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 Are you supposed to brush your teeth before or after eating breakfast?
I brush them after I eat breakfast simply because it keeps your breath fresher. Is that what you're supposed to do?...

 When a dentist says he or she "is leaving the practice," what does that mean?
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well getting braces in 3 days..=(..and really dont know what color to get...well im 13 dirty blonde hair ...blue green eyes..well if u got some asnwers plz let me know..thanks....

 Bulimia.... why does my breath stink....?
If I brush my teeth after i purge and i always have breath mints.
But like, it smells really acidy and weird.. =S
whys this?

Btw. Im getting help for my bulimia. I was just ...

 does anyone know how to stop or ease toothache its driving me mad.?

 Honestly, do you floss daily?
I try to floss when I have the time but sometimes get lazy and think brushing and mouthwash are enough....

 · Which is better- brushing your teeth before or after your eat breakfast?

 Will a dentist be able to tell if your bulimic?
Like without asking them, would they say anything? And would they just be able to tell that you throw up a lot, not like on purpose?
Additional Details
What if you brush your teeth after ...

 is it true that people can die from not brushing their teeth everyday?
yes i brush my teeth everyday but my friend said she had an uncle who died from it so i wanna know f its true!...

 Which toothpaste do you use? Be specific.?

 Which is most unattractive - crooked teeth or yellow & stained teeth?
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 i know its not wise to do but whats the best way..?
.. to remove a tooth without going to the dentist?...

 i bit my lip and it hurts SOOOO much?
its unbarable, the pain, its hard to kiss my wife, or eat food, i just wanna sit all day with my lip hanging down, i tried putting oragel on it but it only lasts about a minute. what can i do to ...

 How often are you supposed to get a new toothbrush?
I saw an article on Yahoo! a few months back that said you should replace your toothbrush way more often than we think, like every month or two months or something. Does anyone remember the exact ...

 What's the best cure for mouth ulcers?
I keep getting them all the time and use Bonjella but it doesn't seem to do anything! :(...

 Should I get braces again? (look at my pic)?

I had braces back when I was probably in 6th grade, I am now going to be a senior in highschool...

As you can see my ...

 How can I have nice breath after eating?
I'm going to my boyfriends house tommorow for dinner, and we're having home made pizza lol yummy : )

But after we eat we'll probably be kissing and stuff I want to have nice ...

 How much did your braces cost?
My braces are costing $7,200!
I think there too expensive!

 What happens if a vampire bites somebody with AIDS or Hepatitis?

 AHHHHHHHHHH getting braces tomorrow:S:S:S:S?
OMFG im so scared to get braces 2morrow:'( im scared im gunna look be ugly and ppl are gunna make fun of me:'(

also are coloured braces just gay, cuz honestly i don wanna come ...

Im scared of the dentistt, and next week....?
....I need to have a filling!
I know it sounds stupid, but Im scared stiff!
Please give me tips on how to stay calm?
Additional Details
I have already had a filling before, but that was AGES ago, and I cant remember it. The only thing is, whenever I go numb, and I cant feel my lip, i'm sick on the floor!

I got two last week and got my wisdom teeth out, you have nothing to worry about. Fillings really don't hurt at all, it's actually kind of cool because they numb you. As for wisdom teeth, just leave them in, I'm in so much pain right now its unbearable.

just keep on thinking about the second all this is done keep thinking about that moment thats what i do it works just fine

bring your iPod!

Jєѕѕιcα ♥
Breath loll x

hiya im scared shitless of the dentest i havent been in a long time becoz of it but when you get in ther it is not that bad :PP

Mary S
a filling? thats nothing try having a root canal done.

You can ask your dentist to give you something to relax you while getting your teeth filed.

Susie B
look see this and you will be greatful http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Amr9MTlK5vTzfTHc26kj2CLsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090502074821AA4J196

dont worry about it !
i use to be like that too. like eleven yrs ago.
but take ur ipod or mp3 and blast urh music
and try to relax.
its nothingg !

I had mines cleaned and refreshed like a few weeks ago,

you'll be fine, don't worry too much about it. it goes by pretty quick

Try to think about other things during the visit, something pleasant. Closing your eyes might help, or just looking outside a window or something.

krissy daydreamer
My gosh, I had the same feeling too. But when you actually get it done it isn't too bad, you just have to think of something that makes you really happy and say happy thought over and over again in your head. It worked for me. And most of al.. It doesn't hurt a bit

PiNK <3
uhhhh, im with you! i HATE the dentist/doctor with a passion! If i could, i would punch 'em in the faceeee (:

Sith Lord
I wouldn't worry about it. The dentist will do his best to fix your teeth.

Actually, sometimes it hurts, but probably most times, it will be fine.

Please relax. It will be fine, I assure you.

hope that helped. :)

Santa claus
modern dentistry is fantastic nothing like it was 10 years ago . it will be done in the blink of an eye and you ll love it . you wont feel the injection believe me the tiny bit of drilling that comes with a filling is'nt worth talking about. the relief of not having toothache is your reward. you may want to make sure you get a filling that is white and matches your teeth in colour so nobody knows its there . please dont be scared i always hated it as a child but now think nothing about it and i,ve been drilled more times than an oil rig i,m ashamed to say .

Get some Rescue remedy and take a few drops before you go.

it wont hurt youll be numb theres nothing to worry about why are people scared of the dentist? they only trying to help you but it is your fault you have to have a filling lol

just take deep breaths ask them to put some topical one first which numbs your gum

youll be fine its easy

Liv Mason
Focus on the end of the appointment, as it will be over in no time. Maybe think of a way to treat yourself after the so you can look forward to that more than you are dreading going.

Am also terrified of dentists, but actually it doesn't really hurt - but you have my sympathy. Good luck

get laughing gas!

Listen to your mp3 player. The scariest thing it probably the noise the drill makes, close your eyes and you can almost fall asleep.

Don't worry about a thing! The only thing I hated when getting fillings was the awkwardness of the dentist's hands in my mouth. Getting numbed isn't so bad either--it just feels like a bit of pressure! Don't be scared! :)

Nicole M
Trust me, I'm scared of them, too. Have someone there you find supporting to comfort you, just think to yourself that it'll be over with soon enough, and maybe treat yourself afterward by doing something fun to get your mind off it.
Good luck!!

i used to be afraid of that when i was younger.
it doesn't hurt i asked that before. i thought people were just being nice.
until i went i had 9 cavities.and filled in 1 hour. i was amazed it didn't hurt.
so this is real. i was scared of going to the dentist. ironic part is im getting my masters degree for that

Number one thing is, you won't feel anything, so don't worry.

You only feel a small pinch for a few seconds when they put the freezing needle in, because they typically use a gel first to numb the gums.

After the freezing wears off you might feel some pain in your jaw or gums, but its pretty minor.

Like one person says, its your fault anyway that you need a filling...think of it as the suffering required for not taking better care of your teeth :). Most dentists have TV's and stuff like that with headphones so you can watch TV on the ceiling while he is working.

Nothing is going to go wrong. Tell yourself that only kids are scared of the dentist and you are not a kid!!! You just need to remember that they have done this a million times and you shouldn't be scared. Just take deep breaths when you go in. Tell them that you are a bit worried. You'll be fine and afterwards be kicking yourself about how stupid you were being scared.

Good luck!! ^_^

I was also once afraid of the dentist also, even the doctor at a point. I used to be terribly afraid of the Novocaine needle. I went to a therapist, and she really helped me out. I got through other stuff like the orthodontist. I now have braces, and some tips for the dentist from me:

*bring your ipod
*close your eyes, and think pleasant thoughts
*deep breaths
*talk to your dentist before hand, asking him/her to tell you what they are gonna do, and if it will hurt
*ask your dentist for some tips on relaxing
*you will get through it and be done.
*don't start crying, or you will look very immature
*dentists are very gentle, they aren't gonna purposely hurt you.
* think about other things during the visit.
*I'm sure your dentist is very nice, and will help you through it.
* Think about something funny during the procedure, it will make you laugh
-I Hope my tips help!
I'd love to here how your appointment went!

Honestly,i don't think any1 could b as scared as me,but wat i do is i always close my eyes no matter wat,and just think about wat your do that day,or maybe even think aboutm food ..lol(thats wat i do).JUST KEEP UR MIND ON SOMRTHING (anything)and befor u no it it will b over>

I take my Ipod and close my eyes! I can't stand the sound of the drill they use for cleaning! So the Ipod helps!

Hush its Jakee
I got a filling a month or two ago.
it's really nothing. i promise. they use this numbing gel before hand, and you for real don't feel a thing.

they're called professionals for a reason :]
don't worry.

Cσηνє?ѕє C?αzу ☂
Hey, there's nothing to be scared about, they will look after you. You can't feel your gums or lips when they inject you, or else the pain will be so unbearable, just don't think about it, your teeth are more important then how scared your feeling.

Five Fingaz
I love when they stick that long ,long needle in your gums and then you face goes completely numb and you slur your words for hours later
then they take the drill with that long twisted drill bit and they push it into your tooth until you squeel with pain because they hit the nerve
the relentlessly poking causes you to continually spit blood into a bowl..good luck and let us know how your appointment went..we will be thinking about you...glad I don't have to go..

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