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 How to straighten my teeth with out dental work?
I have buck teeth not horrible but enough to aggravate me. How can I fix them with out any dental work needed?
Please Answer! I really need help!
Additional Details<...

 I just got my braces on today and they HURT!!!?
i got them on a few hours ago and they hurt so badly and i can't eat.I got the Damon System which aren't supposed to hurt as much.

So i guess what i'm asking is..Does it ...

 what happens if I dont use my retainer?

 Yikes! Will it hurt?
does it hurt to get teeth pulled out? Only answer if you have this experience. And if it hurts, what is the anesthetics for? I'm a bit nervous, so if u have ways to overcome fear, help!!...

 in 45 minutes im getting braces?
well im 14,
and in 45 minutes iom getting braces :(
can anyone give me some tips for what to expect, stuff for the pain, etc?
im really scared.
Additional Details
+i live ...

 Braces make a girl less attractive?
People have told me I am pretty or whatever, but I just got braces. Do guys find girls with braces less attractive? Like to a point where they won't like them anymore? Sorry if this sounds ...

 Braces!!??!! does it hurt?
do braces hurt? people say they do people say they don't i'm getting braces soon but that's only because my back teeth have a little over bite my teeth are really strait besides that..A...

 How badly does braces hurt?
I've heard braces are painful after you get them on?
Does pain killers help?...

 What color braces should i get?
- I have dark brown hair( almost looks like black )
- I have white teeth..But not like really realy white ones.
- I have brown eyes.
- I'm kinda tan right now i guess.
So ...

 When was the last time you saw a dentist......?
Do you like going to dentist.?...

 What age is good to have a brace for teeth?
My daughters front two teeth are protruding she is eight (it is a female family trait on girls side ) sis ther better the earlier and how long will it take to correct....

 Chewing gum with braces...?
What would happen if I chew gum with braces??Will anyone else notice I was chewing gum??
Thanks =]...

 Is it safe to smoke cigarettes before I go to the dentist?
I am going to the dentist for my yearly check-up and cleaning and I'm 14. My appointment is Monday morning at 9:00 am. Is it safe to smoke cigarettes before I go to the dentist or do I need to ...

 What is good for a toothache? I've used oragel and mouth wash, doen't work..any ideas?

 Is it hard to talk with braces?
I'm just wondering whether it is hard to talk with braces on?

Like... will I talk funny? :S...

 Is it possible to not have wisdom teeth form? (10 points) Please help!?
I am VERY slow with my teeth and I should still have a baby tooth in but they pulled it out (the adult tooth still hasn't grown in and i'm 15). I just started getting my second set of adult ...

 What is the best medicine for tooth pain?
Particularly I have pain because I had an old filling taken out and they found out that it was infected bla bla bla so i have to go to a specialist for a certain kind of root canal. They put a temp. ...

 What Color Braces Should I Get?
I'm gettin braces next Tuesday and idk what colors to get!!
Please Help
p.s. will i look ugly or pretty with braces?


 how do i take my braces off?
i got them on about 4 years ago and i cant afford to get them taken off professionally i need to do it myself an dont know ...

 Do you think a gap between your 2 front teeth is cute?

Additional Details
I am 13...have a small mouth and I want braces!!!...

Is it painful to get braces removed?
I am getting my braces removed tomorrow morning after 2 1/2 years of wearing them (yay!!). I'm really excited and happy, but I was just wondering if it's painful to have your braces removed. Thanks!

no i had mine on for 2 1/2 years it does not hurt at all they rip them off but you can't feel it. It is really weird when you done though four teeth feel like gell it's awsome. you will be fine

you know it's true
the worst part of it is easily the noises associated with it.
and it feels SICK afterwards ;]
it's amazing!

★ H3v3nz Ang3ℓ★
no it feels slimmy though only for like 10 mins... but in a good way

No, dont worry it doesen't hurt at all. :)

Little bit of light
Oh I'd like to know too! I get mine off in April (I still don't think my teeth are straight though lol) and mine have also been on about two and a half years!

I had heard that it's uncomfortable, and one of my friends had a really bad dentist that slipped and cut her gum :S but he was a really bad orthodontist lol.

Hmm good luck!!! Let us know how it goes anyway!

just me
not really...less than getting them tightened!! you will feel a little tension when they pull the brackets off, but hurting? no..it shouldn't..just keep thinking how AWESOME you will look!!! Congrats!

no it doesnt hurt, its kindof weird though, because your teeth are loose still, and then they give you a retainer? I like having mine off because i can brush ALOT better!

omgoodness thats really exciting! well from personal experience i can tell you that it doesn't really hurt, it just feels like there is pressure put on your teeth. the only semi bad part is when they scrape off the glue that once held the braces to your teeth...that part kind of bothered me... but really, the anticipation of getting your braces off may be worse than just getting your braces off. be excited though, and brush your teeth reallly really well so your teeth'll be wicked shiny and white!!! good luck!!

ummm....for me it was

the just snapped them off adn didn't even stop once so it was fast but the dental hygienist (she hates me and she's a *****) left 3 brackets in my throat and i was like choking on them but she wouldn't let me get up so finally i just spit it out on her hand and then she shut up! :) lmao!

after they take em off you'll feel kinda weird and your teeth might be kinda sore but that's it

it can be uncomfortable but not necessarily painful

no it tugs a little depends on how hard ur dentist pulls

I had braces for quite a while too. I think the worst part is the scraping sound. When they are trying to get that cement stuff off your teeth that held your brackets on. I felt like a free bird when they got the metal off.

No not at all, in fact it releases tension on your teeth. It may feel a little weird and different when you eat but that will go away in no time. Though it does take quite a while to remove the braces. Good Luck.

Mark S
no it felt good.

4ever growling
No, and I have done it twice. You just stare at your teeth and run your tongue over them a lot.

Its not painful at all but it is strange to feel your teeth again!

Not exactly painful, just kind of weird... They literally just pull the brackets off of your teeth, then use something to get all the glue off... (sounds painful, but really it's just kind of awkward/annoying.. like most dental things)

Briana W
Well first off Congratulations!!! i know how awesome and exciting it is to get your braces off. Its amazing feeling you normal teeth again. And no it does not hurt. The only part i didnt like is that they have to polish you teeth with this machine to get all the dried glue of your teeth. It feels really cold and my teeth are really sensitive so it hurt a bit. but is was well worth it. I hope it goes well for you.

i had my braces on the exact same amount as you! 2 1/2 years:P
but no..it doesnt hurt..
it feels like they are pushing on your teeth a lot..and kinda hard. but no dont worry..it shouldnt hurt:)
for me it didnt

Nicki :] ox
tbh, its gonna happen anyway so i wouldnt worry bout it. hope for the worst an you might suprise yourself! getting braces off is better than having them on (i know!) even if it hurts atleast you will have nice straight teeth :D

Tori Cepull
not at all it just feels different,not painful at all

no, getting your braces off doesn't hurt one bit. but it does feel incredibly slimy. no worries though, you'll get used to it and you'll have an amazing smile (:

Kristen A
trust me..
if you went through the pain for 2 and a half years of wearing it you will be fine with take it off.!
smile once they are off :)

Lori J
yes it is when they remove the ones in the back, and your teeth will feel sort of slimy for a fews days, but you will be much happier I am sure!

the removal of the braces isn't painful. they might have a white stripe across the front (from where the braces were) but your dentist can remove it.

Sonya 3
No it doesn't hurt at all. like it took them like 10mins to get mine off. The only thing that hurts alittle is the retainer for the first couple of days.Good Luck :)

More pleasant than getting them put on- so not bad at all! And it will feel weird afterwards, but good weird. Try eating ice-cream with them off for the first time! :P

Hope I haven't jinxed it and you have a bad experience! :/

I got that southern charm.
It was when I had them but now they have a machine that melts the glue for easier removal, depends on where you live and how high tech the office is. But when I had them they yanked them out with pliers.

Nah. All they're doing is prying them off...

it is not painful just a lot of tugging not nearly as bad as the tightening

It'll be uncomfortable, but not painful. It feels like they're pushing off of your teeth and popping the braces off, which is pretty much what they're doing. It's a quick process.
As soon as you have them off, you'll probably feel/taste the cement on your teeth so brace yourself for that part since it's gross tasting. Don't eat it, of course, but you'll probably taste it when it touches your tongue.
It's all worth it though. When you have your braces off, you'll keep touching the front of your teeth and feeling how smooth they are. It's SO nice to not have food stuck in there anymore either.

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