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 do my teeth NEED braces or will i be okay? check them out and let me know?
i use to have HUGE GAP but as i got older the gap got smaller so here ya go

 Do retainers hurt?
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 How to straighten my teeth with out dental work?
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Please Answer! I really need help!
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 I just got my braces on today and they HURT!!!?
i got them on a few hours ago and they hurt so badly and i can't eat.I got the Damon System which aren't supposed to hurt as much.

So i guess what i'm asking is..Does it ...

 what happens if I dont use my retainer?

 Yikes! Will it hurt?
does it hurt to get teeth pulled out? Only answer if you have this experience. And if it hurts, what is the anesthetics for? I'm a bit nervous, so if u have ways to overcome fear, help!!...

 in 45 minutes im getting braces?
well im 14,
and in 45 minutes iom getting braces :(
can anyone give me some tips for what to expect, stuff for the pain, etc?
im really scared.
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+i live ...

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 Braces!!??!! does it hurt?
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Does pain killers help?...

 What color braces should i get?
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- I have white teeth..But not like really realy white ones.
- I have brown eyes.
- I'm kinda tan right now i guess.
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 What is good for a toothache? I've used oragel and mouth wash, doen't work..any ideas?

 Is it hard to talk with braces?
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Like... will I talk funny? :S...

 Is it possible to not have wisdom teeth form? (10 points) Please help!?
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 What Color Braces Should I Get?
I'm gettin braces next Tuesday and idk what colors to get!!
Please Help
p.s. will i look ugly or pretty with braces?


Nick Jonas
Is getting braces scary? Do they hurt? Please answer?
Okay, I might be getting braces. Do they hurt? Please NO rude commets. I'm 11. I don't think am getting rubber bands... Umm please don't worry me anymore, I am already really scared and worried..
Additional Details
Thanks guys..

I've had them since Feb. and this is all I have to say:

The hurt for about the first week, you may want to pull them out of your mouth, BUT after the first week, they're fine.


It doesn't hurt when they are getting put on but they do hurt a few days after just because your gums get super sore. Not to worry, it isn't a HORRIBLE UNCONTROLLABLE pain. You just have to eat soft foods for a little while. :) Then, everything feels fine. The pain only comes back when you get your braces tightened again. But, they are totally worth all of the pain! :D Lucky you, i had to wear rubber-bands and those were super annoying! Don't be scared, braces are no big deal. And i kinda thought they were cool. :D

Edit: Gosh, some of these people are such whiners! Braces didn't hurt THAT bad!

Oh, you should deff get the clear braces. That's what i got and it made my braces look a little bit less noticeable. Not to mention, they looked cooler too! :D

it takes a really long time and is a pain in the ***. it doesnt hurt at all though. its just a pain. the time it hurt worst for me was the night after i got them on. i was fine when i went to sleep, but i woke up at like 2 30 in maybe the worst pain in my life. i took a bunch of painkillers and i managed to fall back asleep. the next day they didnt hurt at all. but its impossible to eat. every bite of lunch was horrible. the food has to be either pretty much drinkable (applesauce), or able to chew with your tongue and lips. overall braces arent that bad. sometimes it hurts when u go get em tightened, but not that much. and in the end its worth it.

☆♥☆ Anime Luver ☆♥☆
NO of course not because i have braces and they dont even hurt a bit!!!!!! But everything my braces dentist do it doesnt hurt a bit!!!!!! An i hope they dont hurt when u get them!!!!!!But n a few days ull get use to them.
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

what is the deal!?!?!?
HELL NO that don't hurt!!!
I mean when they putthem on ya it's stinks cuz of the glue and when u taste the glue it taste gross and u might be uncomfortable cuz ur not used to them but no they don't hurt , putting on chapstick helps if u have dry lips!!!
Trust me I have braces!!!!!

TheDevilWearsPrada xD
They are not scary. And I'm not going to lie but they do hurt, sometimes. Mine didn't hurt getting put on, but that's because I go tmy top and bottom at different times. But when you go to appointments and they change or tighten the wire, your mouth will be soar, sorry.

Braces only hurt a week or so after getting them due to the fact that your teeth will not be accustomed to the new and constant pressure being put on them. Your teeth will be a bit soar, but nothing a little pain pills won't fix. Just be careful not to eat anything hard awhile after getting them

You'll most likely experience a little tenderness after each Dentist Appointment where your braces are tightened, but after the first few tightenings you'll get used to it.

The PROCESS of getting braces put on does not hurt, it's just time consuming and it'll probably leave your lips dry, so put some vaseline on your lips before the appointment.

Scary? no.
Painful? there is a constant ache for about 10 days. getting them on isnt painful though. no sharp pains.

its ok their not scary and trust me it will hurt at the first day but afterwarda u get used to it and it deasnt hurt anymore u will BE FINE.

yeah its okay. they hurt and truthfully my pain never fully went away till i got them off 3years later. Also, you can try the wax thing but seriously the wax doesnt really ease the pain, it only puts it off untill later. Im seventeen now and i got them off my freshman year of highschool so youre getting them at a good time. My friends had braces at this time too and they said it didnt effect kissing (just incase youre wondering). Really if anything, braces are a privalage because you get to have strait teeth! Make sure to wear your retainer when you get them off too so they STAY strait. Its a real shame to go through all that pain with nothing to show for it not to metion the cost of braces! $$$$$$$

Yes, its hurts SO bad. Like you would rather kill yourself then go through the unbearable pain that braces put you though.

Haha jk, but they don't hurt WHILE you are getting them on, but about 30 mins after it hurts pretty bad. Like you cant bite anything or chew anything, even soft stuff. But they only hurt for a few days. But it seems that every time you get them tightened they hurt a little bit less afterwards.

not relly, it just tastes relly bad & u feel clostraphobic, o & they use this stuff tht they say is the same stuff they use 2 make bubble gum wit, but its the nastiest stuff evr!!!!!!!!!!! UGH! o, also it hurts l8r but it stops hurting aftr a few days & wen they get titened

Cassie H
i got braces like a month ago. I didnt mind getting them on at all. It didnt start hurting for like a few hours then it did but only for a couple days. Take an asprin or something i reccomend taking one before you get them on or right after and then another one before you go to bed. it may seem kinda scary but now its like i dont think about them being there at all.

Nobody said it would be easy
Don't worry, I'm fifteen and I'm on my second time having braces because my teeth/overbite is really bad. I even had headgear the first time =/

Braces don't hurt. Sometimes they get a bit sore, but if you take a Tylenol or put some numbing cream on your gums it won't be as bad. Just stick to softer foods after you get them put on and you'll be good!

Good luck and enjoy your time being a braceface =D

They will begin to hurt after the first hour. And its not pain, its pressure. You will feel it for the first 3 or 4 days. And every 3-4 days after getting them tightened. But if you are like me, after the first year, you will stop feeling it altogether. You WILL get rubber bands. Everybody gets triangle rubber bands right before their braces come off. I have them now and im getting my braces off in a week or 2.

It depends on the style and if you follow directions to a T. If you get basic wire braces (like i did) you will get a bad taste a lot of times with the glue and paste. You will have some minor pain, as your teeth move. take some Tylenol. You will be uncomfortable when your mouth gets used to them, but there is stuff known as "Bees Wax" which can be placed over the braces to stop the scratching of the brackets.

Just make sure you know what type of braces you get. If it requires surgery, i would suggest looking for another place. My first dentist told me that, at the age of 10, i would need countless surgeries and to wear a head band, he was very old fashion, i don't think you will want to go to them if you are worried about pain. If you can look it up in a 70's mag, don't do it.

I went another dentist. This one told me that all i needed to do was rubber bands. Only problems i had were things like the pallet expander, it was hard to eat around. the other problem were the springs that they placed to move my jaw forwards. I have a large mouth, and the springs just slid together, so they popped out, a lot. but that was it.

=) hoped this helped!

Victoria C
Actually, when me and my bff got them, getting them on didn't hurt. Your mouth will feel kinda sore for about 4 days. Ice cream ,Tylenol, or advil can easily cure the pain. And to answer your question, No they are NOT scary. They're actually kinda fun to see the results after a few appointments. It's a cool experience.

Don't worry, the only hard part with getting braces is tightening. You will feel mild discomfort but your teeth will adjust in time. Trust me, at least you did not have to wear a head gear (ask your orthodontist and he will tell you the embarrassing truth to braces).

okay, i had braces for three years.
when they put them on it does not hurt,
but however, the first couple days your teeth will be sore due to the fact they are moving.
Other than that, they dont hurt.


yea they hurt the first 3 days pretty bad, but after its all good, just a hassle to take care of

Angela G
they are uncomfortable and it makes it hard you to eat hard foods like chips and chewy things for a while....stop worrying so much it's not that bad.

when you get them on it doesnt hurt.. they are just a little sore for a few days but you can take tylenol or something for that. Dont worry u will be fine

it hurt me a little but the cement was gross that was worst then then the pain. Its nothing really to get scared of.
Tell me how it goes k.

hopes this helps

They hurt like hell. I had them on for 6 years, and my teeth weren't even that bad. You probably won't have them on anywhere near that long, just make sure your orthodontist seems to really know what he's doing. My first one didn't.

It does depend on what you need them for and what they're going to do with them. I never had the rubber bands either, and it was still miserable. I still have scars on the insides of my cheeks from when the wire came loose.

Despite all that, you're not going to die or anything. Buy some Anbesol and some Advil and stock up on soup and ice pops for bad days. Kraft-style mac & cheese is good too because you don't have to chew it as much as other foods. Drinking lots of very cold water can help keep your mouth numb during the day.

Avoid dense foods like bagels, as they take more force than you realize to chew. You realize it when the amount of force required translates directly into an equal amount of pain. Firm fruit like nectarines and apples should be avoided too because it will also hurt like hell. It hurt so much that for months after they came off, I had to cut out a piece from an apple to get it started so I could get my teeth into it without it being unbearable.

Um It Kind Of Hurt.
Cause The Metal From The Side Of The Braces Is Connected To Yer Cheeks. And If Yew Like Talk Or Chew The Metal Like Scratches Your Cheecks (from inside).
But The Pain Will Be Gone Maybe After A Week.
Thats What Happened To me.

its not that bad - had them when i was younger - look at it this way - ull be a lot happier when ur older and on the dating scene n such - good luck.

dont be scared...there gonna make ur teeth sore for a bit..but its not as bad as u think....i had braces for 3 yrs..then got them off...moved...and got them back on again....so i know the pain....and its not too bad..just akward and ur teeth will be sore for a while..but hope everything goes well!!

theres nothing to be scared or worried about.
it doesnt hurt when you get them on at all.

only when they tighten them, sometimes the day after your mouth hurts a little.

so don't worry, but they are kind of a pain in the butt to have.

I no heaps of people with bracers.
Including all my siblings, and they didnt think they hurt. A tiny bit of pain first few days but nothing really.

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