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Old School
I am very busy, so to save time, I am only going to brush my teeth once per week. Is this a good idea?
There's not enough time in the day. I figure I spend about 10 minutes per day brushing my teeth. That's over an hour a week. If I brush just one per week, I will save myself about an hour per week. I could use time. Is this a good idea? What isn't everyone doing it?

the very best


in the long run it will definately hurt ... 110%ly trust me dont

everyday is better for only 2 minutes

Mr. J. Gatsby
Absolutely not!
The chance of developing plaque build up and gingivitis is extremely high. If you brush your teeth on sunday, you would have six days of potential plaque build up from the foods you consume. You should brush your teeth once in the morning and once at night, rinse with mouth wash and floss to create a healthy smile!

Not unless you want to deal with tons of pain.. and spend lots of time and money at the dentist.. to top it off.. the infection from a rotted tooth can kill you.. I wouldn't reccomend it. I'd say find somewhere else to make the cuts.

uhm you should probably use 3 minustes brushing your teeth, that should be the most common and least amount of time you need for brushing our teeth :D

♥Princess Cyborg♥ roxyrox
no, why brush anyway, if you are busy, just scratch it all together

The worst shape your teeth are in the less long you will live. So while you may save that 70 minutes a week, you'll be sacrificing nearly a half hour a day in longevity. The trade off will put you in the ground sooner. Not to mention the pain, the smell, the bleeding gums, the discoloration, and the nausea from really crappy teeth. So you won't actually be gaining time, you'll be losing it.

ready 2 be a mommy
Really??? If you don't brush your teeth, yahoo answers will be the only place people will talk to you!

This is a very bad idea! This is not good for your teeth or your breath! I would recommend just limiting the time you spend brushing your teeth each day, set a timer for 3 minutes and brush until it goes out, this is a lot better than only brushing your teeth once a week!

Zahra H
YOU'LL spend hours at the dentist in the long run!

Absolutely not a good idea. Good oral hygiene is very important if you want healthy gums, and teeth. Besides, you will have bad breath. And, all the food that sits on your gums and teeth all day, for days, will create cavities, infections, you name it. You'll have dentures by the time you're 30. Not a good idea.

Sounds alright, I guess, if you don't care about your teeth. You may lose some friends, from the social aspects of a dirty mouth. Consider giving up doing the dishes, or something like that, instead. I don't know.

betty s/nikoly
heck no! make time!

You should only be spending 2-3 minutes brushing your teeth each time. Get an electric toothbrush. That will speed things up.

With your plan you are going to spend far more time in the dental chair getting fillings done and teeth yanked, etc.

brush for a minute a day - it's better...
you will gain a perminate stain or other build up that will remain with your teeth if you only brush once a week..

Up to you, but being so busy, I would keep my teeth white and bright...

Make the time,
teeth do not come back after they are gone
(Adult teeth)

Bit like me saying - oh - I will eat once a week...
Yea, why not you only get hungry again, and again...save money...

You will die, and your teeth will fall out.

Rose Petal
10 minutes a day brushing your teeth? you only need to brush for 2 minutes at a time. that's 4 minutes out of your day. don't stop brushing your teeth. still brush twice a day, but for 2 minutes each time.

so busy you have time to ask this

that is just nasty...no one is THAT busy... that sounds more like being lazy to me.

Haha. Yeah with the time you save you could spend more time getting cavities filled.

keep yourself healthy, you dont want yellow teeth, honestly, what is ten minutes out of 24 hours?

That is disgusting. If you don't brush regularly (at LEAST once per day) you can get all sorts of dental problems like gengavitis and cavities!

for dentists to get ur money>>YES.. the best idea ever !!!

Ummm maybe you should cut back on the time that it takes you to brush rather than not brushing AT ALL. That is just disgusting!

Liz S
Unless you want nasty breath, cavities, and yellow teeth I wouldn't suggest it.

Chris Schock
I think a better way to save time would be to get off Yahoo Answers and go brush your nasty teeth!! haha

lol your kidding right. If you are not kidding look at it this way. you will save even more time becuase no one will talk to you.

That has got to be the stupidest idea i have ever heard, how about you spend a little less time on here per day if your really that busy?

Sarah M
I'm guessing this is a joke, but in case it isn't I want to answer it.
I am a dental hygienist and it is recommended to brush your teeth 2 times each day for at least 2 minutes each time going on all sides of your teeth and gently brushing your gums and tongue as well. You should also floss everyday preferably at night after you have brushed and are not going to eat anymore. Your mouth has a lot of bacteria, called plaque, in it and the food you eat feeds that bacteria. The bacteria create an acidic environment in your mouth that leads to wearing down your enamel on your teeth, causing cavities. So you must go to the dentist to have your teeth drilled and filled. Not only that but if you do not keep your mouth clean you will get gingivitis and periodontitis and lose your teeth. I hope this helps :)

Lacrosse Freak
No, at least do it when you wake up and before you go to sleep

Nope. Better to cut off your internet time (like the maybe 5 minutes it took you to write this) and brush your d*mn teeth.

Nathan Explosion

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