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My friend got braces and he had to take pills for WEEKS because it hurt so much.

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Baby Jack born 4/5/09
I'm leaving to get my wisdom teeth cut out. Any words of encouragement?
I am frightened.

There's nothing to fear. The dentist will give you something for pain. We all go through it & it's just nothing to be overly concerned about. Inside a week you will have forgotten about it. Just pretend it's next week!

you.ll be just fine...after the pain and blood..and recovery...you,ll foget it after a few years...lol...kidding!! it will be fine!!!

Yeah, it's not so bad and you get some great drugs afterwards - just be careful what you say, I was 15 and apparently I told my mom when I woke up that I drink all the time and I have like 10 girlfriends, which wasn't true - but apparently i said some pretty incredible stuff - so I would recommend a disclaimer for anything you might say after you come out of it.

Other then that, it's not so bad really, your face might puff up a little, and you will be sore - but I wouldn't worry at all, I'm sure your doctor performs this operation hundreds of times a year and he's very experienced and he or she will take wonderful care of you.

Good Luck!

are they going to put you to sleep?

Dumpy Poofus
You can do it!!

You will be back to eating Big Macs in no time!

chris j
Demerol! Heh!

Nothing to be frightened about. If you are an illegal drug user DONT DO IT BEFORE!!! The novacaine will not work. Have a good trip tho. Close your eyes and go to that happy place.

Don't be...it won't hurt coz you will be under anesthetic. Be strong and after you've finished tell us how it went.

Good luck, you'll be fine. Be sure to get instructions, such as, do not use straws. Get some decaf tea bags, laying them on the gum sooths and helps healing.

Get put under don't be brave an have a local anaesthetic its bad!!!Good luck and I feel sorry for u.

Stay there until you are sure the bleeding has stopped

Get drugs,many many drugs...... Good luck.....

It wont hurt. You will be asleep. Afterwards, the Demerol pain killers are a lot of fun. Just relax and go with the flow.

Make sure you keep a bag of frozen peas to put on your face afterwards for the swelling.

Get the drugs! That's all I will tell you

the proceudre does not take long 15 - 20 mins. so after they put you under and you will wake up all brand new.

Sheik Yerbouti
I had mine removed when I was, oh, 17 or 18. They put me to sleep (3 were impacted) so the procedure itself didn't hurt. Soreness and swelling was minimal, and the dentist prescribed great pain killers. I was back to normal within a couple of days.

Don't worry too much about it. many people need to have their wisdom teeth extracted because their jaws cannot fit them. I'm sure the dentist will numb you. Just remember to follow his post-procedure instructions so that u will feel better ASAP!

Name of the surgery is enough for many people to react like a balloon to needle. Never let your trust weaken about your dentist. Half the pain you will find scurrying for cover once you show the courage to face it. Once you are under the effect of anesthesia, you will wake up to announce all stories about pain nothing more than a phobia. Wisdom teeth out - Wisdom in!

john d
try to get laughing gas ..lol that makes it all better..well it works for me

Yes; be sure you don't gargle or dislodge the clots that form over the incision. If you do, you get those dry sockets, and people say that is very painful. If you are careful to let the area heal for a few days, you will avoid this problem.

Picture Taker
Ava, Ava!
She so BRAVE-A!

There you go. Words of encouragement. I always say that wisdom teeth are like teenagers. 9 out of 10 are no problem. You only hear about the bad ones. Let me tell you about my own children and let's hope that your experience is similar.

I removed two of my older daughter's wisdom teeth at 2:00 in the afternoon and told her to go home and lie down until dinner time. Before I got home, she had already left for the mall! I was rather angry, because I figured that she'd be moaning all night long and asking me what to do for the pain. Much to my happy surprise, she seemed just fine. She said that she waited until the numbness started to go away and she felt pretty good, so she decided to get up and go.

Same thing with my son. We were actually headed home from a drum lesson and he asked if we could stop in the office to check out the sore place in his mouth. It turned out to be an erupting wisdom tooth. He asked if I felt like taking it out right then, so I did. (I was afraid he might change his mind if he thought about it overnight.) His mom didn't even know he had a wisdom tooth taken out until he had to take the gauze out of his mouth to eat dinner. His uppers were both kind of difficult and he had trouble healing with one of them (sinus involvement), but that didn't last for more than 3 or 4 days.

With my third child, I took her to the oral surgeon, because the roots were sort of close to the nerve and _I_ didn't want to be the one to cause her any trouble if things got difficult. She had nitrous oxide and little bit of iv sedation and had all four removed at once. I wanted to get her right home, but she asked me to stop off at the mall before we went home. She insisted that she was okay. Instead of going home and lying down, she walked through the mall. Yes, she was biting on her gauze packs (in the mall!), but still she was a lot more active than I would recommend. She had no trouble at all healing. I think she went out that night, too. (It was 1999, so I don't remember the details.)

I'm not saying that they are ALL like this, but there are wisdom teeth and then there are w*!`S^[email protected] TEETH!!! I always say that wisdom teeth (and root canals, by the way) are like teenagers. At least 90% are no trouble at all, but everybody talks about the bad ones.

Also, see http://www.webmd.com/hw/dental/tm6328.asp

big b
dont worry..u wont feel a thing

use Novocaine, not gas

Maggie M
I got mine cut out about a month ago and there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. I thought it would be the worst experience of my life. The day of the surgery I slept all day. The next day I was up and ready to go shopping. You'll do fine!

Annie R
You'll be fine, just take you pain medication, everyone's reaction is different.

get the prescription for the pain meds filled as soon as you leave the dentist; it will feel fine then, but you will be glad you have it later; remember, there is life after dental surgery!

There's nothing to be frightened about. Enjoy the trip!

just try to by alot of pain killers you wil be fine and just remember that it could always be worse

Don't worry. It took all of 15 minutes to get my first two out and 20 for the other two. I never felt anything since the dentists were good at administering the proper dose of Novocaine. How did they know what the right dose was? yes, they're trained to know, but they will always ask if you can feel anything, usually while prodding your gum line with one of those sharp hooks they have. Here's the important part: if you can still feel anything more than a dull pressure where they're pressing, TELL THEM!! Also, both the ones I went to would spray the area they were going to inject with a quick spritz so I didn't even feel the needle going in. It was all painless, both times.

Julie Andrea
When it's over and you are home .. take the painkillers BEFORE you feel the pain (before the freezing comes out)!!

Cold packs, a bag of frozen peas or corn is great to help reduce swelling.

Take this time to rest and relax .. take care of yourself and be pampered by family and friends!

Good Luck to you!

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