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 Is this unhealthy....?
I chew atleast 5 pieces of sugarfree gum everyday. Is this unhealthy?
Additional Details
yes im positive its sugar free
and its not annoying i dont chew it loudly or anything (:...

 can normal family dentistz tell you if you need braces?
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 I want whiter teeth.?
I'd like to know some ways I can whiten my teeth.
None of that toothpaste crap works, and I can't use
whitening strips.

Did I mention I have braces? >=/

 What's good for a toothaches?

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Am going to dentist when I can get ...

 I'm getting braces soon!! Arghh!!?
I'm getting spacers next week and braces the week after.
I just wanted to know, do they hurt?
I've got a bit of overbite and my two fangs haven't properly come down yet (...

 When does the braces actually start moving your teeth?
Does it hurt to get them on?
How long is the process of getting braces?
What will it feel like afterwards?
And when does the braces move your teeth?

I have a gap, overbite, ...

 Can i ask my dentist not to do X-Ray to fix my tooth?
I have a nasty cavity. I am pregnant though. I am four weeks. I know X-Ray is bad, could I ask my dentist to fix it without the X-RAY?...

 Is the age 16 too old for wearing braces?
My dad has been wanting me to wear braces forever, since I was like 11 I believe but he just procrastinates about it all the time. So yes, in like a week I'm finally getting braces and I think ...

 How does smoking effect your teeth?
We are doing a project for school and we were wondering how smoking effects your teeth....

 i recently just got braces july 16th and they are still hurting is it normal to be hurting this long?
are they supposed to feel loose? i also eat very soft things and they still hurt aahh!! can anyone help thanks =]...

 Getting teeth pulled out?
I'm going to get braces soon and will get some teeth out as well. Will getting my teeth pulled out hurt? If I get my teeth pulled out then what do they do with it? Can someone please help me ...

i have a big hole in my tooth and i'm 2 scared 2 get it checked out so wot should i do plzz help ...

 my son has refused 2 go the dentist 2day hes 3 and he has really bad toothache?
we got to the dentists room, he wasn't having any of it, he had a full blown tantrum and the dentist sent us away and told us 2 re book! he wont eat or drink and he complains in sore all the ...

 I'm Having Braces... TOMORROW!?
Does it hurt?? What is the process of having them fixed on like??...

 When was the last time you went to the dentist?

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Me: went ...

 Should I get my wisdom teeth removed, I'm afraid the dentist is just desperate for business?
3 out of my 4 wisdom teeth have come in, I'm still waiting on 1 that is still under my gums. My dentist continues to urge me to get them all removed as soon as possible, but in my mind it doesn&#...

 Is anyone out there gettin' as much?
snow as we are here in Ohio? and how much do you think you've gotten today?
Additional Details
No amberly I don't think we would be that lucky for it to stop anytime soon!!

 My 12 year old is having his very first filling next week - he's terrified?
How can I make it a bit easier?...

 I'm getting braces soon, and i'm really nervous, I NEED TIPS! HELP ME!?
I am 15, I need to have braces for 18 months, i have to wear rubber bands on the left but i'm really scared. Can anybody give me some good tips about what to eat, what NOT TO DO when you have ...

 my tooth won't stop bleeding?!?!?
i just pulled my tooth out....but now my gum won't stop bleeding...what do i do??...

If your WISDOM TEETH are *NOT* impacted, does it still hurt to get them out?
I am getting my wisdom teeth out at Christams time when I come home from school, they are not impacted and I am getting all 4 out at once.
The only reason why I have to get them out is becasue they will screw my teeth up becasue I had braces a few years ago.


THE WORST PAIN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TTC #2
It wont hurt while they are taking them out. however, your jaw still ends up with holes where there used to be teeth. It aches a bit. And the bleeding (stops after about an hour) is unpleasant.

I strongly suggest you DO get them out, because you don't want to have gone through braces for nothing. My hubby had braces, and didn't have his wisdom teeth out, you would never know he'd had braces, cause his teeth are so crooked and out of place. Get them out. It will be worth it.

mine werent and they had to cut them all out and YES it still hurt getting them out. they will give you pain meds, and take them on time and the antibiotics as well. make sure you drink lots of liquid things, and mashed potatoes and jello for about two weeks. i got mine out around thanks giving and was lucky to eat semi solids at christmas time. i was 15. there will be swelling and bruising as well , which is normal. i had all 4 out as well too. enjoy being pampered and soak it up. i didnt and tried to be tough and wish i had stayed in bed longer. lol.

I've never heard of a case where it doesn't hurt. Mine were impacted, and it hurt like a mofo!

Kir S
I had mine out and had very little pain. The key is to take the pain meds your doctor gives you, especially in the first couple of days. Also, stick to soft foods. I lived on spaghettio's for a couple of days. Jell-o is good too. Good luck!

It completely depends on the person (and how much of an anesthetic they use). I just had four wisdom teeth out and one only was impacted. It didn't hurt at all during the procedure because I was so drugged up (but still awake). All I felt was them stitching my gum and no pain:) It hardly hurt at all afterwords the only time it did was when I tried to eat on the third day because I had completely stopped taking my pain pills. (I took them on the first day and just before I ate on the second.)

My sister got hers out in the summer (not impacted just malposed) and hers hurt for a week even though she took the pain pills.

My other sister had 2 out and had a bit of pain just before she could take her next pill and it last a couple of days.

Your mouth will probably be fairly swollen (especially before the freezing comes out) and your lips will get stretched. Use Vaseline or lip chap regularly to restore your lips. To reduce swelling it is very important to use ice on the first and possibly second day. Use the ice for the whole day even if it doesn't hurt!!!! The swelling will last much longer if you don't. Don't expect to eat much the first day. Mostly of the difficulty will be due to swelling. Consider getting something you can drink like jell-o that isn't quite set, tomato or cold broth. Nothing hot and no straws!

Baby Julie due 5/12
yes they will put they will give you drugs that make you sleepy and take all the pain away. And the docs can refill them is you still experience pain. It took mine 2 weeks to feel better. 2 weren't impacted and 2 were.

For the person that said it was the worse pain ever has never experienced giving birth, lol.

It will hurt about 6 hours after the surgery once the Novacaine wears off :P

Then, drink down some thin soup (trust me, you won't want to and you won't like it at all, but you have to) and take a pain pill.

If you need any help, message me.

Oh, and right after the surgery, when you feel like rinsing blood out of your mouth, be sure you face *downwards* over a sink. You will be so drugged up you have a good chance of choking and sputtering water and blood everywhere if you let water get back in your throat.

It's a pain in the butt to get them out, but it's not so bad.

It wont hurt while they do it because you will be drugged, but it took me a week to recover. It will hurt afterwards.

Friend, don't let these people scare you. I had seven teeth pulled 2 weeks ago, including my four wisdom teeth. The worst part is when the dentist sticks that needle into the roof of your mouth when he is numbing you. But afterwards, the pain isn't that bad. But be prepared for lots of pressure when he is pulling them..I mean lots!!! Yes you will be sore and it will probably hurt a little to eat but other than that with the help of your pain medicine you'll be fine. That is just as long as you don't spit, smoke, or drink through a straw, as you will get a dry socket. Then you will be alot sorer. Swishing salt water the next day helps too.

Oh yes that will take a bit to heal. You will be sore..
If the dentist breaks one like one did to me..Then your in for some serious pain.Id wait til after Christmas..

I had four taken out at the same time, and honestly, i just couldnt eat the same, and i was knocked out for awhile. But EVERY person is different.

mine never hurt to get out at all, i also got all four out at once, in fact i dont even remember leaving the dentist or going home. Everything will be numb and you'll be asleep you'll be fine, i promise

just remember to eat only what they say you can have
and.. stay away from popcorn.....

Humnbrd Cool
I'm not going to lie to you. It hurts like .................
Keep plenty of ice around and use it.
Ask your doctor if there is anything over the counter you
can take. Tylenol or a reasonable facsimile.
I feel for you, had the same thing happen.
Eventually the pain will go away.
You're just a little scared right now, but it will pass.

matt n
It is is different for everyone, but I believe most people over play the pain. Of course it will hurt you got open cuts in your mouth, but not that much. I got my wisdom teeth out ,they weren't impacted though, and I played in a soccer game that night without pain medication(for the percocet would of messed me up). So, it all depends on your pain tolerance. The doctors recommened putting gauze in my mouth to prevent bleeding and that worked wonders and I was healed in just a few days.

I have had five kids go through this and only one dared to get all four out at the same time. Yes, it hurts but they give you pain meds and antibiotics. Good Luck.

I had all four of mine out at the same and they were impacted! I just did everything they told me, hot packs and then ice pack, pain medication and rinsing with salt water. I had little to no pain. Most of the pain occurrs when you dont take care of them and you get what they call a "dry soccet" That's the painful part, so do what they say and you be fine, no problem!

I had one recently that needed to come out, was not impacted. Only thing that hurt was the shot to numb the area, but wasnt to bad.

They affect everyone differently, mine didn't hurt, my brother who is 27 cried like a baby.

Oh yes! It will still hurt. Don't forget, impacted or not, the dentist is still going to pull four teeth out of your face.

As with all teeth pulling there will be some pain. Be glad they are not impacted.

Sigh Co
Mine were not impacted and I didn't have any pain when I had mine removed. Just be sure to take the pain pills for the first couple of days afterwards :)

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