and every time she brushes her teeth she gets a check and when she gets 10 checks she gets to go to toys r us and buy somthing under 30 dollers like a barbi doll or watever she is into

buy a really good tasting toothpaste..
if that doesnt work, take her to the dentist or doctor to help make her brush!
do what the other person said too.. take away her candy!
or just call super nanny! haha

miss m.
have your mom take her to the dentist.

trick her into saying that if she doesn't keep clean, she will be sinned. if that doesn't work, force her to brush her teeth. lock the bathroom door and don't open it until she brushes her teeth.

by the way, what kid doesn't brush their teeth???

good luck.

Linz P
when shes sleeping do it mwahahah

Hmm.. I used to have the exact same problem with my cousin, I think after a painful trip to the dentist he was convinced enough that it was worth cleaning his teeth, have you tried offering her some kind of reward for everytiime she cleasn her teeth, or even for every tooth she cleans??
Other than that I can't think of any more, she will proablly jsut grow out of it, hopefully..

dead can dance
take her to the dentists and have him/her do a deep clean on her teeth...it is painful, but beneficial. Also they have a way into scarring kids to brush their teeth. If she didn't like the feeling of the deep clean...keep reminding her that she will have to do that every year is she does not take care of her teeth properly.

Katie B
buy some sugar-free gum but don't tell her it is sugar-free. say that if she brushes her teeth, she gets a piece. i doubt she will ever guess it has no sugar.

she just doesnt believe it could happen to her. thats it. dont show pictures. take her to the dentist and the dentist should purssuade her to brush her teeth.

Rocker C
Tell her that her teeth will get green and fall out and they will have to give her plastic teeth that always come out and sometimes yo swallow them. In the news yesterday, this guy choked because of it. That didn't happen but that's how my mom got me to do it. XD

george 2
has she ever been to a dentist? have your mother take her there and let them show her what happens when they have to drill for cavities etc.

Spend 6 dollars and go get that toothbrush that you can go put music on. http://www.hasbro.com/toothtunes/ Maybe it will distract her from her brushing her teeth cause of the music. Maybe that mouthwash with called agent blue. Let her rinse with it and show her how dirty her teeth get throughout the day.

yamini m
If she likes a certain animated character.... get her a toothbrush and tooth paste with that character.... or, bribe her by giving her food she REALLY likes... if this doesn't work... then SORRY


Bribe Her!! No Joke! or get a really tasty toothpaste flavor like bubblegum or something. Have you heard of "Toothtunes" , those toothbrushes that play music in your mouth when you brush? buy one with one of her favorite songs and maybe that will encourage brushing!!

Ayan R
Go buy her a dora the explorer toothbrush and say that brushing her teeth will bring magic upon her.

Or just force her to do it or else youre gonna beat her up.

Winter Glory
She's 9.

Your mom should be saying "The easy way or the hard way"

The easy way: For your sister to do it herself.
The hard way: To be pinned to the floor and have someone brush them for her.

A few times of the hardway, maybe it'll dawn on her that it's better to just do it herself.

She does not want to brush her teeth because they are sensitive and probably hurt when she brushes them. If she has open cavities, they also hurt. Has she been to a dentist??? Take her to one who caters to kids, they will give her a really cool brush and sensitive toothpaste. They know how to cater to kids and give them lots of praise and attention. Probably a medicated rinse or something that will not make them hurt as much. Do her gums bleed when she brushes? That could scare her.
Let the dentist or hygienist set up a program for her. Brush your teeth at the same time she does. Put the paste on the brush every morning for her, so you can tell if she has used it. If you brush together, and get silly and have spitting games in the sink, maybe she will go along with it. Do the star thing, a star or whatever every time she brushes, that she can get points for, earn enough for a reward. (LOL, no candy)
i did not see your other post a month ago, sorry if you have tried all this. You might have to stand over her and make her brush, or she won't be allowed out of the bathroom! Good Luck. Don't give up on her.

Try asking the pediatrician. Is her ADD/ADHD under control? I make brushing teeth a game with my kids. It makes it more enjoyable for them. Have you tried brushing it for her?

Good luck. This kid has ADD/ADHD so it is really not her fault. You and your mom must have tons of patience.

Well, thats a tough one. I got my daughter a "ToothTunes" toothbrush from wal-mart. It plays music through your teeth while you brush. So she thinks its fun to brush. Also, there are these red tablets that you can get, she chews them, and they show you plaque on your teeth, it might seem like a game to her if you make tooth time fun! Maybe to offer to brush your teeth together would motivate her!

caren :)
force her to. haha. hold her down and do it for her. take away her candy and stuff that makes her teeth bad.

Uncle Beavis
Give her something to eat that will leave a nasty taste in her mouth.

Erin L
Have you had her watch the Simpsons episode with the British Book of Smiles?

Just kidding.

In all seriousness, make a punishment to fit the crime. Withhold ALL sweets from her ..candy, cookies, cakes and soda.. until she starts brushing her teeth. She will likely eventually give in.

If that doesn't work, try the garden of Eden. Kids don't need a door on their bedroom. They don't need toys or TV. remove everything nonessential from her room and don't give it back until she starts to brush her teeth. It sounds brutal, but I have NEVER seen it not work, and believe me, it's more effective than spanking.

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