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If you've had your wisdom teeth surgically removed...?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. I'm really nervous about it. My bf told me as many details as he could remember about the process, but his were removed a couple years ago, so he may have left stuff out just cuz he didn't remember. If anyone remembers their experience, could you tell me some stuff that would help ease my nervousness or give advice of stuff I should keep in mind to do or something? I'd appreciate it...
Additional Details
Oh, and my dentist wants to take them all at once. I only have 3, though. My bottom left one doesn't exist.

Don't get them all removed at the same time. Have the oral surgeon remove only two from each side at one time; that way, you'll at least be able to eat and drink some stuff, and it won't hurt as much to talk.

if you are having local anesthetic...eat before you go in...I didn't and ended up very sick because I couldn't eat after wards and when I finally could, I couldn't keep the food down...other then that you don't want to know how bad it was for me...also if you have problems getting the bleeding to stop...use tea bags...they work

I had mine removed when I was about 16 (I am now 24). I was just as nervous as you are about it, but let me ease your mind...

When I had mine out, during the actual procedure, they had me on some very strong meds, which put me to sleep, and I felt nothing at all.

They also gave me some very strong pills to take home, which helped a whole lot. I never had any problem with pain or anything from it.

The only thing is, your mouth may feel kinda numb for a couple/few days afterwards... mine did. And you'll have to be very careful with what you eat and everything. But that's about it.

So, relax and try not to worry about it. It's a very easy thing to go through.

I hope I have been of some help :)

make sure you get Valium that is the BEST. my surgery was awful, I never went asleep, I was awake for the whole thing, but I couldn't feel much because I was drugged. The after effects are going to be real bad take 3 Motrin for pain and take Tynoale PM for night, or try to get some more Valium.

well ! buddy why don't you ask this suggestion from the doctor I hope that hyou have his contct no. so he will help you out.'

I have an exp. but in that he used some medicine with the help of which I was not feeling pain while removing my wishdom teeth.

I had mine removed May of 2005. You won't remember anything about the surgery at all, as long as you are given general anesthesia that will put you to sleep. Once you wake up your wisdom teeth will be gone and you will probably be at home. You will probably be numb for the entire night and early morning if they are extracting all of them. You will more than likely be very very swollen. It will just be a litle sore thats all. The downside is you can't eat solid foods for a while. DONT, I repeat, DONT smoke or drink through a staw for at least three days minimum. You will be in alot of pain if you do. Everything was fine for me up until I smoked and then it was hell!!! You'll do great!!

Do what the experts at pain do, the karate warriors think about other things, totally relax, have supreme confidence in themselves and the others, there.

A dental surgeon gives a good local anisthetic, and, you're done in like a minute!

The rest of your life will be all the better for this one minute of anxiety. There is little to no pain, actually!

I remember counting backwards and then waking up to hovering assistants saying "You're all done now". If you are getting knocked out you won't feel or remember a thing during the procedure. Of course, you won't be functional the rest of the day and will need someone to drive you home and keep you propped up on the couch in front of the tv so you don't crumble to the floor. Yes, great drugs afterwards though!

I had a really good surgeon, no swelling or bruising. Went to sleep,and when I woke up, it was over. Very little pain afterwards. Just remember not to use a straw.

Everyone reacts differently to extractions. If your having 4 at a time done, that's rough. Try 2 at a time or one if your nervous about it. Your doctor is your best source of help. Follow his after extraction instructions. If you are a smoker, DON'T SMOKE. You can get a dry socket and that is very painful. Face it, your removing a tooth, there will be some pain afterwords. How much, no body knows. Every body reacts differently. Good luck, don't worry you'll be fine.

i was knocked out when i had mine taken out. i had no pain at all. when i got home i was groggy from the drug that knocked me out but that was it besides the normal bleeding. they did give me a pain reliever but i didn't need it. you will be fine. good luck

Hugh Jass
i had mine done and i was put to sleep it wasnt even that bad after you start to get feeling back just take the pain killers they give you and eat ice youll be fine

Jasmine Lily
Mine were removed a few years ago also. I was VERY scared, because my biggest fear is being able to feel it.
I let the doctor know that, and he told me to let him know if I felt anything, and he would give me extra anesthetic. He ended up having to.
You can hear them removing them, and you can feel the pressure, but there surprisingly, was almost no pain.
It was MUCH quicker than I had expected.
They first gave me medicine to relax me, then gave the shots in my mouth, and waited about 10 minutes before returning to check on me. Then the procedure started.

tell him to give you IV Valum before and Darvocet works better than anything even vicodin . for after......If they are hurting now It will be such a relief.......

Jo Jo Gunn
It's not all that bad, only uncomfortable for a few days and good pain killers will help. You'll look like a hamster ( who just put all the food in their pouches ) although ice for the swelling is great ! If, your gettin' knocked out ...you'll love the trip ! The laughing gas before hand is not too bad either !
You'll be fine ! Think of the beautiful smile you'll have afterword !

If you get the top ones removes, it won't be painful, the bottom ones are where the nerves are and when the freezing goes away, it can cause much discomfort. During the surgery, you don't feel a thing! It's finished in no time! If bottom, it should heal in 3 weeks, if top 1.5 weeks. Good luck!

It's no big deal. I had one on top and one on the bottom removed. The doc put me out, did his job, and I was fine. You won't eat anything hard or crunchy for awhile, but other than that, it's not as bad as some people make it out to be.

Your cheeks swell up alot. It's liek getting braces, in which it's hard to eat crap for a few days, and after that i didn't notice anything. When they pulled it out it did not hurt at all.

I had my wisdom teeth pulled about six months ago and it was a horrible experience for me. All of them, except for my bottom left, came out easy. The one on my bottom left as lying on its side and the had to break my jaw to pull the tooth out. It was bad. Till this day I still have problems with my jaw hurting when eating something hard. I hope you do not have to go through what I did. Good luck.

Mr. Bradshaw
Ok, here's my experience. When I went in they gave me this stuff (Novocaine?) that made my whole mouth numb so I wouldn't feel any pain when they pulled my teeth out. They pulled them out while I was fully conscious and then they gave me some sedatives so that I felt groggy. After it was all done my parents came and picked me up from the dentist's office because I couldn't drive myself home due to the sedatives. I rested up the following day and after that was able to go back to work. For a few days afterword I had to put sterile dressing (cloth like material) in my mouth where the wisdom teeth once were to soak up the blood and saliva that was coming out. I couldn't eat very much except soft foods like shakes and jello. But after about a week I was back to normal and it was like nothing had ever happened. Don't worry, you'll be fine and I hope the operation goes well.

I just had all 3 of mine pulled on the 5th of May. I was so freaked out that I cried until the anesthetic knocked me out. It's really not that bad! It doesn't really hurt because you are on pain killers for a couple of days, then the pain basically wears off and you just take ibuprofen for about a week. I promise, it's not as bad as you think it will be. You won't remember anything related to the procedure, because you will be knocked out. So just relax and be sure to stock up on applesauce, yogurt and smoothies! And make sure you have someone there to take care of you for at least 24-48 hours after (getting you drinks, letting you rest).

i just had my widom teeth taken out a month or so ago its not really not that badi was put to sleep 2 (one thing after the bleeding stops use wet tea bags to help the swelling)

trust me you have nothing to worry i had all of mine extracted and i do it everyday because i am a dental assistant the other good news is you'll have a good excuse to eat all the icecream and popcicles you want

Michael R
Most importantly, have ice handy and hold them to your face on both sides on and off for most of the first day, possible the second. this will keep the swelling down. Know that when Novocaine wears off, you will probably want some sort of pain medicine. At that point you have waited too long to take it. As soon as you at all notice Novocaine beginning to wear off, take the pain medicine. It is important that you stay ahead of the pain. It isn't terrible, but really annoying because you can't eat solids doe a short time. Think Jello, custard, puddling, applesauce, and ice cream. It is vitally important to follow your doctor's instruction to avoid irritation and "dry socket."

Beer Advocate
I loved it, the doc game me percocet for the pain - awesome!

most of these answers are wrong..the tops and bottoms hurt depending on how your tooth is positioned..not by top and bottom.. and don't get just half of your mouth done at a time..get all 4 (after the pain, you'll never go back for the last 2)...everyones pain tolerance is different.. and if you have small roots, they'll be a breeze..if their impacted, then you will swell and be sore. They DON"T break your jaw! if if they do, SUE!! they may have to cut the tooth in a few pieces to remove it easier... best bet, if you are nervous, get nitrous oxide or sedated..the surgery itself wont be bad, the healing process is... just take it day by day..you'll be fine!!

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