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I dropped my retainer in the toilet?
As said in the title i stupidly dropped my clear retainer ,that i got after my braces, into the toilet. I grabbed it out and want to know know how to clean it. My sister says to boil it but im afraid it could melt. What do you people think?

get a new one right you can cant you i dont know cause i dont have braces but why cant you go get a new one i know you probally could

it won't melt.
clean it good, and it'll be fine.

just clean it off somehow.

boil it. It shouldn't melt at all

Brian H
I think you can boil it for a couple seconds, I say 10. Then after brush it down with toothpaste and dip it in listerine.

Well, toliet water is actually better for your health then fridge water. It also taste pretty good and clean, too! :) (it taste like cheese)

space where my name should be
lick it clean!

Rachel :)
My cousin said to get an old tooth brush and scrub it with soap. That is how she cleans her retainer... (Although she hasn't dropped it in the toilet)

Ryan D
Briefly dip it in boiling water... not so long as to melt it, then soak it overnight in Listerine.

It's mostly for your peace of mind though... you touch it with your fingers and human fingernails have more germs than a toilet.

You could use a bleach/water solution to clean it. Soak it for about 5 mins and then rinse it really well. It should clean all of the nasty bacteria sitting fermenting on it from your toilet.

Me and you
DO NOT BOIL IT! It will melt and get deformed and you will need to get a new one for sure!!! Rinse it with warm water then soak it in listerine over night that will kill the bacteria. We also tell our patients to use denture cleaner. Best of luck!

anti-bacterial soap to eliminate the funk on it from the toilet, kills 99.99% of germs/bacteria.

clean it with alcohol then was with a disinfectant dish SOAP rinse well

oh gosh, I would call in and ask your orthodontist. maybe you could just brush it really good with a toothbrush and a LOT of toothpaste. don't boil it though because even it it doesnt melt it will shrink in the hot water and wont fit you anymore

Clean it well, clean it again, soak it in alcohol (rubbing) and clean it again. Then resoak it in alcohol. Boiling it, may very well melt it. Just don't tell anyone else, or they may tease you about it all the time. Potty mouth? LOL

Herb ♥ Edna
if you have mouth wash. soak it in a bowl with mouth wash over night.

Noo dont boil it, you are right it will melt.

Wash it with hot, hot water and soap w/ antibacterial components.

Best of Luck and Happy Holidays!!

Carrie =)


Don't boil it! I actually boiled mine a few years ago, and it melted to the bottom of the pot. I always used denture cleaner, that should do it!

hope I was of help =]

Dr. Albert, DDS, (USA)

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