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 i recently just got braces july 16th and they are still hurting is it normal to be hurting this long?
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 Getting teeth pulled out?
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 my son has refused 2 go the dentist 2day hes 3 and he has really bad toothache?
we got to the dentists room, he wasn't having any of it, he had a full blown tantrum and the dentist sent us away and told us 2 re book! he wont eat or drink and he complains in sore all the ...

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 Should I get my wisdom teeth removed, I'm afraid the dentist is just desperate for business?
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 Is anyone out there gettin' as much?
snow as we are here in Ohio? and how much do you think you've gotten today?
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No amberly I don't think we would be that lucky for it to stop anytime soon!!

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 my tooth won't stop bleeding?!?!?
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 What should I do about my rubber bands?
I have had to wear rubber bands since like april, but I never do because I always forget, and every time I go to my orthodontist she is sorta mad at me cause I never wear them.

At school ...

 does getting your cavities fixed hurt?
im going to the dentist later and its my first time and i hav 3 cavities
do u guys think its a lot????
and does it hurt to get it fixed????...

 Does filling cavaties hurt?
Hello, I am 14 years old, and I have 2 small cavaties. I've had a filling before, when I was small, and it hurt, so I am afraid it will hurt now. How painful is the novacaine injection and ...

 Dry socket and smoking question!?
I had extraction on all 4 wisdom teeth exactly 8 days ago. I had a dry socket in one, and had the last packing removed today. The surgeon gave me paste if I needed it. Can I smoke? I know that it is ...

I don't brush my teeth?
Is there a problem with that? Just because I refuse to become a sheep and follow the rest of society I'm suddenly "icky" and "eww". Make your own choices. Make your own lives! LIVE FREE!!!

It's so invigorating knowing you can get up in the morning and go straight out without having to worry about the inpracticality and complete and utter pain in the ar-se of doing it.
Additional Details
Oh shut up all with your "ewwws" and "ickyyys". Can't you see?

It's just another way for the government to get more money out of us for their pockets ie toothpaste, toothbrushes etc.

All of you don't brush your teeth for a week and you'll see that it doesn't matter! It's like your hair, after like 2 weeks they clean themselves.

I'm being different and I love it!!!!!


Thts quite strange people don't brush their teeth because everyone else is doing it ! they do it because they don't want to smell its like eating everyone does it but they have to.

ewwww!!!! wtfs wrong w/ u,lol
i guess if u like bad breath and what ur teeth to fall out.
its ur life.................

I pity the person who has to kiss you.

Will it be as invigorating when you have to keep your teeth in a jar, I wonder?

EDIT: Toothpaste isn't a government con! It does actually work! And you can get cheap toothpaste that works! You crack me up!

If I stopped cleaning my teeth I would save 63p ($1.20 US) per week. It's not worth risking losing my teeth for.

Ms. T
It's good hygiene. But if you want to go around with stuff between your teeth, and smelly breath, your more that free to do so. It's also nice to consider those around you who will have to talk and endure the aroma of your mouth.

it okay to be free and wat not but

1. no girl is going to wanna kiss u
2. bad breath ewww ppl wont wanna even talk to u
3. cavities, rot, all that other nasty stuff

u should really think about brushing ur teeth i mean i think it feels great to have a clean fresh mouth =]

All your teeth are going to rot out and youre going to be in a great deal of pain and disgust and you are going to wish you woulda "followed the rest of soceity" if thats what their calling having decent dental hygiene these days!

Um, ew. I'm sorry but ew... Okay. I know it's your life and you want to control it and yadayadayada but seriously.
First of all, its your hygene. I really don't want to look at it. Normally, teeth are probably whiteish, but if you don't brush them, they'll turn... yellow. You're okay with that? Fine.
Second, I know it's a pain and all to get up in the morning and brush them. Try eating breakfast first, then brushing.
Third... imagine that in the very-far-away-future-if-you-continue-to-… when you get a girlfriend, and you makeout with her, she probably won't want to kiss you again because you probably wont taste that good..... and bad breath too....

But whatever, its your life. Do what you want. It's just my advice...

¸.•*´`*♥ Be The Change ♻*´`*•.¸
Well dental heath IS part of your entire health.
i think its great that you think for yourself! but unfortunately your health is excruciatingly important and you are not doing a very good job of taking care of yourself :(

Kimberly C
just brush your teeth

Ewww your teeth will rot.
what are you going to do next? stop showering?
there are better ways to be an indavidual...

im guessing you dont have a gf/bf...and never will.

mrs. held
POOR MOUTH HYGEINE LEADS TO HEART DISEASE. Plus, this guy at my husband's work has to spend $15,000 to get his teeth fixed, cuz he never brushed them.

steph g
well, up to you but its v unhygenic, you can get all sorts of infections in your mouth, and your breath will smell :(

Well its not so bad that you don't brush your teeth as it is that you go into public and make innocent people endure your permanent morning breath! If you can live with a dirty mouth, then good for you. But stay away from me.

Ummm...your teeth are going to fall out shortly. If you dont clean your teeth, they decay. The smell of decay is not pretty. You will lose your job, the ones you love, everything you hold dear.

Now be a good little sheep and brush your teefers.

It's nice that you don't want to follow society and all, but not brushing your teeth can have serious dental conseceuses, like gingivitis.

yeah well its not following society hun; its being clean.
theres lots of germs in ur mouth;; && umm if u dont brush them they turn all yellowish and it smells;; dude;;
brush ur damn teeths;; its trifflin if u dont

You are kidding, right?? It isn't just about becoming a sheep, it is about your health. Don't you know that gum disease can cause you to have lots of health problems. Also, do you really think people want to look at your yellow teeth. How can you stand yourself?

Tinker butt! ♥ ♥
I TOTALLY agree with you!!!!!

I mean, so what If my teeth fall out before I hit the age of 40!

Maybe I wanna liquefy all of my food just so I can get my
daily protien!!!!


so where is the question in that? "is there a problem with that?" it seems to me thtat you already have your mind made up.
so beeee freeeee with your cavities and yellow teeth.
be freeeeeeeee with everyone trying to stay away from you because of your bad breathe.
yeah be freeee alright.
by yourself.

just PMSin
its fine if you want to be FREE

but who's gonna want to kiss you??

i wouldn't

1. It only takes a few minutes
2. It prevents cavities, rot, etc.
3. You do smell a whole lot better

If you want to be free, why not stop showering? If you ever want to carry on an actual conversation with someone, they don't want to have to smell you...

Wait, you don't wash your hair either? You got stuff living in their?

well its yer life anyways

but people wont talk to you if you have bad breath

and its not healthy for yer teeth..

I feel the same way. But in life some things are for the better. I do brush them and my teeth feel so much cleaner. Also I would feel embaressed if my teeth were all yellow and I smiled. Try brushing your teeth for a week 2 times a day. Trust me.

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