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? sexy-pig ? ?
Is my dentist allowed to be rude to me ...?
the last time i took my daughter i got verbal abuse , he said i ought to be ashamed of myself and that i was a bad mother etc , could i have reported him etc , my daughter needed a filling yes but i felt bad enough without his verbal outburst . We are due back today and i am not looking forward to it all . I am considering changing practices but i know i will have to look outside my town as no other dentists in my area are accepting NHS patients ..

Are you allowed to be rude to me?Am i allowed to be rude to you?We're all people,and we all have bad days, deal with it.

Barbara Doll to you
This is relative. Some people are thick skinned some are overly sensitive.

r doug w
face up to it, you can't keep running away, take heed of your dentist, your daughter will thank you in later years...

i heard that alot of dentists are failed doctors i dunno, perhaps he hates hos job although there is no excuse to be rude, report him and change dentists.

Yes, he can be, but you probably don't want to go back to him in my opinion. Sometimes dentists can get overly judgemental. Everyone makes mistakes and not everyone is born with healthy teeth.

Was he rude or did you take offence to the fact that he told you some truths??

old know all
Are you sure you understood what he said. Where I work, describing someone as "one bad mother" is a compliment.

susie x ♥♥♥
It depends on what he was saying. If he had reason to have a go about the condition of your daughters teeth then he obviously feels very strongly that you weren't getting her to brush properly or often enough etc. Not all doctors/dentists are blessed with a bedside manner unfortunately. Consider what he said to you and if it was true. perhaps if you looked after your daughters teeth better he would be different. If his rant was unfounded then tell him..possibly in a letter.

he doesn't have the right to say this report him

ibrahim g
heck no, don't let him do that, you have to sew him or go tell the agencies of dentists(AOD).

Mr Deadâ„¢
Maybe he had a frog in his throat

Dentist can be a bit iffy some times. but i would say listen too him. he my have also just been having a bad day. you can report ethical matters to the dental councial but you wont get much satisfaction. if you are really unhappy i would change dentist but it sounds to me like he cares alot about teeth. isnt that what matters that you child get the best treatment. Dentists are paid very badly for NHS patients just the fact that he is still excepting these patients means he cares alot

You could report him, but I would spend the time finding another dentist instead.

If you report him then all his punishment will be is a one day "communication course" or something of that nature.

tell him that the flash car he drives is bad for the enviroment .

There should never be a reason for a Health Care Provider of any kind to be rude. They are there to help you. Not the other way around. I would definetly look around for a new Dentist. You don't want your daughter to grow up in fear of going to the dentist. It may result in her not going when she reaches adulthood.

he does not have the right to speak to you like that he is a professional and should remember that. not sure who to complain to you could ask cititens advice and put it in writing he should be encouraging you to go to the dentist not discouraging you

Manda F
Mine was quite rude to me ....he told me to rinse and spit when he knows I like to swallow . . . .!!

Nobody should be rude, including your dentist. You have a few different options to deal with your rude dentist.

You can confront the dentist the next time you go in (this is what I would do). Before the procedure begins (and without your child in the room- ask her to step outside for just a minute) tell him that last time you were in he made you feel uncomfortable with the things he said to you plus you felt disrespected. You also didn't appreciate him being disrespectful to you in front of your daughter. If the dentist becomes rude or defensive, then you can remain polite and state that those are your feelings on the matter. If he continues to make you feel uncomfortable, then you should leave the office and report him (i wouldn't know what agency to report to, sorry). If you are satisfied with his response, then let him know that you appreciate his understanding and continue on with the appointment.

Either talk to him and tell him how you do not appreciate being talked to like that. You will feel much better......or DO change. Those are your only choices.

I would change.


[email protected]
If you are unhappy with the Dentist you do have the right to complain through the NHS Complaints Procedures. The Dentist can provide you with a leaflet outlining your rights and the action you may take.

IMHO - No he should NOT of abused you - He is suppose to be a trained skilled dental operator, & should treat his 'customers' with respect.

What he should of done was not insult & abuse you but rather give 'recommendations', such as 'I recommend that you should cut down on giving your children sugary drinks' etc

If it happens again - then I suggest that you first speak calmly to the dentist that you found his behavior offensive (don't shout or be offensive yourself), & if he still is offensive then I suggest reading http://www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk/articles/article.aspx?articleId=1777
which states that you should write a letter to your local dental complaint department

However how you find your local 'PALS', 'PCT' or 'ICAS' department - I'm not sure, but there are a few links under 'useful links' menu option that may help

Carol x
See how he is today. If all goes well.... before you leave, tell him you werent happy with his previous outburst.
If he's horrible... walk out & ensure he knows you are going to report him.
Take proper notes & ask at the desk who was his dental nurse.. for evidence.
If its a larger practice.. u will have someone dedicated to dealing with complaints. Ask at reception.

Good luck

Ask to speak to the practice manager - all dental practices have to follow a complaints procedure and they have a protocol to deal with complaints. You have to follow this procedure within your practice before going to any higher body.

They will have a brochure explaining how to go about making a complaint. Their policy is to solve it verbally, and hopefully they can, however, if they can't then the next stage is taken........the brochure will explain everything.

If the manager is doing their job properly they will invite you to explain your complaint and they will rectify it.

i have worked in dentisty for the last 24 years and know that verbal abuse is totally unacceptable. We all say things we don't mean or it just sometimes comes out wrong, but if he/she is really guilty of treating you this way then they must be made aware of their mistake and it should never happen again.

They won't want it to go any further than within the practice, so they will resolve it and I can guarantee they will give you polite service in the future - if they don't then complain again, you deserve to be treated with compassion.

good luck!

The Saint
Rather a good dentist rude than a crap dentist polite. I tend go to have my teeth sorted out, not for a nice chat.

Dr. Albert, DDS, (USA)

x goldilocks x
Thats awful for you,he had no right to judge you like that!
I doubt reporting would get you anywhere,you may want to try and find a new dentist.
However if he says anything today just firmly tell him not to be so judgemental and not to say anything else to you apart from the treatment that is needed.

You should not have to put up with any abuse. You are a paying customer. If he persist, contact the British Dental Association for advice.
Most dentist are helpful and caring and will offer advise instead of abuse.

His being verbally abusive is unacceptable, you can report him for this.

If it continues at todays appointment you can contact your local NHS and file a complaint - they will help to reallocate your daughter to an NHS dentist.

There is absolutely no reason for verbal abuse. You took your daughter to see a dentist to have her teeth taken care of... it's a start. Instead of telling you how much of a 'bad' mother you are, he should have complimented you on being a 'good' mother since you brought her in. While it's easier said than done, don't let this guy get to you...

See how today's visit goes; hopefully he'll be in a better mood. Maybe he was having a bad day the last time, although it's no excuse for being rude, and this time will be different.

Hopefully today's visit will go well, and you won't have to consider changing dentists. When your daughter is finished with her treatment, schedule her six month check up appointment before you leave... this will show that you are indeed a 'good' mother and plan on keeping up with her dental visits.

There are so many parents out there who do not take their children in for routine visits, whether it be money issues, time issues.... so many excuses. You should commend yourself on taking care of your daughter's dental needs... like I said earlier, it's a start.

Good luck to you!

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