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 scottish mental dental joke?
a scotsman asked the dentist the cost of a tooth extraction
£85 for an extraction said the dentist
£85!!!!hae ye no got anything cheaper,lad
thats the normal charge sir
whit ...

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It looks very nice....

I had my wisdom teeth extracted last week and I think I have a dry socket but I'm not sure?
I was applying hydrogen peroxide to the holes in my gums today to prevent infection, my mother insisted on doing it and jabbed the end of the syrenge into the opening, I heard a pop and my mouth filled with blood. I'm certain that she popped the blood clot and removed it although the wound did not continue to bleed. Could this be anything else? Shoul I call my dentist right away or can I wait to go to my appointment on Wednesday if this is a dry socket?

A dry socket is extremely painful and it is not caused by physical trauma, the actual causes of dry socket are not definite, and it usually occurs 3-4 days after the extraction

I think your mother just hit the place of the wound and naturally it bled, and unless you're suffering from complications (plain, swelling, bleeding) I think it can wait until your next appointment :) try to keep the area clean and wash your mouth with diluted hydrogen peroxide,, and get well ;)

If you had dry socket, you would know. Dry socket develops 24-72 hours post extraction. If your mom dislodged the clot, give it a couple of days. Do not rinse the area. Treat it like you did right after the extraction. Unless your dentist gave you the syringe and advised you to rinse the area with hydrogen peroxide, don't do it. Do not self medicate and do not rinse with anything for 24 hours. As I said, treat it as you did the day the extraction was done. Tomorrow you may rinse gently with warm salt water.

EDIT: Dry socket is caused by dislodging of the blood clot. If the blood clot is not there to protect the bone, the bone is exposed to air and it gets dry, (hence the name "dry socket"), causing an infection and severe pain.

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