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 when I brush my teeth a lot of blood come out of my gum, what it is?

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It looks very nice....

I don't brush my teethe that often?
Ok here is the problem iam 14 and i almost never brush my teethe maybe 2 or 3 times a week but.... For the past 2 weeks i have been trying hard to stop this my gums used to bleed when i brushed but they have stopped and every1 is telling me my teethe arent as yellow does this sound like improvements?(i had a dental appointment but my mom wont take me for some reason)
Additional Details
i have started to brush them after every drink/food i eat dont no if that a little too much


ms. dew
You should go with that dental appointment. Brushing and flossing your teeth and gums now can only clean the surface, so a dental check-up can help thoroughly clean hard to reach areas and ensure that they are in good condition. Proper oral hygiene is the best and only way to prevent teeth and gum diseases. Good thing your teeth have become whiter. Keep it up!

u r to brush ur teeth atleast twice a day. think about all those food that you eat in one day small particles of the food are stuck in ur teeth if u dont brush them out then that will cause serious side effects b/c they will stay in ur teeth & help form bacteria and other mouth related infection.

so start brushing everyday Mr.

soon u're going 2 want to kiss girls if u havent started already and they r not going 2 want to kiss u if ur month is not in a good state. how does ur teeth look to u? if they need looking after explain the situation 2 ur mom & ask her to take u 2 the dentist.

she wolf
Brush your teeth twice a day, and floss every other day, I am also 14 and that is what I do

Brush your teeth twice a day and you will see improvement. Keep an eye on bleeding gums as it can be a sign of gum disease.

brush your teeth twice a day and at least for 2 mins each time. gargle with strong mouth wash and it should make your gums stronger. don't use a hard bristle brush! good luck!

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