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Just got braces and need help!!!!!!?
Ok, so I just got braces like 4 hours ago. It wasn't bad, it was okay. It doesn't hurt much just a bit when I chew food. The point is that a week ago I got my teeth filled, and my ortho put some kind of metal thingy around some of the teeth that I filled, just so he could conect the wires of the braces. Ok, now here is the part I am having problems with: when the dentist put the metal thingy in one of my teeth (filled one) it was kind of hard to put in so he used this little hammer thingy, and I think it hit my gum and it hurts a bit now and I can taste a bit of blood. Is it normal? Will the pain go away?
ALSO, I am so scared to brush my teeth cuz I fear that I will brake the braces, how should I brush? please help asap!

It is normal for you to taste a little blood, if it continues for a while then talk to your orthodentist.
And don't worry brushing won't do anything, i thought that at first too ;)

I had the same thing, yes the pain does go away and the taste of blood might be the 'salty' metal. You wont brake the braces with a toothbrush, just do it normlly. I dont know about your ortho, but I got this device called a 'tree' which was a brush that could go between the braces. it worked well. But really, dont worry, they are make to be sturdy. I ate everything with mine (even what you arent supposed to) and it never did a thing. :)

I think you should call your orthad. because it might not be normal... its different for different orthadontists. My friends have braces and it hurt the first 2 days... on the other hand though, one picked at there braces and one fell off ;-!

Bill G
i had braces...its probably the brace digging into your gum, and the pain will go away

brush soft at first, then normal, and when your mouth stops hurting, brush harder than normal to get food out of the braces, they will not come off...they are practically cemented on. So dont worry about poppin them off while brushing your teeth

good luck! =)

You mean the rings. Um. No, it never has hurt me. Next time when you are at your orthodontists office, ask the doctor to grind down the ring so that it will not cut into your gums.

just brush your teeth slowly i had braces a long time ago the next time you go to the dentist or if the pain gets worse go see the ortho asap

johnny w
i got mine off last january. first of all, there's gonna be wires and the metal is going to poke the inside of your cheeks. so ya that is normal. once the calluses form, you won't notice anything. but sometime if they don't cut the wire close enough, then it will poke too much and you will need to go back to the orthodontist. brushing, they won't fall off... trust me, it takes solid pressure like a nut pushed from below to break them off.. but if you are concerned just do it lightly to begin with and then when you are comfortable, have at it. peace

well i got braces to i got them on August lol and they did not hurt eather till a couple of hr. later lol but idk i think u should go see a docter cuze it can get worse

Braces won't break from brushing unless you use a jack hammer for a toothbrush. Bleeding is normal and so is soreness. You are normal so far.

about the filling i think you should call or see your dentist he will tell you if there is anything wrong. and about brushing your teeth do it like you normally do and dont forget to floss or your gums will become inflamed well i wish you luck :)

Mister Canon
I've had braces for a year. Brushing your teeth shouldn't be a problem. Those brances are very tough. You shouldn't be tasting blood, though. Go do your dentist or orthdontist soon and have him/her check it out.

First of all, brush your teeth with a soft, non electric brush. You cant break them. I would call your orthodontist because I had braces around filled teeth and nothing like that happened and i had them for 4 years! Call him and if the office thinks it is a problem set up an appointment. You could get an infection if you wait too long.

oh my god please relax brush and be glad you are an america who can afford braces.

Always brush with braces, you can get food caught in the brackets and it will decay the metal. Always brush your teeth and if it does break just see your ortho asap.

♫ ♥ ♫
why don't you call the office back and tell them exactly what you told us? brushing your teeth gently will do no damage whatsoever.

The pain will definitely go away - the brackets at the back are bad - i remember how much they hurt!!

In terms of brushing - there's not much you can do to break braces - you might break the wire or a bracket or two over the entire course of your braces but not by brushing!! Remember - they're cemented to your teeth

Brush above the braces, below the braces, between the wires behind your teeth and on your biting surface. Your orthodondist should really have shown you how

Yes this is all normal. If he hit your gums then you will taste a little blood. The pain will go away within a week. It is safe to brush them, they will not break. I had braces for 6 years and they never broke.

i have braces they will hurt for about a week when you chew just eat soft things a lot and it will go away soon to were you dont feel anything at ALL trust me i know and also and i brush just as had before i got them but only do so after they quit hurting


I have them and i dont notice anymore.. dont worry if u have questions asks or tell the doc about the conserns. It hurts because ur back tooth is moving and then soon ur teeth mite be sore because they are loose, just dont get punched..lol and brush them like you always brush.. if it hurts do it lightly..dont push on the brush too hard ... hope it helps btw wut colors u got???? I have Black and green

Dance like No one is Watching
your not going to break your braces so don't worry about that...and with your gum sore just try putting ice cubes on it and it will help temporarlly and well the ortho should have givin you some wax so if there is something poking or ruff from the metal thing you can cover it with wax...if thats the case call your ortho and they can take care of that easily.....but everything will be ok...your mouth heels really fast so it should be ok in less then a week...

hope this helps

the pain will go trust me

ya i felt like i tasted blood...but it was really more of the metal and i was just like overthinking it i guess

and brush!!!


As for the filled tooth, the blood is rare. Ive never had that happen to me, but I guess its alright. Yes it's going to hurt. A lot. tomorrow and friday will be the worst though. As for brushing your teeth, you wont break them! But it will hurt like crazy! You have to take your tooth brush and put it sideways so the plastic and your teeth make a 90 degree angle, then brush under the brackets. You can brush normal too. Its not really a big deal. Dont stress! Just take lots of pain killers, cause you wont eat much in the next 3 or 4 days. Drink lots of fluids.

ok first of all u wont break ur braces by brushing ur teeth. i had breaces for 3 years and i only broke a bracket once. dont worry about it and it wont happen. if u couldnt brush ur teeth then there is no point to have braces bc if u cant brush then ur teeth will rot neways. so please brush ur teeth. and yes it is ok for ur gums to bleed. it prolly means u need to floss. and while u have braces ur gums will be puffyier than normal, but still floss. try eating soups and stuff but after a day or two u need to eat normal foods. the pain will go away. trust me. u will be fine!!!<3

Shila B
i got braces about a week ago for the second time and neither time did that happen to me so call the ortho and see what he says it may or not be serious.

☆ cнσυεттε
wait a few days and if it still hurts call your ortho or dentist and ask them if its normal =)

Tyler R
who knows

♥♦Id Be a Star♦♥
Orthodontists sometimes mess up! It's ok! It is totally normal! The pain should go away just take some ibuprofen.

Brushing: Just be careful when you are brushing around it! You will not brake the braces they are on there tight!

If the pain however continues, check in with your orthodontist!

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