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 can the dentist tell if you smoke ?
im 16 please no haters on the smoking group. ...
and i don't smoke that much maybe like a pack every week or soo, but today i had three smokes in one day and i go the dentist tomorrow

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Please Answer! I really need help!
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 what happens if I dont use my retainer?

 Yikes! Will it hurt?
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 in 45 minutes im getting braces?
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can anyone give me some tips for what to expect, stuff for the pain, etc?
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 What is good for a toothache? I've used oragel and mouth wash, doen't work..any ideas?

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Like... will I talk funny? :S...

 Is it possible to not have wisdom teeth form? (10 points) Please help!?
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 What is the best medicine for tooth pain?
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I am 13 and want to use whitening strips but my parents say I'm to young. What do you think?
Thanks! :)

you arent too young, but you can .. if over used, damage you teeth with them.. the best thing to help win you parents over is to do some research and bring it to them.

Think about it, the whitening kit you will choose will at whatever level they work on might whiten your teeth. But do a little bit of research first. “It works on the enamel of your teeth”! Enamel does not replenish and or grow back, if you wear down your enamel…that’s it! Yes, they will say that dentists recommend this procedure. Sure! They want you to keep returning back to them.

im 13 too! and i want white teeth! i would ask your dentist... the dentist will probably say it is okay as long as you use crest white strips and to not use them too much. when your parents see that it is actually okay, they should say yes. i dont really get why they think you are too young... its just your teeth getting whitened.. it does make your teeth slightly less strong but that shouldnt be a problem for a 13 year old! it would be a problem for a parent because their teeth are more brittle... goodluck!

There is no Certain age to have white teeth that very starge of ur parents cuz i know parents always bug childeren to brush their teeth and blah blah blah. No certain age go for it!

I dont think its the best idea , firstly i bet your teeth arent that yellow anyway , hopefully you dont smoke or srnk coffee and red wine on a regular basis!

Use a whitening toothepaste , or another good one is bicarbonate of soda (not baking soda) . brush your teeth with this every couple of days but not too much you dont want to damage them . And strawberry juice whitens them , so get eatin strawberries !

I did a toothe whitenin kit a fw months ago and i regret it , i got the solution on my lips and the day after they started to peel and then they were sore and bleeding for about a week NOT HOT !

Well if you can't use whitening strips then switch your tooth paste to a whitening kind, with baking soda or something. And if they won't let you do that you can always help yourself by brushing your teeth A LOT, and limiting drinking dark drinks that stain your teeth (like coffee, sofa, tea).
Just keep brushing your teeth a lot more than you normally do. If that isn't working then try to convince your parents to be able to let you use some form of whitening tooth paste.

i saw to hell w ur parents lol sry! go get sum whitening strips and do it! =)

it depends on color of your teeth ,, if you need it what is the problem

Starr Noir: Queen of the Mods
Same here!!! My mom asked my dentist, and she said it was bad for your health if you do it too young.

Kirsty B
Most dentist recommend whitening strips, and any other tooth whitening treatments, for adults only.

Your still young unless you have serious stains on your teeth i recommend a whiting tooth paste not strips. there are many other ways of whiting your teeth...

but check out the sight below and see what you think :)


13 does not seem too young to stat using whitening strips, but the real question is why. You should brush your teeth to take care of them and make them white, not by using whitening strips. I mean, if you were 18 or older, and smoked, and wanted to get your teeth white again, then I could see it, but being 13, just take good care of them and you should not have to worry about it.

just go for it
theres no age limit on having nice teeth =]

Alex Sinq
I am 13 to and whitening strips are good but, i think you should stick to brushing your teeth and mouthwash.My dentist says that they don't prevent cavities as well either.

i do not think so, but what your parent says go

Carlee Ferris
im 13 too and my rents wont let me use em. they asked my dentist and he said it takeds off tooth enamel when you use whitening strips. check with your doc hun!

Doesn't matter what we think..Your parents have spoken..now honor them!

i don't think your young at all!
I'm 14 and my parents said they will let me get bleaching trays if i always wear my retainer. so you shouldn't worry!

You are too young.

Try brushing your teeth.

They are for adults only.

Try going to company sites that have whitening strips...

nope not too young
im using them
i dont think there should be an age limit to whitening strips
i mean if you need em you need em

Brooke Lynn
Your so young? What would you be doing to where you would need whitening strips? I'm going to go ahead and assume you don't smoke nor do you drink coffee or any other substance that would in turn be staining your teeth. Bleaching your teeth wears away at the enamel and can make your teeth extremely sensitive (at any age!) try just brushing with a whitening toothpaste, gargling with a whitening mouthwash, chew whitening gum. And I personally gargle w/ peroxide doesn't taste the best, but its not abrasive and whitens extremely well.

Hope I helped!

your parents are retarded lol

ask them if you can drink some tequila, and see what their response is :D

Anna <3
i don't think so i use them once a day! (im 13 too)

Your mom is right. Your too young for whitening. It might damage yor enamel.

it depends. if they are really hurting your self confidence use the strips, but if you don't really care, then you're a little too young, to be just be trying new stuff like this.

You don't need them if you are brushing like you are supposed to. Your parents explanation doesn't make sense to me, but you still don't need them. Just keep in mind that as a child you have no rights besides the right to be taken care of, and the right not to be abused. As long as those two criteria are met, your parents have total legal control over you. This seems like a really silly thing to worry about.


Use peroxide

try brushing your teeth!

May! =) {Perla}
Just Brush, Rinse, and Floss

Mommy of three
I don't think you are too young to use them.

But I don't recommend using them. They make/made my teeth SO sensitive! My teeth are always so sore and they aren't all that much whiter.

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