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Life Is Good
Is it safe to smoke cigarettes before I go to the dentist?
I am going to the dentist for my yearly check-up and cleaning and I'm 14. My appointment is Monday morning at 9:00 am. Is it safe to smoke cigarettes before I go to the dentist or do I need to obstain from cigarettes/nicotine?

The dentist can't do anything but tell you why it's bad to smoke if he wants to. But you're 14..why do you need cigarettes? When my friends and I were 14, we were climbing trees.

I think you want attention. Hey look at me I am 14 and I smoke.

Listen, I am 31, I started smoking when I was 14. I STILL smoke. Do yourself a favor an QUIT now. Cigarettes are an unforgiving habit that I can't break. Not to mention the prices for up by 25% evry year it's seems like. Save your money, save your health and save your teeth and Quit.

From a smoker

It's not safe to smoke whether going to the dentist or going to a party or going to bed or going for any place ... i know many people who died from smoking due to heart diseases and lung cancer . Your still 14 so you have a bigger chance of dying from smoking. So wake up and stop this habit. People who start smoking at a young age have a higher risk of having cancer and change in the DNA which would eventually lead to cancer and death . A cigarette follows the other and the other until you will reach addiction . Its just an advice from me to you , you can do whatever you want.

No. It can cause excessive bleeding and cause a bigger problem. By the way you are to young to smoke. I have smoked for over 50 years and now regret it. I can't stop and my lungs are shot. I have COPD and asthma now and cant breath without medication. I have tried several times to quit but have not succeeded. also if you don't smoke you will have a lot of money that you would be spending on a drug.

It is never 'safe' to smoke cigarettes period! cigarettes cause m health related problems yearly!! That can be avoided! Just ABstain!!

Hmm...well, it should be "safe," (safe as smoking a cigarette can get) unless you consider getting caught and sold-out to your parents by your dentist "unsafe."

Although you know...smoking is never really "safe" -- kind of funny to put "smoking" and "safe" in the same sentence unless you're trying to demonstrate an opposition.

Take it from someone with a lot of relatives dead from smoking-related illnesses: you're too young to be smoking. Seriously, kick the habit while you're as young as you are.

Dog Owner of 2
You are 14 and smoking?

Dan Pan
Smoking is never safe. And at your age, it's illegal. If you smoke, it causes cancer, early death, bad breath, rotten teeth, and many more harmful effects. If you decided to smoke, not only will it be illegal, your dentist appointment may not go very well because it affects your teeth.

Joseph the Second
No. Smoking is NEVER "Safe" -Period . -But in YOUR case at least, they'll be able to Identify You by your Dental Records after you die of Cancer in a few years ! :)

I would imagine that refraining from cigarettes for a couple days wont really change the condition of your teeth, Kind of like when you dont brush your teeth for 2 days you don't instantly get a cavitiy. If you smoke often then the damage is slowly done. But as far as being safe for a yearly checkup it doesn't matter how dirty your teeth are they are just cleaning them , at most they are going to scold you but they can tell if you have smoked or not over a period of time reguardless of you stoping for a couple days prior.

Are you afraid you're going to get caught? Well weather you stop now or not it won't matter your body holds the smell on it in your lung tisues. It may take a year or more for a dentist (a trained professional to not know that you have ever smoked.) I bet they would appreciate you brushing your teeth before going though. My advice is to quit perminantly. You don't look cool and you have your whole life ahead of you. I won't want to kiss a man who smokes and no matter how may showers or smelly stuff you put on girls can still smell it. Rose

Kara D
I think it would be really rude to smoke before going. Imagine, having to work over someone's mouth who just chewed up 5 cloves of garlic? Pretty gross, and an apt analogy to being inches away from someone's mouth who just finished a cig.

You shouldnt smoke at all.
you should stay away from smokers & secondhand smoke.
you could get in trouble for underage smoking.

It is never ever safe to smoke cigarettes. Especially at 14. So no. No. No. No.

Bobby P
(1) It is NEVER safe to smoke!!! (2) If you are 14 you need to keep away from it anyway. Youre way way too young. If you arent old enough to drive then you arent old enough to kill yourself

Josie S
Heck you cant smoke b4 the dentist

the strokes =D
no you ll be just fine, when your teeth fall out its alright just tell him you were wrestling with some friends

Parker Taylor
Your dentist will know that you smoke with or without you smoking that day, trust me. He more than likely will not tell your parents as that violates the hypocratic oath


queen bee.
First off, smoking will kill you, if not seriously damage your health. You shouldn't be smoking at all, especially not so young. But, if you don't want your dentist to know or your parents, try not to smoke beforehand. They might be able to smell it. The smell might also upset the dentist, like give him/her headaches.

it dont metter it all , all shows on ur teeth

‚ô•tilly‚ô• [:
its not safe to smoke cigarettes PERIOD!
please quit, your 14! so am i, please quit :(

Cali girl
you can but the dentist will be able to tell you smoke, even if you don't smoke before you go, so if your trying to hide it good luck.

p.s. your too young to smoke!

Smoking cigarettes is NEVER safe....

ummm its not safe to smoke cigs at ALL guy. Stay in school buddy. Stay Healthy =)

yellow potatoes

you're 14, abstain.

its never safe to smoke..

yes. i've done it. but it's best to hold off...if you can't wait, but be SURE you brush your teeth, gargle with mouthwash, or chew on a few altoids before you go in....

and try to smoke at 30 minutes to an hour before...if not it will leave a stench...

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