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Anon. :)
Is it hard to talk with braces?
I'm just wondering whether it is hard to talk with braces on?

Like... will I talk funny? :S

Inquiring Mind
I'm happy to tell you that if you have a good orthodontist your speech will be fine. Its awkward having them in your mouth at first (after all, its not normal to have these brackets between your cheeks and teeth), but you'll get used to them quickly.

Rubber bands, which the orthodontist uses to make your teeth touch, can make it more difficult to speak, but you can remove them (and will have to move them) everytime you eat.

Annoying as they are, they will should not have any affect on your speech.

Word of advice: Tylenol, you'll need it.

easy to talk with braces, people don't really sound like that girl on South Park or anything

Jordan J
sorta kinda you might have a liss or somethin

at the beging yeah but it will soon feel better and you wil be able to talk normal again

cheerleading! ♥
nawww not at all. maybe the first day a little little little bit but not really at all


Charlie H.
Yeah, you'll sound completely retarded for like two weeks but you'll get used to it and get your usual voice back.

Tina S
well... at first it will feel a bit uncomfortable but it will not have a noticeable affect on your speech.
It will cause your mouth to stay open...sounds weird but i noticed for my friends, and myself, that their mouth stays a bit open and its hard to keep your lips put together.

Retainers!!!! WILL give you a lisp, and will make you talk funny :) don't worry go away

for a while, after the pain goes away, you will be fine

Ivory tower
at first, of course

Thalia Cardenas
No! I had braces too first you feel as if you can't talk like something hard in ur mouth than u get used to it...if u have any more braces questions email me or IM me I kno bout braces...;)-

Hannah G
nope when i got braces i didnt talk funny at all hope this help u alots

Sas S
Hahaha well if your teeth dont stick out a lot to start with, then no. It feels weird, but it doesn't give you a lisp or whatever. Well...depending on the person ...haha!

when u put on ur braces they feel funny and u might talk alittle weird and the braces r gonna give u lots of cold soars which will really hurt and during the 4 days that r ur first days that u put them on ur gonna get alot of pain so its better if u just drink lots of liquids instead of hard foods

-Nicky <3

Miss J. Smith*
not enough for someone to tell..
haha atleast ur not gettin a retainer u have to keep on all the time!
now if u had to get that.. yeaa u would talk weirrd.
because the first week i got mine(i got top and bottom)
i sounded like i had a freakin lisp.
it was insaneee.. lol
but funny too..
braces dont make u talk as bad cause you dont have something
hard on the top of ur mouth like the retainer has.
so dont worryy.. :)

Nahh, if anything the first day. It just hurts ;-;

Anne H
atfirst yes but when you get use to it you don't

For the first day you might sound a bit funny to your self, but no one else can tell. It is only the first day when you sound a bit funny because your mouth isn't used to having something else in there. Now it is normally when you get a plate when you get a major lisp. lol.

Nope, just need a couple of days to get adjusted to them.

Nope, not at all. I have them on right now, and my speech sounds nothing different from when I didn't have them. However, and expander will alter your speech a little because your tongue can't hit the roof of your mouth. For instance, when I had one on, when I said "Key" it came out as "Kuhh". The only thing about braces is they sort of hurt on the first day. You'll be fine. Good Luck!!!

Lola Loo
No, but the first two days your lips will be swollen! I have them..., but you'll be alright...trust me!

maybe at first.

you might have a bit of a lisp. but you get used to it pretty fast.

claire b
They will feel huge in your mouth for a couple of days, and because you feel self concsious of them, it might affect how you speak. They don't actually *alter* the way you speak though. And you don't have a lisp if they are fitted correctly, and you didn't speak with a lisp beforehand.

Jareth's Trousers
Until you get used to them, your speech might be a little off. When they get tightened, same thing due to the soreness of your mouth. But you won't talk funny for however long you have to wear them, and it won't take long to get used to.

Na you sound normal..Some people think they have a lisp but its not noticable to anyone else


Consuelo R
im going to say no. my sis had braces twice and the little brat has yet to shut the f up!

I understand her completely!

it's the retainer you get after-wards that gives you a lisp for a little while untill your mouth gets use to it :P


-mary; the one and only.
nah, a whole bunch of my friends have them and they dont sound any different. they just take some getting used to.
dont worry about it (:

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