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 i haven't got any fillings at the moment but i'm due to have two tomorrow.?
I've heard they have to drill out most of your tooth to be able to then fill it. seems a bit extreme, drilling out what you have left. to me it looks like i only have very small holes anyway, ...

 Can getting your wisdom teeth cause headaches?
Are headaches and getting your wisdom teeth connected? Because I've been having random headaches and my wisdom teeth are coming in, so could this be the cause? My headaches have been going on ...

 Do you have your wisdom teeth still?

 BRACES....any answer would help :)?
I just got the new Damon braces on Yest. How long is it going to hurt? What foods did you cheat and eat? What were the easiest food you ate all the time? And how about that wax stuff? ThanX!!...

 I'm 38 yrs old and still only have three wisdom teeth, will the fourth ever grow and could it be problematic?

 does getting a filling hurt?
i am 16 and i have never had a filling but i am getting one tomorrow. will it hurt? there won't be adrenaline in the injection because it gives me a migraine. what will it feel like and how long ...

 i'm having an op on my mouth next mon! does a needle hurt ? ?

Additional Details
i'm going to be put asleep cuz i'm getting ma jaw broken:(...

 why do brits have yellower teeth?
is it becasue of the water??
Additional Details
there are two types of water-hard n soft ...lernt in chem
ps not all but most spanish/ americans / italians have much whiter/brighter ...

 I'm having 6 baby teeth pulled out today! How do I deal with the pain?
what do I eat? What medicine do I take?...

 ( POINTS)After i get my braces on, how long will it take before i notice a difference?
I am getting braces in 3 days! i am REALLY excited. I go back to school sept. 2 . Will my teeth be any straighter by then? My teeth are pretty Crooked.

Additional Details...

 Im getting braces...read details! PLEASE?
ok..im 13 and getting braces...i have brown hair and a tan skin color..i have bands in the back right now...im getting my braces next wednesday....what color should i get????...

 It will bite but it has no teeth?

 what will motrin 800 do?
make me tired or happy and like ...

 Advice for my braces?? ppl with braces Only!?
Wats up peepz!

some of yall might remember me because i posted a question like last week asking which ortho i should go to.

Well anyway I picked a choice which was neither of ...

 Do you guys brush your teeth in the shower????? :O?
i slept over at a friends and they did that! and washed their face in the shower too :p
I would never do that.. i brush my teeth in the washroom,typically around the sink

 Braces? What should i do?
The bracket, or whatever it is called that they put the wire through fell off the wire today, it doesnt hurt or anything but should i still go to the ortho.? The next time i go is in a couple of ...

 stinky breath! is this bad?
i brush 2 times a day and still have stinky breath? is this healthy? and how can i help my breath with out using mints or gum?? help me!! oh and my "breath" tastes bad! what is wrong?...

 does it hurt to get your braces off?
does it hurt to get your braces off thanx for any ...

 I've just brushed my teeth today, and there was blood in the sink. I don't understand why?
I brush them every week, whether I need to, or not?

Any ideas on this one?...

 I have not brushed my teeth in 4 moths I am doing this to get my all my teeth decayed what next help speed the?
It up so get them to deacy rilly ...

Is there a way to strengthen teeth?
I have weak teeth, is there a way to naturally or otherwise strengthen them?
I'm talking about the adult set of teeth

eat toothpaste

i think there are ways to make your teeth stronger naturally.
-you should eat a head of romaine lettuce everyday and avoid all sugar and sweeteners and also soda.
- one head of romaine lettuce per day is a minimum. Feel free to have more. You can have it mixed in with a vegetable salad with a healthy dressing.
- If you have dental or jaw problems that prevent you from chewing thoroughly, juicing or blending romaine lettuce will allow you to extract the nutrients necessary to nourish you and your teeth.
-Avoiding sugar and sweeteners means staying away from fruit juices, soda, sugary cereals, raw and heated honey, maple syrup, molasses, corn syrup, dried fruits like raisins and dates, sauces and snacks that are loaded with sugar, and large quantities of super sweet fruits like sweet grapes. Good whole fruit choices are apples and blueberries.

and if you want to strengthen your teeth you should go to the dentist and get braces. i know that you might feel embarrassed to put braces on but there is this kind of braces that you cant see it from the outside but you can see it from the inside. i dont know what it's called though. i think you should talk to you dentist. my mom is a dentist assistant so i found and learned some of these information from her.

Take a calcium supplement with vitamin D daily. If you are female, you shoudl really be doing that anyway. It is very important for overall bone health.

jeff m
remove them and soak them in a cup of olive oil and petrol overnight

Bonjour ♥
Get your fair share of calcium. That's all I can tell you!

Get a retainer to wear at night that should sorten it out :)
Or get normal braces

I have been told to take Vitamin D to strengthen my teeth.

I think there is a tooth paste for that.

yes - Diet. Drink lots of Milk (high in calcium).

myabe this is a question to ask your denist

Go live in Lubbock, Texas. There are huge quantities of fluride in the water and it is hard for dentists to make a living.

go to your dentist and ask him about Mi Paste. It's supposed to help strengthen teeth. You can also get toothpaste that has strengthening stuff in it.

Tie little strings around each tooth and lift tiny weights by slowly nodding.

Just by brushing 3xDay. Looking after gums ie flossing. Healthy diet.

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