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christy romano fan
I just swallowed one of my spacers! What do I do? 10 POINTS!!?
I go to the orthodontist on Tuesday but I ended up swallowing one of the spacers. What should I do? Is a little rubber band gonna hurt me?


that happened to me what you have to do is go back tot he orthodontists before Teusday...it can really affect your teeth if u dont.

absolutely nothings, i suggest eating stuff high in fiber to make it come out smooth lol

no jus wait til ur check up its normal

Jacob O
no it wont hurt you

nothing will hapen you will be fine.
it may hurt or feel weird later when you crap it out.
other that tha you wil be fine

Flo C
Don't worry I did the same thing it will do nothing to you
note: I swallowed it like 8 times

no its not since you can digest it itll come out haha

call your orthodontic and call in for another appointment.

Mr. Lizard
Dig through your feces until you find it. Your dentist can put it back in your teeth for you.

LOL no it wont hurt you, by the end of tomorrow it wont matter cuz it WONT BE IN THERE ANYMORE! haha.

No biggie. I lost and swallowed most of my spacers - the orthodontist was concerned at all. He just went right to work putting in my braces.

dont worry. those rubber bands will not harm you (unless ofcourse you swallow hundreds of them :D ) just tell your orthodontist when you go to your next check-up., and they will replace it.

K. Bunton
Nope..eat some Y+ yogurt to help out with the necessary fiber. Good luck!

wait till u poop it out.

nothings gonna happen
ur just gonna poop it out lol
but other then that your good

it won't harm you at all. Since the appointment is this week, it wont cause any problems with your dental appointment either.

I would not be too worried. One rubber band, nothing can happen. Do not worry. It's a one time thing. Ask your orthodontist how you can try to be more careful. Hope this helped.

no it ownt hurt you, just make sure you tell the orthodontist

Greg H
not that much

Won't hurt one thing. You're fine.

Harmless you will be fine. i assure you

It's me B!tCHes!!!
No, drink a lot of orange juice and wait about 24 hours.

Jenna B
no sweat about it, hun
you will poop it out
dont worry

no not at all it will pass

Sexy V
actually it won't. just be honest with your dentist. the spacer wont hurt you at all. you will be okay

Shayla! ♥
it shouldnt do any harm to ur body.

it wont cause you any harm, ive swallowed half a dozen

just wait, unless its sharp you'll be fine... eat fruits so you can pass it quickly. ( if you know what i mean. lol) Don't worry. i did it too.. lol

No, it is not going to hurt you, just tell the doc what happened and he will replace it I'm sure.

sally b
nah they are small. if you swallow like 10 it still wont do any hard to you.

Swallow a stapler and you might have a reason to be concerned. But, a rubber band will pass without notice.

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