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 i am getting my braces off today does it hurt while they take them off?????
My teeth are really sensitive and i am really ...

 What is it you don't like about going to the Dentist?

 Three days later and ....?
... the temporary crown has completely fallen out. I am left with a stubble of a tooth for a week or so before the full crown is fitted. Should I advance the appointment, or go to the hospital for ...

 braces on 2 days ago, what can i bring to eat at the movie?
Since i'm pretty sure popcorn is not an option, what is something i could bring to munch on at the movies? my teeth are still a little sensitive. thank you!...

 i dont know what the hell happend to me?
i dont know why my girl friend wants to breakup with me and she says she loves me and i did a lot for her i dont know how to break up i dumped my other gf for her and i didnt mass aruond with ...

 POLL: what colour is your toothbrush ?
My toothbrush is red & pink :) what colour is yours?


 Does having teeth extractions hurt?
Im having premolar and canine taken out. I have heard that it hurst loads from some and some say it doesnt, if any one else has had the same teeth taken out can you say if it hurts or not? thanks!...

 Does it hurt when you get your braces off?
I'm getting mine off in July and kind of nervous....

 Does getting a tooth pulled hurt?
Does getting a tooth pulled hurt? Or a route canal?
After you were numbed....

 I recently changed dentists & the new dentist took x-rays when my old ones were just done 2 yrs. ago. Typical?
Or are they just trying to get more $$ from me/insurance? My old dentist took x-rays every 3-5 yrs. but it seems they are all trying to sell you on cosmetic dentistry, pulling out old fillings to do ...

 How to get white teeth?
my sister is having yellow teeth. i need only home remedies....

 How often do you brush your teeth - be honest?
Me is 2x a day..
Forced Habbit as a kid.
How bout you?...

 Who can do fillings besides dentists?
I am very interested in dentistry... but I'm not sure if I want to do the whole dental school 'thing'. I don't want to be a hygienist or assistant, but would still like to be ...

 when my husband eats pineapple he gets little sores in his mouth,what is this?
When he eats pineapple he gets thease little sores inside his mouth, its painfull for him. have you ever heard of this, is he alergic? What can we use to treat this?...

 How much are braces ?
I'm about to get braces , and I told my mom I wanted them , and she said they were $6,000 . ARE THEY SERIOUSLY THAT EXPENSIVE ?...

 What's the best way to remove tea stains from teeth?
And please don't say stop drinking tea. That is unfortunately not an option anymore.....
Additional Details
haha...i do brush of course! but my crest total isn't cutting it ...

 will it hurt?
I might get braces in a month or so, im wondering how they do it and if it will hurt and stuff. and do you have to get a needle in your mouth?...

 What age do kids usually get braces?

 i am getting braces in 2 days........do they hurt?

 How bad does getting braces hurt?
How bad does getting your braces hurt.(like an exampl)
How bad does getting your braves of hurt?

Additional Details
its just a typo i meant braces ugh..-.-...

Is Brushing and Use Mouth wash such as ' Listerine ' Enough ?


Nope! It depends on your brushing techniques as well and if you floss. Most importantly you need to visit your dentist on a regular basis to make sure everything looks good and they can give you individualized tips on what you need to do to keep your teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues healthy and cancer-free. Oral cancer is on the rise #6 on the list of leading cancers

Listerene contains alcohol which is bad for your teeth, not good. Try using Dentyl ph which has no alcohol & ph neutral.

Ct~~ Cutie Of Touches
not really, u should see ur dentist regularly too, u can try browse this site for list of dentists...
http:// www. 88db. com. sg

Carol T
Flossing and visiting a dentist on a regular basis for routine checkups can help prevent a major problem in the future.
To help control bad breath, brush your tongue. Be sure to replace your toothbrush about every 3 mos as they tend to lose effectiveness after proper brushing. I would even take what I called my work brushing kit to brush after lunch.
I know it sounds pretty compulsive but do you really want to have dentures?

kia_the world is upside down.
well if u want it to be...
try using gum alert near the dental ile to keep your gums healthy.
use floss.
& try using mouth trident recover!
works like a charm ...;D

No, you have to floss in order to get rid of the food between your teeth or you will start to decay there.

Floss and clean your cheeks tongue and gums.

Don't forget to floss, at least twice a day.

You need to floss too. You have to get the food out from between your teeth. I'm amazed at the poor oral hygiene many people have. It's almost like they can't wait for dentures. I'm glad you are concerned.


No,flossing along with brushing is the best and use a water pick every other day. I have used a water pick for the last 45 years and I swear buy it. A dentist in florida told me a water pick would do no good after he cut away gum the had swelled over a wisdom tooth--he said the gum would come back over the tooth and using a water pick would do no good.HE WAS WRONG. If food particles get lodged in hard to get places or below the gum line then the water pick will take care of it also removing bacteria---you won't need mouth wash unless you have stomach problems which in some cases cause bad breath--also the bigest culprit in a fowel smelling mouth is gum disease and rotting teeth plus a heavily coated tounge. Smoking is also a cause bad breath. Arnie

Sharon C
No you need to floss! Buy a waterpick. It is easy to use and highly effective.

You need to floss and brush twice a day.

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