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I'm scared to get my cavities filled.....any suggestions? Last time the gas they gave me didn't work...help
Last time I went to get my tooth drilled on it took a long time and was painful. The dentist gave me Xanax and laughing gas also....neither helped me. I was shaking so bad on the dentists chair. Do you have any suggestions on how to get thru the next two cavities I have?

J Somethingorother
If xanax and laughing gas dont work you're about out of ways to solve the problem. I'd talk it over with your family doctor and see if he can put you on a serious tranquilizer for the day. also, I'd switch to nitrous instead of laughing gas. Nitrous will definitely work, providing you don't breathe through your mouth.

They can give you a sedative before you get their. Make sure your doctor knows what's going on, they are used to patients like you.

Maybe you should ask your dentist to try another local anesthetic. If that doesn't help try another dentist. You definitely want to get those taken care of before a filling turns into a root canal. Trust me when I say you'd rather suffer through the filling now than the feeling later.

The gas doesn't work for me either. Nor do pain killers or muscle relaxers. I have a very high tolerance for medications, especially when I'm nervous. I have to have my dentist give me Novocaine when he works on my mouth. Since it numbs your mouth and you can't feel what he's doing, the nervousness goes away almost totally. If that still doesn't work, talk to him about getting an anesthetic. Getting fillings may not be a bad enough reason to use them though.

Look for a Dentist in your area that offers anesthesia so he can put you soundly to sleep.
That way you can have all the work you need done in one visit with no memories of the work its self.

My dentist gives me a shot on the gum and I feel nothing. Find a good dentist and ask him to give you a bigger dose of anasthetic. Anyway, you need to fix the cavities, or you're in for much more serious pain afterwards and ugly teeth.

I'm the same way. I quiver and nothing seems to work. if it's that bad, find a dentist that uses sedation, either via an oral sedative (usually a drink) or an IV. It may cost more, but if you need it...*shrug*
Also, it's been proven that if someone listens to music (of their choosing),they need less anesthesia. I'm sure that would help. :) I always have my iPod handy.

Skinnie Minnie!
Well, i had to have fillings as well... Yes it has to hurt, but it would hurt A LOT WORSE if they didn't put anything in your mouth at all!
Just take your mind off it, and think of the good things...after you get it filled your tooth won't hurt anymore!

it is natural to be afrida of getting this done, I would be afrida too but I learn a really good idea that really helps when you are having something scary done.
have a friend or family member come with you and hold your hand while you have this done and you may still feel the pain but you will feel more relaxed to have someone you care about helping you

first be sure the dentist knows you are nervous, a good dentist will allow extra time to be sure the meds are working and you are calm. laughing gas stopped working for me when i was 9 , they use Novocaine or some other shot to numb me and i need 2 doses. some of us have very sensitive nerves and require a little more care for dental work. do not be afraid to talk to the dentist. if he seems like he doesn't care change dentists, many advertise they specialize in nervous patients.

Laughing gas IS Nitrous Oxide.

No one uses Novocaine - when out in the 50's.
There are several anesthetics that can be used. Lower back teeth are the hardest spot in the whole body to numb. Anesthesiologists hate to do that.

I prescribe Valium starting the day before the appointment so you don't get so worried. Talk to him about that.

If all else fails - conscious sedation - which is an IV. Its not general anesthesia like a hospital major surgery.

Michael R
Novocaine and lots of it. Also, TELL your dentist that the other stuff didn't work so he can better deal with you as a patient. Dentistry need not hurt anymore. If you still have a problem, switch to a dentist who specializes in pain free dentistry. There are some in the yellow pages.

OK baby girl, listen up stop freaking yourself out.. This is not heart surgery. but this is your smile for a lifetime hopefully.. so treat them like pearls.. and don't wait to go back. If your nervous about the shot just do this take control over your thoughts and while the dentist administers the shot close your eyes (breath in) through your mouth (and out your nose) and tap your finger on your leg. this will distract you from yourself!!!!! once the tooth is numb just relax and go with it . I'm sure it will all be over before you know it and you will no longer have decay on your beautiful little pearls.. then keep up on your caring for them everyday. floss brush & floss some more. YOU be Fine without any meds, just dont pump yourself up to be scared. there's truely no reason you'll be better for it in 30-45 mins there after..yeah. Smile ... but if you feel that the dentist is to agressive then find someone else with a gental hand.

You should find a dentist that promotes pain free dentistry. It is not really pain free of course but they tend to help those of us with more sensitive mouths/teeth. Good luck.

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