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I just got braces. How long will it take before it doesnt hurt when i eat hard foods?
I got full braces and it really hurts when i bite down.
Additional Details
thanks alot guys at least i dont feel like ripping them out any more lol :S

about 1-2 weeks...i get mine off tomorrow yay!!!.....yay but they will hurt for a week or two..just take some Advil cuz it will help a lot...but u will get used to the braces in a couple of weeks....

Dog Owner of 2
You're not supposed to be eating hard foods while wearing braces......you could brake the wire or a bracket off.

In general as far as pain goes.....you should take 2 advil about 30 minutes before EACH Ortho visit. There were times my teeth would hurt for about a week after each visit. Some visits will be easier than others. Hang in there...the end result will be worth it.

depending on your personal level of tolerance, about 5-7 days...some people take longer, while others take shorter...as you continue to wear them, you'll know what you can take

wait a couple of weeks.
and then the pain will go away.
but then you might have to get them tightened.
it's kinda of a braces routine.
youll get used to it.

when i got mine it took about a week

about 3-7 days

"lean wit it"
it takes like a week or two then it should go away.

One to two weeks but just keep telling yourself that youll have prefect teeth soon and time will fly by!
ps mine????

for me like a week or 2. if you tried ripping them out it will just be more painful than to just leave them in lol

Man, I had no idea people were such wussies.
The first thing I ate directly after getting braces was a toasted bagel.

i think to get rid of the pain you hav to eat har foods but thats me you can eat hard foods between 3 days -a week

about 3 days

hey i know how you feel i have braces NOW and it takes a week for it to stop hurting but then when you get it tightined it doesnt hurt depending how bad ur teeth are and rubberbands arnt that bad dont be scared about anything new!

It is usually about 3-4 days. Today's wires are much different that in years past. Most of the wires are heat sensitive now. They work hardest when the heat up to your body temp. If your teeth begin to ache sometimes by eating or drinking something cold it cools down the wire and gives you a bit of a break. Taking 400mg of ibuprofen every 4 hours, not to exceed 2400mg in a 24 hr period will help ease the discomfort also.
Teeth don't ache once they're in motion, they ache while they're getting in motion.
It will be well worth all the ache's in the end :).

braces hurt for about a 4-5 days after each visit

most people feel pain for the first week and then for a couple of hours after each adjustment

first time it will ake 2-3 days and after that u can able to manage it. my kind advice is please don't eat hard foods when u wear braces becoz by eating such things i broke it several times and it will cause pain. all the best.

it will take about 1-2 weeks

lakshmi g
It is natural phenomenon ,because they are fixed on the teeth front side ,while chewing they will come in contact with the gums, cheek mucosa ,so there will be pressure on the surface which will result in pain,you should avoid sticky& hard subtances.

It will hurt for about a week or 2 depending on your pain tolerance. You'll get used to them soon. Try taking some extra strength Tylenol a few hours before you eat. That ought to get rid of the pain long enough to let you eat

♥ Coldplay is Awesome ♥
Well, I am going to be getting my braces in about 2-3 weeks, so I am going to tell you what my orthodontist said. He said that I will probably be able to eat solid foods once my teeth adjust. It will probably hurt for about 1-2 weeks if you bite down. Note the word If. Otherwise, when you aren't biting down, it won't hurt. If you like to clench your teeth, I feel bad for you. I hope this helps. Hey, I probably will have the same questions when I get my braces on, so why not answer them? Lol......
See Ya!

ohh the pain!

i still have braces, and mine are almost done.

every time they tightened mine, or what not, i tried
eating on one side first, yes, they say that's bad, and
you shouldn't do it, but it really worked!

you'll get used to one side, than you can work on that,
later that side will be good to eat on, and the other side
will start to ease up, after, you can eat normal again!

... until they tighten them again!

It took about a week. I learned this trick the hard way: Take Tylenol, Advil, or any generic type of acetaminophen (even if you don't plan on eating soon). It will take the pain away a lot faster than if you don't. When I first had my braces, I begged my mom to take me back to get them removed because of the pain. But don't worry; They're well worth the pain and wait.

i have just got braces on tuesday and it doesnt hurt anymore. i took 2 ibuprofen tablets each day for 3 days. i got cold water and held it in my mouth for it abit cuz it does work. if the brackets are rubbing against ur mouth use the wax they give u. and if u get a ucler use bonjela cuz that stop it from hurting.

3-4 days and you will be as good as new! Eat a lot of pasta and noodlesl, mashed potatoes, and smoothies! It's a great way to force your parents into taking you out for icecream or sno-balls!

For me it was 2-3-4 days :)

Lexi M
OMG, i have experience!
not very long at all, hon.
i know its tough, but its just like this time next week, or sooner.
i hope i helped(:

ƒσx ?ι?τ-βικιŋğ ğι?ι
it took me about a week. but i don't have full braces. some good, soft snacks and foods to eat until it doesn't hurt are:

fruit cups

you can take pain pills, such as ibuprofen, Advil and Tylenol. remember that you can only take them every so often, so while you wait for the time to be up, rinse your mouth with warm salt water, and do not swallow.

I suggest doing one or both of those things before you go to bed so you can sleep well. Also, during the day, make sure you time the times that you take your pill so that if you like you can take one before bed.

And when I got my braces, the first few night I put the wax over the brackets to 1) get used to the feeling and 2) help me get some sleep.
Good luck!!

in about 4 days to a week you should be totally fine. when i got my braces on & after every tightening, i would take two ibuprofens (or advil, or tylenol, whatever you want) & when my teeth would be realllllllly painful (without me even biting down) i would sit w/ a cup of cold water, & put a mouthful of water in my mouth & just hold it in there to ease the pain. then swallow & repeat as needed. the cold water REALLY helped, since the cold like deactivates the doors of the brackets. good luck w/ your braces, theyre SO worth it :)

Aleena P
When i had braces, it was usually a solid 1-2 weeks of pain after each visit before i was ready to take on crunchy hard foods again.
Make sure your ready to eat those foods before hang, your teeth can feel better but once you chomp into something things can turn bad quickly. haha.

depends on you pain tolerance. when i had braces, i forced myself to eat regular food an hour after i had them put in. it hurt like hell but my teeth stopped feeling sensitive later that day. my sister on the other had didn't have a high pain tolerance and couldn't eat solid food for a week, just depends. try taking Tylenol an hour before you plan on eating that might help.

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