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Sally Vinagrette
I just got my braces on today and they HURT!!!?
i got them on a few hours ago and they hurt so badly and i can't eat.I got the Damon System which aren't supposed to hurt as much.

So i guess what i'm asking is..Does it really hurt for as long as you have it on? Can you eat?and do you get used to it?

gimme sympathy.
when i first got mine they hurt SO BAD.
i couldnt eat for a while but the pain definitely goes down.
youll get used to it dont worry =)

You're Pal
Ya I'm not sure what kind of braces I had, but it only hurts because the braces are pulling your teeth into place. It will probably stop COMPLETELY in a week. For now just eat jello, pudding, ice cream, and mashed potatoes. =D It will go away soon.

teh pain goes away.
teh first day they do hurt A LOT!
and then when they tighten the wire
which is like once a month
but its not as bad as the first day..
just make sure to brush after you eat something. :)

Ask your orthodontist for a special toothbrush
for braces. :)
Hope teh pain goes away soon..
take a pain reliever pill.

Kristi (:
Braces only hurt for a day or two, don't worry, I've had braces since 4th grade, I'm in 7th now and I won't get them off till the end of 8th... They don't really hurt ever except when you get rubber bands and when you get them tightened. Try eating soft foods like Mac & Cheese. Cold stuff works too.
You should feel much better tomorrow, you'll be able to eat, etc. Also brush your teeth really really well, no matter how much it hurts. My cousin never brushed her teeth well and got braces and ended up with 12 cavities.
Good Luck!
Try pain killers if you're in a whole lot of pain.

The first couple of days it hurts but then you get used to it and you can eat everything.

I had braces for 2 years and yes you do get used to them. when you go in to get them tightened they might hurt for a day or 2 afterward but other then that they're fine. im not saying that i loved them but you learn to deal with them. :p

i had braces for 2years im glad there of now but yes they do hurt everytime you get them tightened but only for a few days and then its fine again. i did find it really hard to eat but i still did it of course you can eat u just get used to the pain whenever you get them tightened. just wait 2years from now you will hav lovley teeth and will be glad you went threw the pain! x

no it duzn't. wen uj eat cheese doodles ur braces will get ugly nd nasty. nd DO NOT eat caramel

omg ok now im scared to get braces....I HATE PAIN!!!!!

my cousine had them and in the first few days she had to eat stuff like soup ...nothing hard

oh an du cant chew gum untill u take them off.

they only hurt for the first couple of weeks,then u wont notice them. u will able to eat whatever u want exept things like toffees or apples etc. mine hurt for about 3 weeks when i first had them,i eat soup and mash so it didn't hurt.

when you first get braces they hurt..i couldnt eat for a week all i ate was mashed potatos...then they get better...the frst time they tighten the braces...they urt but not as bad..then eventually they will just hurt for a day or two once you get them tightened..you get used to them...ive had them for a year and im use to themmmknow its kinda weird if i think abou tnot having braces..good luck

Eat soft foods, the pain goes away in about 3 days. Less each day usually.

No, it does NOT hurt the whole time. Yes, you will adjust and get used to the braces. Try to enjoy your new smile!

Pairah Normel
You get used to it. It hurts like hell for the first few days though. Drink smoothies and eat soft things. The only way I survived was always having my wax handy because the brackets ripped the insides of my lips to shreds, so carry that stuff around with you everywhere, you'll be glad you did.

It will get better and after a little bit, you won't mind them at all. Honestly. Hang in there. :)

Energizer Bunny
The pain is from, having an untold amount of pressure put on your teeth and the tightening of the wires. It will hurt and be sore for the first few days. Usually they don't reccomend foods that will get stuck in your braces or that will hurt you jaw. But the pain does go away, and you will have to eat soft foods for a while. But, you will get used to it eventually.

reeses cup 411
ive never had braces but all of my friends have. they said it hurts really bad for the first few days, and eventually you get used to the pain and dont notice it at all.

OMG SERIOUSLY?!?!? I just got mine on today too!! They hurt rly bad right now too!! But my dentist told me to use wax if they are bothering you, like rubbing against your cheeks and stuff, and if they are sore rinse with warm salt water and take some aleve or advil. My sister got hers off a few months ago, and so I'll get a lot of advice from her. Braces only hurt the first few days after you get them on. I sugget not eating harder foods for now, because it does feel REALLY weird and its hard to eat! So just eat things like pudding, yogurt, ice cream... today. Good luck! BTW: what color or yours?

you'll get used to it.
and they dont hurt the whole time.
only after you get them tightened.

and you can eat, you jut have to think about it abit more.

They hurt for about a week, for the first couple days it hurt me really bad, but after about three days it was only a dull pain....you do get used to them after about a week. For the first week, i would recommend just eating really soft stuff. And if they tried to scare you into thinking that there are basically no foods you can eat otherwise your braces will snap and you are screwed for life, don't believe them. You can eat normally, just don't go eating anything hard that can wreck your brackets and make them come off, but they are attached to the wire, so if they do come off they slide around and are really annoying- It doesn't hurt if they break. You get totally used to braces

But just to let you know: they will hurt if you go for a checkup and they tighten the wires - not as bad, and only for a day or so, but just letting you know

ouhhh i just got braces too and they freakng are hurting badly i dont know if the pain will ever go away,hopefully it will i cant eat anythng either!!

The Sideways
You will get used to it.

No, it stops hurting after awhile, around a week for most people. :) Yes, eating gets easier after two or so days, but you might want to take it easy with soft foods for awhile. You'll get used to them in time, and pretty soon it won't even hurt when they're tightened. Don't worry, there's nothing to be worried about. ^^

after like a week, it's not sore or painful any longer, you can eat, and you get very used to it

MiSs. ZetaBetaZetaPRINCESS<3
yea. thats pretty normal

Lexy Lady
No they don't hurt for the whole time you get them. The pain wares off through time.

Rap luva
I don't have braces but i know people who do and you stop feeling the pain after a while.

mine hurt so bad, uhhh
lol but try tylenol it worked for me,
and eat mashed potatoes or soup
gooodluck and sorry they hurt! (:

One of my family members had braces and for her it only hurt for about 2 days and then it stopped. After the 2 days she could eat properly and she didn't feel it anymore. Don't worry. I hope you feel better soon.

Yes, you will be able to eat. You usually experience the most pain the first day you get them and the following day.

Then on each visit to the orthodontist you will experience pain when they change out the wires and "tighten" them. For a day or so.

You'll be fine in a couple of days.

Ask for some mashed potatoes! LOL

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