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I'm in pain and i need advice?
On wednesday i had a top back tooth out ,the dentist had a job to get it out as it was breaking as he was twisting it 4 ages.The injections had to be topped up as i could feel pain half way through the procedure,9 injections in total ouch!but now im in the worst pain i just cant sleep and i feel like banging my head against the wall my check is swollen disgusting taste in my mouth and no one will come near me (hubby,kids)dont blame them.ive taken ibuprofin paracetamols and a very strong painkiller but no joy,im doing salt mouth washes and tiny fragments of tooth are still coming out,is this normal to have bits coming out. im in agony please help.

amanda h
this is going to sound disgusting but put some table salt in warm glass of water and swirl it round mouth like mouth wash. it helps to keep it clean and less infection. then take some pain relief every four hours but no more than 12 in 24 hours. And book appointment to see dentist again because it sounds like it has an infection and cleaned out better. I have experienced similar when i had 4 wisdom teeth removed

Lady L
You poor darling..... those are called bone chips .....{ Not Good and EXSTREEMLY painfull } ... this shouldnt happen but does on occation ..... I suggest going to your family doctor , he will prescribe stronger painkillers and antibiotics to make sure no infection gets into your exstraction

i feel your pain had 2 wisdoms out a month ago and the dentist gave me a script for ibuprofen. why? you can get it over the counter? and they did nothing but i had to go to my doctors, crying, and he gave me codine based pills. he perscribed a 100 box so if u were in surrey i'd give u sum as they r still in my cabinet as am having my last one out nxt week.

if your not in surrey call the number for your doctor's surgery. there will be an answering machine with an out-of-hours number. call it and get a doctor to bring you codine based drugs. he will probably have samples so even though the phamacy is closed til mon u can get the pils. or go to a&e they should also have samples to tide you over til monday. but go now. it's saturday night and a&e will soon fill up with irresponsible drinkers and the wait will be huge.

vanshi t
You can never be too sure. Go to the dentist and ask for help.

Camilla the First
I feel for you - I had a tooth out and developed in to "dry socket" - really painful and had to have anti-biotics - best to go back to your dentist again, as he may have damaged you through the awful extracting procedure. Fragments are normal so is leaving a bit in, but you may have developed an absess which is like the worst pain. good luck.

I don't think that is normal. I think you need to get back to that dentist asap and make sure he get all the fragments out. I think that's why you are having problems.

go to the ER, get some Vicodin. You shouldn't still have pieces of tooth still coming out

I was exactly the same after an attempt to take one of mine out, I numbed mine by rinsing with neat brandy.

Get back to that dentist immediately. That is not right!

i would try and get to see your emergency dentist, You may have a infection which needs dealing with asap.

Clove oil, neat spirit like brandy or whisky will only be temporary relief.
If you have tried strong painkiller then I think back to the dentist or dental hospital if you have one.

i had a similliar difficult extraction a couple of months back and it was very sore for a good couple of weeks after. if youre reallly concerned it doesn't hurt to ask the dentist to take a peep, or call NHS direct if you are in the UK

Neat brandy should dull the pain. Or try rubbing asprin on it.

Sounds like you have got an infection,if you cant Waite till Monday to see your dentist go to the casualty dept at the hospital,try putting your face on a warn (not hot) hot water bottle

Get to the dentist ASAP

i think you should go to A & E... that sounds horrible... before you form some sort of absess.. that could be fatal...good luck


ye i think it is normal to have bits still coming out but i would go back to the dentist he could recommed something

That doesn't sound right at all! I would go back to the dentist and tell him to recheck your mouth to see whats up. Maybe it is infected but I don't think parts should still be coming out.

Lots of Vicodin

Arrgghh! I bet you have what's called a "dry socket" - this is a complication of difficult dental extractions and it happened to me 2 years ago. I'll never forget the pain. If that's the case the dentist needs to clean it out again and pack it for you once or twice - you should get relief pretty soon after that. No point going to A&E - if you can't see an emergency dentist tomorrow then make sure you see one dentist on Monday. Don't worry about the tooth fragments - I believe that's not unusual when the extraction's been awkward. Good luck

I feel for you!! I have never heard of having a tooth pulled and it hurt so bad after. Maybe he didnt get it all? I would definitely call him today, even if he's not in the office, and have the academy of medicine get ahold of him. Ibruprofen will work, but it takes time for it to work the way it should. You can take up to 4 at one time. Thats what a prescription ibuprofen is. Hurry and call him, then I would find another dentist. Good Luck and I hope you feel better soon!! The pieces of tooth that your feeling is probably bone fragments, which is normal.

well like you said he was twisting it so if he din't get all the tooth out yes that is Normal.have your tried some numbing tooth jell you can ge that at the pharmacy and it will help they have extra strength.There are many but comes to mind is orajell.Good Luck and I hope you feel better real soon,Take care...Dew

I would go to the A+E dept because if you still have fragments of tooth coming out there is a danger that any remaining fragments could result in infection. Go to hospital now!! get some xrays to make sure the dentist has removed all parts of the tooth. The hospital can most likely prescribe you some stronger medication for the pain!! Doesn't sound like the dentist has done a good job at removing the tooth!!

go to the ER, you shouldn't still have bits coming out. you could have complications so get checked out as soon as possible.

Those 'tiny fragments' are more likely to be pieces of bone than tooth...
And you almost certainly need antibiotic medication for a raging infection, perhaps even abscess( Amoxicillin and also Metronidazole) +/- a clip to close what sounds like an open socket, exposing the underlying bone....See your dental surgeon as an 'emergency' patient ASAP...

I suffered a traumatic extraction, like you're describing, years ago. The dentist has shattered your tooth as it was extracted, as you know, this are the pieces coming to the surface. Be careful pulling them out, you might remove the blood clot and end up with a "dry socket". This can then take a very long time to heal. You will have to have antiseptic jelly put in the hole (which tastes disgusting, I can tell you!) Your gum will also eventually be thinner and the other teeth with not come together to close the gap.

First things first, don't go to A&E, they really cannot help with dental situations - you are not an emergency (although it may feel that way). Phone the out of hours doctors (number will be on the answer machine at your doctors surgery). They can then prescribe you some strong pain killers and you can go to your local emergency clinic and pick up the prescription (they are open 24 hours a day). They will tell you where you can get the prescription, usually a large dispensing supermarket.

Next, get an emergency appointment at the dentist on Monday. He can then hopefully take out the bone residues and make good the blood clot.

Hope this helps.

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