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I had a filling in my tooth yesturday and i still can't eat on the side of my mouth i had the filling.?
Is this normal? My tooth did not hurt before i had the filling.

Dr. H
This can be normal after a filling, especially if it was deeper. Sometimes it may be sensitive to cold for a while afterward. Also, the bite could be high if it hurts when you bite or chew. If it is hurting or very sensitive then you should check with your dentist and make sure that there's no problem. Good luck.

The Mole
I had this once with a filling. They didn't get all the nerve out, so I had to go up the hospital, they removed the bad bit, cleaned out a little more decay and temp filled it. Then I had it redone. That since has become a £300 crown. Which looks lots better. Check back if still hurts tomorrow.

[email protected]
yes this is quite normal as when the dentist pulled your tooth
it makes you gums sore, after 2 days this should ease.
wash your moth with hot salty water.

The Doctor Is Bogus!!!

well i had the same thing a lot of years a go so go back to wear you had it done and tell them the problem.and no its not normal

the nerves have been affected on that side of your mouth so give it a few days.. if after a week it still hurts then go back to your dentist

Yes it is quite normal. However, if it is still hurting more than a week after you have the filling, you should contact your dentist. There is a possibility that they hit a nerve in your mouth which would be the reason the continuous pain.

Missy B
It's very normal give it 2 days and u will feel better


some people this happens and some not.

Not normal. It could need grinding down. Dentist uses carbon paper type material to find where the malocclusion is and adjusts it. No meds needed for procedure. For what dental work costs I would definitely complain to the dentist.

Yes, the roots to your tooth and the teeth around the tooth that was worked on is now very sensitive it will go away in a few days. If it gets worse though go back to your dentist because you could have a "dry socket" or similar infection.

Go back to the dentist and he will help you.

Yes its quite normal to feel discomfort , its just because you have work done on your tooth, and also the injection made it painfull, it should stop hurting in a day or so

Sexy Red
Yes its normal i had a filling last wk and it took me about 4 days before i could eat on that side,dont rush as it will hurt even more.

It might feel a bit sensitive if it was a deep filling and was close to the nerve, or it could be a bit high and your putting more pressure on that tooth. Either way give it a few days to settle down, if it doesn't go back to see your dentist, you might need it adjusted slightly.

Yes, give it a few days and it will feel much better.
Same happened to me last year... uncomfortable for 4-5 days then it was fine....you need to get used to it.

Yes its normal its just because ur tooth has been worked on!! you'll be fine! x

sounds like the filling maybe too high, and you are biting on it before you bite on the rest of your teeth (does that make sense???) Anyway, a simple two minute trip to the dentist will sort it out...

Keith C
yes it is normal. Especially if the filling is near the root. When they filled your tooth they probably also put in some antibiotics. I think it is called fugi. What this will do is help heal the spongy tissue within your tooth. Right now it is probably very irritated. I would give it a couple days. If it doesn't get better call your dentist and check with them. They might of drilled it too much and cracked your tooth. Which has happened to me personally.

i don't know much about fillings but shouldn't it take a while before you are able to chew on it if your not sure call and ask your dentist they will tell you what you need to know it shouldn't hurt when you chew or anything like that

You need to call the dentist because that doesn't sound normal. I don't think fillings are supposed to hurt. Maybe they did something wrong.

There could be pressure on the nerve - go back to your dentist.

yes its fine its take a few days for it to settle. you may also find that it feels abit rough but that will smooth down too.
but if still hurts say after a week or so just check in with your dentist. but im sure it will be fine in a few days

Your mouth will be a little sore for a couple of days. You have to keep in mind that your tooth has been traumatized. The nerve will be sore. Take a couple of asprin or aleive, call your dentist if you have any further concerns.

If it didn't hurt before, it shouldn't HURT now. Of course it also depends on how deep (how close to the nerve) the filling is. Call the dentist just in case.

the same thing happen to me. my dentist don't put the filling in right. a month later the filling fell out i had to go back to the dentist and get another filling an it coasted more money.

brandon w
no its not cuz i got mine and i ate an our later

call your dentist ASAP, that is not NORMAL.

Peter F
After drillling, your tooth may be sensitive for a few days, especially if it was a deep filling but this should settle. Why did you need the filling? Was it a replacement for a previous fractured filling or did the tooth have decay (caries). Sometimes decay has to travel pretty far into a tooth before you experience symptoms so if your decay was shallow, you probably would not feel any pain beforehand. However, the tooth still needs cleansing to stop the decay spreading and it will be sore for a while. If the decay has irreversibly damaged the nerve (pulp), despite thorough cleansing, the nerve will need to be removed, and root canal treatment or tooth removal will be indicated. You will know this is happening as the tooth will be extremely painful with hot/cold and become tender to bite on. Episodes of throbbing pain will come spontaneously, often lasting hours with no relief from medication. You will need to see your dentist urgently if it gets this bad!! However, give it a few days, even a week, and see how it goes, taking painkillers as necessary. Teeth can be sensitive for an awfully long time after dental work but if the pain improves, no matter how slowly, this is usually a good sign. Hope this helps.

Mary M
As many other respondents have already said It sounds as if there is still a problem there, possibly the hole was not completely filled or a nerve left to near to the air giving you trouble.Answer see the dentist again to get it sorted.

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